Hallelujah! Mars Retrograde in Capricorn is OVER!!!

This has been an unusually intense retrograde for a number of reasons. Especially when you consider Saturn (Ruler of Capricorn) being retrograde and trining Uranus and The Sun.

There´s just an incredible amount of pressure in Capricorn right now.

There´s also of course the end of Eclipse season 2018, Pisces full moon recently passed, North and South Nodes square Uranus – well – and more – it´s just a lot going on.

The end of Mars´ role in all of this allows stuck energy to begin moving forwards. So we can then move ahead with our plans and long-term projects.

Personally, as a Capricorn, I´d rather just party. But am pretty tired, so maybe a little work – and then sleep.

This Mars transit has taken a toll on my health, but I can look forwards to a more easeful recovery henceforth.

Here are some key dates for you:

Mars Retrograde began on June 26th at 9 Aquarius.
It entered Capricorn on August 12th.
It ended the retrograde (just now!) on August 27th at 28 Capricorn.
It will exit Capricorn and re-enter Aquarius on September 10.
It will end the Shadow Period- moving past the point the retrograde began, i.e. 9 Aquarius, on October 8th

Long story short:

Between now and September 10, look at whatever plans you were making and refining between May 12-15 and August 12-27. This is when Mars transited / will transit 28 Capricorn to 0 Aquarius.

Of course you can use this energy to rework any plan, commitment or choice of investment, but it´s likeliest that choices made during those dates will need the greatest tweaking.

And remember Capricorn´s lessons:

Think practical, think long-term

Make things concrete

Consistency and the investment of effort over times yields rewards

Doing a little bit every day as opposed to a whole lot at once is a better strategy.

Don´t bite off more than you can chew!

Remember to take time out to chill, dance, sleep and play!
Or cry.

Whatever works

Whatever fills your cup in a sustainable way

Whatever lets you let go of all that pent up energy and emotion in a healthy way.

Cuz we got lots and lots to do!


Essential Oils: Frankincense, Cypress
Gemstones: Selenite (Wands), Chrysocolla

Please check for contraindications if you are pregnant, hypersensitive, have specific health conditions, etc.
Blessings and Love 

Dr. Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD
The Sky Priestess

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