Between March-September 2019, the Mean or Average North Node will inconjunct Jupiter in Sagittarius for 154 days (5 months)!. That’s essentially 42% of an entire year!

This is a very influential aspect that will help us stay focused on creating a home we can all inhabit, a planetary family we can all be a part of. It can also inspire us to open our doors of perception towards the essence of the Feminine, the heart of family bonds (be it by choice or blood), ancestral work, and our relationship with the Oceans.

I’ll start with the dates and degrees involved, followed by explanations of what an inconjunct aspect is and an analysis of how that applies to us all.

I realize that this is looking at some time down the road, but you know what – it felt like it needed writing.

Other aspects of the Jupiter-in-Sagittarius transit will be covered by subsequent parts in series. These articles will have a stronger astrological focus as it is the Season of Sag.

There’s a lot going on … And this particular alignment is especially important for the USA.


Please note that there are two ways to calculate the Nodes in astrology. One is the ‘ Mean/ Average’ calculation and the other is the ‘True’ Calculation. I have not found a satisfactory reason to dismiss either node in favour of the other. So I tend to look at both and find that each has its own validity.

Mean North Node in Cancer inconjunct Jupiter in Sagittarius

March 4-April 9 Jupiter at 22-24 Sagittarius, Node at 24-22 Cancer
May 17- September 12 Jupiter Retrograde at 22 Sagittarius- Jupiter Direct at 16 Sagittarius, Node at 20-14 Cancer

We get a tally of 154 days (5 months), 42% of an entire year!

True North Node in Cancer inconjunct Jupiter in Sagittarius

March 11-April 7 Jupiter at 23-24 Sagittarius, Node at 24-22 Cancer
June 7-July 14 Jupiter Retrograde at 19-15, Node at 17 Cancer
August 22-September 18 Jupiter 14-16, Node at 16-14 Cancer

We get a tally of 91 days (3 months). That’s still essentially 25% of an entire year!

So what does all that mean? Let’s backtrack to what an inconjunct is.


Essentially, the inconjunct alignment is one that asks us to take two energies that do not always blend together easily (like oil and water), and to find ways to make them work together. It occurs when two bodies are roughly 150 degrees apart.

The inconjunct is sometimes called the quincunx – and it often gets overlooked as a minor aspect.

In my experience with astrology, I find this classification one that needs revisiting.

Much transformation is possible when an inconjunct is present as it makes us think about something at an angle – in ways that we would not normally want or be able to. It is the kind of alignment that makes us uncomfortable, in ways that can actually lead us to greater growth if we are willing to sit with the lesson and apply what we learn.

Inconjunct aspects are incredibly important as they can form a Yod (Finger of Fate / Destiny / God / Goddess) in the skies. This happens with two inconjunct aspects come together at a single point, forming the apex of the Finger. The Yod can accelerate and intensify one’s karmic journey and spiritual experiences.

The apex of the Yod provides the energy and insight needed to transcend entrenched karmic patterns. You can think of it as the emulsifier that transforms the oil-and-water solution, allowing it to interact and become something completely new.

If ignored, yods can make life harder than it needs to be, with old lessons going on a super-repeat-cycle. Best to take them seriously.

In short:

The inconjunct aspect is a profound catalyst for transformation.
Ignore it at your own cost.

So, coming back to the present:


Let’s start with an analysis of the signs (context), and then the specific astrological points/bodies involved.

Sagittarius and Cancer do not exactly get along easily. The Mutable Fire sign wants to expand its horizons and find a new definition of self, whereas the Cardinal Water sign wants to find emotional security with a more fixed sense of home and belonging.

Given that the North Node points us to the direction we need to be walking towards, or the karmic lesson we have come to learn at a given time – heed its lesson.

As you are presented with so many different experiences and opportunities for learning, expansion and finding the bigger picture – remember to honor your emotional body. The mind tends to get caught up in the idea of mastery and patterns of control that see knowledge as a form of leverage. Developing the mind at the expense of all else becomes a seductive trap in itself. And that’s exactly where the North Node comes in.

Listen to your body and give room for your emotional self to weigh in on the decision as to what path to take. In some sense, the path (be it outwards or inwards) we are collectively asked to take is the one that says ‘ HOME’ .

Some may find ways to justify more traditional or conservative belief systems to anchor a sense of belonging and continuity. Others will dance the edge of cultural permissiveness and seek to find ways to expand their engagement with culture, family, home, tradition and the value systems they espouse. Others may seek to escape the confines of what they see as a tradition or family that they see as weighing them down.

The focus on politics, philosophy and ideological debate on female bodies and the role of the mother in the home is going to be brought up (even more so than usual). We will also see debates on the role of the oceans of the world and our rights and responsibilities towards them.

We may also see the rise of nationalistic, jingoistic rhetoric that seeks to lay claim to our physical and emotional relationship with home, family, tribe and culture.

I gotta say that’s looking pretty likely – but know that’s not the only way we can go with this.

Those in the USA will see this come to the forefront of national debate because the country has a Sagittarian Ascendant and the Sun, Jupiter, Venus, Mercury in Cancer!

Whatever comes up: Remember to re-center the debate to familial values and cultural norms that include, rather than exclude. Seek to make room for the wisdom and representation of indigenous voice and their right to determine their relationship with ancestral lands.This is your mission folks, should you choose to accept it.

(If not, that’s your call to make as well.)

Some will use this alignment to justify very blinkered ways of seeing the world, whereas others will seek to reform traditions that no longer align with the Evolutionary Energy of the Now – and the Truth it brings us to.

You will find many teachers, paths, teachings and signposts that are trying to take you one way or another.

The one I would suggest taking is the one that makes you feel at home in the world, realizing that we are all one global family. Everyone has their rights and responsibilities in the home, but we are all in this together!

Choose a path, teacher or teaching that lets you go home to the truth of your emotions, your body, your cellular memories, your ancestral lineages – and to then find new perspectives and ways of engaging with them.

It’s not about the same old, same old – but it’s about bringing in the New (and Aligned).

Remember I was talking about a Yod, or Finger of Fate?

Those who have alignments between 14-22 Taurus and/ or Aquarius are going to feel these Fingers of Fate in Action. Pay attention to the transits of Juno, Black Moon Lilith, Venus, Vesta, Mercury, Mars and the Sun as they form this Yod (or simply re-inforce the alignment) at multiple times.

Prepare to be tested, and remember to stay open to new ways of doing things. Allow yourself to adapt to technologies, businesses and financial measures that align with the needs of the biosphere, global society and the cosmic collective.

This comes with an honoring of the Feminine, whilst recognizing that the ways we access this archetype need to evolve with the times.

Quite a lot to work with, just with the one alignment.

Stay tuned. More to Come.

Dr. Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD
The Sky Priestess

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