There is a very powerful, beautiful energy signature emerging at this time. It´s been presenting itself to me in many ways as we head towards the Solar Eclipse / Cancer New Moon opposed Pluto in Capricorn on July 12-13.

Astrologically, it corresponds to the Sun (15 Cancer) trining Jupiter (13 Scorpio) and Neptune (16 Pisces) – creating a Grand Water Trine. And a whole bunch of other stuff – but I´m sticking to the basics in this article.

This energy pattern is bringing out some deep emotions, ancestral and familial connections and karmic inheritances.

(Putting it mildly).

For some of you, this is going to be a tsunami that wreaks havoc through the way you would like to see yourselves and your relationship with Family and Spirit. You´ll have a lot of mud and debris to sort through afterwards. And that itself will get you digging deeper.

For others, the process will be far more gentle as you allow yourself to lift away aspects of your past inheritance, emotional framework and familial or other energetic contracts.

Either way, it is going to be the necessary bridge in lifting and creating connections to different parts of your being. Especially the bits you haven´t had much time or inclination to access in a long, long, time.

My general counsel at this time would be to sit with yourselves, maintain and nurture your home-space and go back to what makes you – you. That is a process that goes far beyond this life-time as you have experienced it. Back to the very beginning.

And if that sounds too daunting, just make the time to sit in a space that nurtures you and rejuvenates you. That makes you remember the essence of what you are.

Now that could be sitting in sacred space – or where possible – spending time with family. Or just spending a whole lot of time by the ocean. Or making yourself a nice bowl of soup and cuddling your teddy. It depends on where you are and what you can manage.

Observe what others and the external world is doing, but is not the time to jump into the fray, engage or try to ´fix´ other people, situations or things. It is a more fruitful to pay attention and wait for the right time. (September onwards, generally speaking)

The answers you seek right now are not going to be outside of you. They never have been.

Current astrological alignments support your process of growth through self-discovery.

Given that we are in the Buildup to the Eclipse, Jupiter stationing direct, Mercury going retrograde – this is not the time to take unnecessary risks. Go inwards.

The same applies to public figures and facilitators. Take the time to nurture yourself and allow yourself the space to just be you.

Pluto´s opposition to the Eclipse is going to be bringing up enough drama-karma for us to collectively look at. Along with possible changes in finances, health, intimate arrangements or crisis situations that try to draw you out. It´s a provocative energy to say the least.

Sometimes the ´hook´ comes in the form of someone who appears to want to be saved (making you the great hero) – and sometimes it comes in the form of someone you may see as your oppressor (making you the victim). It just goes back to the drama triangle and the ways the victim-abuser-rescuer archetypes intersect with one another.

This is exactly why I have been guided not to take sessions at this time. It is more rewarding for all of us – especially now – to seek answers at the Source that resides in us all.

It really sucks to be a projection screen for others when what they want is an emotional dumping ground, rather than guidance to help themselves find greater sovereignty within and without. The clean-up process takes it´s own time and energy, especially when you have to clear that person´s attachments afterwards.

Facilitators – remember that your work goes beyond being an emotional waste receptacle. And that you need to keep your boundaries strong and energy clean to help as many as possible.

You´re here to transform people, not to take on a side-gig as punching bag. Very different from what holding space is about.

Be discerning as to whether someone truly wants your help, is willing to engage and reciprocate your work with respect – or whether they just want to lash out. (Remember – Pluto does not respect boundaries).

The Age of Pisces is done my friends. You can bring greater harmony and transformation to others without sacrificing your own well-being.

If someone does seriously need help and you need time for yourself, be gentle and if possible direct them to someone who can help. If you´re on the other side of the equation, make sure you reach out to people who are able and willing to support you at this time.

Make no expectations either way as no one knows what another has been through.

That being said, be as nurturing as you can to self and others. But keep your eye out for karmic hooks at play.

Sometimes people are really just looking for help, and sometimes it´s a wolf in sheep´s clothing.

And sometimes the bogeyman under your bed is really a pile of clothes you forgot about.

Navigate compassionately and fearlessly. And keep your eyes and hearts open.


Dr. Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD
The Sky Priestess

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  1. Gigi says:

    That was very, very deep and concise. It’s playing out in my life already. Thank you so much for these well thought out words and guidance. I read it twice for clarity.

    Namaste, G


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