Not All That Shimmers is Sacred: The Teachings of ´The False Light´



As we navigate the energies of the day, be aware of The False Light.

It is far more insidious, and dangerous than we call ´The Dark´.

In fact, there is a profound degree of healing, rest and sanctuary we can find in that which is hidden. But it does come with its own baggage (like all else).

You will encounter many within the healing and spiritual disciplines who truly believe that they are in alignment – but who channel very different frequencies and energies, often the polar opposite to the claims they make.

They also tend to be surrounded by people who absolutely believe what they are told and would rather have some external force running through them, than to actually sit with themselves.

This comes from a profound sense of disconnection and a lack of faith in and appreciation of the unique expression of the Self. As the Self is an expression of The Sacred.

Up to a certain point, a person who is ´jacked´ in this way cannot differentiate between Source energy – and clones of the same.

Just because something shimmers, or uses the language of the Light does not automatically mean it is benevolent or positive in any way.

It can be, but it an equally be the vessel of something very, very, different.

This is an unpopular teaching, but a true one.

Knowing the difference between that which is truly sacred – and that which pretends to be – is crucial.

Especially in a time where projection is predominant.

Listen to your body´s instincts and the red flags it brings up when you encounter teachers, energies or teachings that you feel are not aligned.

Sometimes this is an accurate reflection of them, and sometimes it is projection on your part.

It is worth investigating the two.

By the same token, take a moment and pause to see when you may be heading headfirst towards something that seems ´good´, ´aligned´, ´golden´ and ´light-filled´. Especially if that is the only rhetoric that is used.

It may be exactly what it feels like.

Then again it may be the Ego that´s doing the feeling – and seeing exactly what it wants to see.

Sometimes things are a little murkier. You may find a teacher with true knowledge, but that knowledge may be wrapped up in their own egoic games of control.

Be especially aware if someone is only trying to project an image of lightness, ascension, transcendence, etc. The Universe is not one-dimensional.

One way you can tell is to see the way they stake claims or ownership of knowledge.

That doesn´t refer to a copyright or a trademark, or referencing others´ work in a respectful manner. It is perfectly okay to say that one has channeled the Divine essence in a particular way that is unique to themselves. It is respectful to honor their work for what it is.

One person reading this article raised the issue of why I use a copyright at the end of my post. And I feel it is important to clarify that point. Whilst the words and expressions are mine, the essence behind them is not. It comes from Source.

If I cannot say that the configuration of the words I utter or string together are a unique expression of my creative, sovereign, being – then I cannot make any claim at all.

Be it to my body, my integrity, my right to exist, my right to defend myself, or to protect my work. As with all things – there is a balance to be found, and caution in the excess.

I hope this clarifies my thoughts on the matter.

It is another thing to say that ONLY such-and-such teacher has the privileged keys, or right to claim Knowledge itself. This strips away the power of ´students´ to find that knowledge for themselves. It becomes something that only the teacher has access to.

That in itself becomes a different kind of hook. Even through the ´esoteric knowledge´ referenced is really something that a lot of people do already know. It becomes more about power and energy, and ways to keep the student entrapped.

Such teachers tend to be very dogmatic about what they think they know – and dismissive, covertly hostile, abusive and/or competitive with others who have acquired/remembered similar knowledge.

(Bear in mind though, that this is a projection that competent teachers do get when faced with very insecure people out to prove a point. Really tune in before making such a claim.)

I´ve seen a few people play into such control dramas with their followers/students/audiences – in full confidence that they are Keepers of the Light, Golden Ascended Masters, Goddesses/Priestesses, Gods/Priests, Grandmaster Healers, etc. They may claim knowledge and use of healing modalities and spiritual divinatory methods – but actually end up channeling some very toxic, tricksy stuff.

I take the same approach to organized religion. A space isn´t sacred because someone uses the name of a Deity or has a statue in place or has a piece of paper saying they know x-y-and-z, or does a ritual prescribed by some authority:

It´s all about the energy that is actually being channeled.

And I have found some of the most corrupt energies hiding in the guise of the most illuminated and sacred.

Then again, I´ve also met people who are the real deal – sometimes with the title, temple, ritual, following, and sometimes without. You really can´t make a generalization on that basis.

And I am sure a lot of you have had the same mixed bag of experiences.

Sometimes the teacher is perfectly fine, and it is your own mirrors and buttons that get triggered. It´s hard to see clearly when that happens.

And that´s why I thought about this piece for months before writing it. Spirit finally said Today, so I did.

That being said, there are more and more people who truly embody that radiant Solar-Life Force and who are exactly who they say they are. And others see it.

Most of them are probably under the age of 10.

They are the greatest Teachers – and – Students. Realizing that dichotomy is a false one to begin with.

They are confident and proud, humble and teachable.

They honor the effort they take to bring something into the world, knowing that others who are aligned will respect this precious expression of life-force.

It is not something to seek to duplicate or deny a person from being- but something to be inspired by.

It is not something to use as a means of control, but rather liberation.

A Teacher who is aligned will inspire you to find the most authentic expression of yourself.

That´s not always a cuddly, happy process – but it is real.

If you can find a teacher like that, you´re lucky. Honor their energy and work – and your own – as you journey together into this vastly complex Multi-Verse.

Enjoy the rest of your day or night.


Dr. Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD
The Sky Priestess

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