Mars Re-enters Capricorn (August 12-13 – September 10-11, 2018): Opportunities to Prepare and Re-Structure before Further Waves of Planetary Transformation

Blessings to everyone. Mars is currently in Aquarius and is preparing to re-enter Capricorn within a matter of hours. This phase of re-visitation will be instrumental in preparing and restructuring our engagement with far more powerful waves of planetary change due later in the year.

* * What Mars in Aquarius has been teaching us since mid-May and why it ties into Uranus´ lessons

The way Mars entered Aquarius this year holds key clues for the way we will engage the energy of Uranus in Taurus and spearhead collective change for a long time to come.
Between May 13-16, 2018 Mars and Uranus tailed each other very closely in a square alignment at 29 Capricorn-0 Aquarius and 29 Aries-0 Taurus respectively. They kept amping up the energy and challenging one another in very dramatic, powerful ways. We saw a lot of heat coming from political institutions, states, and their attitudes towards war and violence. At an individual level, we were asked to accept or challenge such attitudes – and what we were willing to do about it.
Uranus then entered 0 Taurus and Mars then entered 0 Aquarius on May 15-16, 2018. The challenge continued, but in different ways.
In other words:

When the energy shifted on May 15-16, the focus shifted.

Mars in Aquarius encouraged us to explore our ideals, humanitarian values, engagement with groups and technology – and so on. It catalyzed many breakthroughs and the raising of awareness of key issues across the planet.
Uranus in Taurus asked us to pay more attention to environmental needs, issues, disasters and saw the power of change with the transformation of collective consciousness. It brought us back to the awareness we hold in our very cells, the way the Body is connected intimately with the Cycles of the Earth Herself.
It became less about the personal Ego-Self and its focus on a hierarchical reward structure, and more about individuating the self so that it may pitch in (without losing its essence and boundaries) in the process of planetary and personal transformation.
All of that sounds great – and then Mars began its Retrograde on June 26th, 2018. And right now, it´s just about to bring us back to that Capriconian energy we clashed with (and grew with) in mid-May.

* * Mars conjunct Black Moon Lilith at 0 Aquarius – an important message before we head back into Capricorn

At the tail end of its journey through Aquarius (for now), Mars conjuncts Black Moon Lilith at 0 Aquarius. Whilst we will have more opportunities to work with Mars-Lilith in the future, heed Her messages now:
Let us take the time to recognize how the Feminine and her Consciousness is truly being integrated into all that we are working towards creating. Also — is the vibration we access the Feminine at in alignment with the current time?
Just as the Masculine must evolve, so too must our expectation and experiences of the Feminine Archetype and Energy.
Look at the way the Feminine is represented in group consciousness, especially through social media (and its tendency towards over-simplification and commodification).
Is this what we want to reproduce?
Old paradigm answers and roles and equations will cease to work. So it´s best to start realigning and questioning what structures of inequality we reproduce.
And what we consciously, and inclusively, challenge.
And how.

** Mars in Capricorn (August 12-13 – September 10-11, 2018)

During this period, we´re being asked to look at the structures that do exist on the planet and the kinds of privilege and inequality that they may reproduce. Whilst being rewarded for hard work is by no means a bad thing, it is important to make sure you do so in ways that do not dishonor your own energy, ethics and integrity.
You´re going to be focused on questions of career, legacy, and generational burdens (or strengths). Your focus needs to be on managing your health and vitality whilst you do what needs to get done. An additional focus on the knees, spine, other joints is required and on the health of the elderly in the family. Look at the new vibrations and forms of consciousness we´ve been experiencing between mid-May to mid-August 2018 and let that show you the way forwards.
As a friend of mine likes to put it, a lot of ´stuck energy´ is likely to come up. Know that you can find a way to get it moving again.
Allow yourself to find innovative solutions to what feels like it cannot be shifted, or is too old, powerful or entrenched to transform.
But give the change some time to happen.
You´ll already find some easing in the energy when Mercury stations direct (ends its retrograde) in Leo on August 18-19, 2018.
Be strategic, take your time before acting on new visions and ideas. Make sure the groundwork is solid before launching anything new. You´ll thank yourself in the long run.
Make sure you back up all important files and make sure you take proper precautions with respect to electronic items, wiring, vehicles, etc.
Remember that Mars will station direct (end its retrograde) on August 27-28, 2018.
Between now till the end of August, you need to be thinking and re-thinking all these questions and what you are willing to take on, build or inherit. Try to schedule any forward actions or movements after Mars goes direct.

You will have a wonderful window of opportunity with both Mars in Capricorn and Mercury in Leo direct between August 27/28 – September 10/11, 2018.

Remember that the structures of this world served a purpose in their own times, but that they do need revision. Align your plans with the new waves of consciousness that you have access during the Aquarius and Leo eclipses this year (July – August 2018)

* * Further waves of planetary transformation and why awareness now is key

Mars will be offering us more insights for visionary change in late September when it makes its third and final conjunction with the South Node this year. Moreover, it will only leave Aquarius on November 15-16, 2018!
You want to have the right structures, decisions and long-term plans in place to match the energy of new possibilities that awaits you then. Which is why honoring the lessons of Mars-in-Capricorn is advised.
Uranus will also provide more impetus for change as it returns to 0 Taurus and 29-28 Aries between October 2018 to March 2019.
We´ll be seeing some incredible global shifts then (especially between October 2018 to January 2019) as Uranus will be creating a powerful T-Square with The Nodes.
If you have anything near the tail end of Libra / early Scorpio, you´re going to be feeling the T-Square intensely. You´re likely to want to change or upgrade the way you share energy, space and resources with (especially significant) others.
Even if you don´t, you´re still going to feel the immensity of Uranus asking us to question the Nature of the Self and its Relationship with the Body-Earth, the North Node asking us to Move Fearlessly and Courageously into the depth of the Emotional Body, the South Node asking us to Release our Attachment to GroupThink and Old Structures of Power. And so on …..
And whilst all that sounds immense, just remember that you can plant the right seeds and orient yourselves to have a far better experience with all this by heeding the astrological cues that present themselves.
By no means is this the only alignment of note this year. It´s one of many, but a good one to focus on to help with the rest.

A little nudge in the right direction now will save you a lot of energy a few months down the line.


* * Key Message:

Start thinking about your career choices, visions of success, long-term goals and ideas of legacy.
Do they align with the rising vibration of change across this planet?
Do they align with your particular vision of humanitarianism?
Do they make the best use of technology?
Do they reach as many as possible, whilst ensuring that your individual voice is honored?
Do they perpetuate old patterns of oppression and privilege, or do they liberate?

Remember to stay aware of the shifts that happen. 

Trust that new solutions to old problems are on their way; Allow them to manifest

Your Body is its own Compass: Honor its Wisdom.


Blessings and Love
Dr. Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD
The Sky Priestess
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  1. Gigi says:

    Thank you. All these Retrogrades and Eclipses have wiped me out. Need a light at the end of this tunnel. A window!


  2. Karen Lee says:

    Thank you. I am facing open heart surgery Sept 19 to repair a prolapsed mitral valve and broken heartstrings. All resulting from a childhood murmur that used to be no big deal. It was discovered to have blown up by accident, during a visit to Urgent Care for something else. Talk about needing to go deep on so many levels. Lots of preparation into this journey of science and spirit.


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