Collective energy right now is pretty agitated. I’m sure some of you are nodding, others are going: Ya don’t say ….
The Shadow is coming up big time with the late Scorpio Sun and it’s time to take stock of what we’re doing, how, with whom and why. Take accountability for the flow of energy, emotion, time and intent that you bring to others and accept into your self.
The goal here is sovereignty, rather than the furthering of karmic dependencies. Generosity that comes from a place of free choice, as opposed to one that is demanded in the name of karma – looks very different.
Whilst we’ve had the Sun in Scorpio for nearly a month now, this process is heightened by the fact the transit is about to end, and also because:
The Sun (28 Scorpio) trines the North Node (28-29 Cancer) and inconjuncts Uranus (29 Aries) and Moon (late Aries).
The trine to Cancer brings up skeletons in the proverbial family closet, but also an opportunity to remind the self that we tend to get emotionally attached to the control mechanisms that give us a sense of (potentially false) security. It can also bring powerful opportunities for healing in the ancestral line and to become clearer about questions surrounding your home and sense of belonging.
Not all of this is going to be resolved through meditation, visualization, healing modalities, etc. But equally through the desire to embody that which we realize internally.
If you have bodies near 28-29 Pisces, you’ll see a Grand Water Trine which intensifies karmic processing and opens different spiritual gateways for the movement of time, energy and intent. Be especially careful about what you allow into your space, and the rhetoric or justification you use for it.
Calling something ‘karmic’ almost invites justification or glorification. It becomes ‘spiritual’ to play the role that is contracted and taboo to question whether this is indeed in alignment.
I see this as yet another spell that effects mass consciousness.
Many contracts are being renegotiated or dissolved entirely given the new frequencies of energy and paradigms coming into existence now.
Karma is neither absolute nor immutable.
It just seems that way till you realize the illusion at play.
That reminder is true all the time, but especially now with Mars (planet of action, engaged the Masculine Archetype) at 2 Pisces squaring Jupiter (planet of expansion, engaged with the Teacher archetype) at 2 Sagittarius.
There’s going to be a lot of saber-rattling, ego-jostling and uncomfortable projections, especially by those who consider themselves as Teachers, and those who choose to compete with the ones they see as such.
Whilst it is important to state your truth and be clear about your boundaries, really consider whether engaging someone helps. Or does it feed an egoic karma-drama-cycle.
If you really need to engage, aim to make what your position clear is. You don’t need to put down someone else, or berate them (though they may think you’re doing that just because you dared to have an alternate opinion).
Also try to stay out of other people’s personal narratives unless you have the experience and skillset to do so and if you have that person’s permission to engage them as an individual.
Now all of this stuff is going to feel like it cuts a little closer to the bone because of the Sun-Uranus-Moon inconjunct in late Scorpio-Aries. This brings up uncomfortable reflections that can, for many, feel rather grating.
Questions surrounding the shadow and you allow into and out of your energy, body, space and life are constantly pushing into your sense of self and individual essence. But people are little trigger-happy at this time, or simply, a little more susceptible to see things in ways that trigger them.
If you have placements near the last degrees of Gemini and/or Virgo, you will experience a Yod or Finger of Fate with the Sun, Moon and Uranus.
Be very mindful with what you say, and how you say it. Consider whether you are keeping the health of your body, spaces, digestive processes as well maintained as possible. And remember that people can use the same words to mean very different things.
We are all entitled to walk our paths of service as we see fit, but it may be wise not to try and fit everyone else in the box we believe to be best.
Remember, we are all human. Treat people the way you wish to be treated. Don’t put them on a pedestal, or in a prison pit. Both suck in different ways.
This particular wave of energy will last through the rest of November, heading into December. I’ll talk more on it when I have time.
But it’s going to be extra prickly for the next two days, till the Sun shifts into Sagittarius.
This is not always a bad thing. We can make significant progress in the unraveling of karmic contracts, but it will take some grounding and the ability to stay open, compassionate and detached to what arises.
And that is a tall order for a lot of people. But it´s certainly an ideal that we can work towards as best we can.
The Sky Priestess
* * *
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