How 2018´s Eclipse Season Opened our Hearts, Planet-Wide + Kerala Flood Relief Fund-Raising

2018´s Leo-Aquarius eclipse season with multiple retrogrades has been very rough for some. Very awakening for others. (Sometimes both)

We´ve also seen the deaths of several powerful figures in the fields of politics, cinema, the creative arts, governance (Leo-Capricorn) in the past 8 days!

Sir V. S. Naipaul – British-Indian author born in Trinidad, Nobel Prize Winner for Literature (2001). Leo Sun.

Mr. Karunanidhi – veteran Southern Indian politician and poet, former Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu

Mr. Somnath Chatterjee – Former Speaker of the Lok Sabha (Lower House of the Indian Parliament), veteran political leader and historian

Mr. Vajpayee – veteran Northern Indian politician and poet, former Prime Minister of India

Aretha Franklin -The Queen of Soul, African-American singer, pianist, civil rights stalwart

Kofi Annan – Former Secretary-General of the United Nations, 1st African to hold the office

We saw multiple natural disasters, political scandals and other heart-opening moments between May-August 2018

It makes sense to provide a decent build-up / build-down window due to the intensity of these eclipses. +/- 1 month would not be a stretch.

Here´s a partial list of what´s been going on.

Kilauea´s volanic eruption in Hawaii. (seems to have ceased erupting yesterday)

Earthquakes in Indonesia.

Flooding and mudslides in Japan.

Fires in California & British Columbia (ongoing)

Drought and Fire on Australia´s Eastern Coast (ongoing)

Massive flooding in Kerala, South India (ongoing)

We also had our hearts broken with the revelation of detention camps for immigrant children separated from their parents at the US Border.

And the heartbreaking story of the mother orca who grieved the death of her child by carrying her calf for 17 days without rest.

Please feel free to add to that list in the comments below if anything major was missed.

* * *

We can see this as a moment of great clearing, which leads the way to new possibilities, energies and realities.

And we can also take the time to acknowledge the human costs incurred and the emotions we process as it all comes up.
Prayers for the collective and the planet are greatly recommended at this time. As are practical efforts towards creating sustainable change and helping those in need.
That´s what Leo-Aquarius ultimately seeks to teach us.

It´s been all about awakening the Fearlessly Compassionate Heart.

And Leading the Way for Change


Keep your hearts open – shine your light – and know it´s not about you.

But rather – you, me, we, us.

And do what you can for others <3

Within reason.

Mercury has just stationed direct (a few hours ago). We will see Mars follow suit on August 27th. You´ll slowly start to see the dust settle. And the major work of re-building will need to be begun, in earnest.

Kilauea finally stopped erupting yesterday, and today we finally have the first day free of red-alerts in Kerala since August 9th.
Fingers crossed!


I feel we will turn the corner on this particular eclipse period when Mercury FINALLY exits Leo on September 5th.


So keep doing what you can!

* * *

I believe in doing what I suggest others to do. Living by what I teach to the best of my ability.

So for my part, I am raising funds for the Kerala floods as I am nearby and may be able to get supplies to affected areas.

You can either donate directly using the links below or by booking a session with me as I am donating a part of what I earn this round to the cause. I was touched to see that inspired another facilitator to do the same thing and I hope more follow suit.


To date, they have claimed 357 lives, displaced over 300,000 people and caused property damage of over 1 Billion USD. People are still stranded in their homes and are without access to basic supplies, food, antiseptics, sanitary pads, and so on. 14 districts were badly affected across the state.

You can find out a little more here: or…/kerala-floods-live-coverage-death-to…


If you´d like to help, please use this link:


I am also holding a round of sessions. 11% of the proceeds from this round will be donated to flood relief efforts.

To book a session with me, use this link:

* * *
And remember, do what you can- when and where you can <3

Blessings and Love

Dr. Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD
The Sky Priestess

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  1. Gigi says:

    Very kind of you to donate to Kerala, considering an appt myself. All these Retrogrades, wow, the intensity. Like an implosion. Mercury finally D, some relief!

    Great post, as usual.
    Blessings galore.


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