THE HEART OF THE GALAXY: Sun (27 Leo) trined Galactic Center (27 Sagittarius) – 20th August 2018


Today is a day where you can come into contact with powerful teachers, philosophies, paths, truths, scholars, seers – anything that seeks to bring you to the Path of Truth.

But Truth is a funny thing. It shows us – like light reflected off the sides of a multifaceted diamond – partial silvers of a far larger picture.

Sometimes we get caught into ways of thought that seem right, especially when an Echo Chamber surrounds it – saying that it must be so.

And we get caught up in the weight of what the mind thinks it has mastered.

Be it in political ideologies, religious thoughts, philosophies on the world, astrological perspectives.

There´s so many truths floating around, so many directions that claim to take you where you need and want to be.

So how do you choose?

Follow your Heart in responding to the opportunities or connections that present themselves to you today.

It isn´t about what you know, or what you think you know.
Because Human knowledge is finite, and always-changing.

It is about what resonates with the Core of your Heart, your Inner Most Being.

And that is something that no one can put words to, no matter how hard Ego may try to convince you otherwise.

Leo, despite its capacity for generosity, sees its downfall through pride. Whether many applaud or validate your truth, or not has little to do with what the Soul seeks and yearns for.

The challenge is to know whether it is your Ego or your Heart that leads the way in your choice of path at this time – especially as asteroid Tantalus conjuncts The Sun, trining the Galactic Center.

Tantalus literally tantalizes us with the illusion of what we think we want, rather than what our Heart actually calls out for.

Sometimes it leads to false projections on the truths you encounter and those who speak them, for better or worse.

It takes absolute courage to tell that apart.

The Fearless Heart isn´t going to lead you to places that always feel-good, it´ll also lead you to those parts of yourself that you resent, feel ashamed about, or downright fear.

It might actually ask you to abandon a path that you´ve held onto for a long time as you may no longer need it as much.

It ask you to tread uncertain ground. Where you don´t know what´s next.

Or it might ask you to follow a new direction. Only you can know.

But you don´t have to do this all by yourself.

It is perfectly okay to get help. With discernment.

If seeking a teacher, remember that their role is to help you remember what you have shut off from yourself.

It is not to dictate the terms of your destiny.
It is not to create a false sense of hierarchy, internally or externally.

It is to lead you back to yourself.

Hear what comes your way and honor the time and energy of those who do – but always, always, tune back into your own body.

It has far more wisdom than we give it credit for.

So give yourselves permission to be bold. fearless. true.

Shine Your Own Light.
Make Your Own Destiny.



Dr. Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD
The Sky Priestess

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Image: The center of the Milky Way, as imaged by 64 radio telescopes in the South African wilderness (via MeerKAT array). Public Domain.

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