MERCURY IN SAGITTARIUS (December 12, 2018 – January 4, 2019)



Mercury´s exit from Scorpio has not been uneventful. Even at 0 Sagittarius, it continues to inconjunct Uranus at 28 Aries, trines Chiron at 27 Pisces and North Node at 28 Cancer.
Basically it continues to pull out those aspects of our personal, familial, ancestral and collective healing that we´ve been working on through Mercury-in-Scorpio.
And truths keep on coming, but they´re raised to a more visible layer of our consciousness.
Our task through this transit – should we choose to accept it – is to find paths of direction, or trajectories for movement. This will continue to guide us throughout 2019.
So it´s a big deal.
The thing about Sagittarius is that it takes no prisoners with its respective idea of what truth needs to look like. And sometimes it can be very uncompromising, especially when faced with other conflicting truths.
The way forwards is to remember that we are all souls in search of truth. And that each soul has a different take on the whole thing.
Perhaps, when all of our paths are put together, it looks like an Absolute Truth from the Universal Perspective. In human terms, it means that we each come with our own way of accessing and expressing information.
This Mercury-in-Sagittarius transit will be rather volatile for those whose identities have become woven into the larger questions and the individuals or teams representative of certain answers. That applies to politics, religion, spiritual philosophies, teachers and teachings, and so on.
Just remember that these are ways we navigate: this is not who we are.
This also applies to the people we interact with.
A person´s particular relationship with Truth depends on what they have experienced before, what they are conditioned into, and how much work they have done to become conscious of it.
A person´s beliefs are a reflection of themselves, rather than the validity of those beliefs.
If we bear this in mind, we will be able to remember that we are indeed dealing with other souls. And perhaps, it will make us a little kinder for it.
Sagittarian energy can be rather judgemental – and you know what … it´s still ego, even if a person´s perspective can be shown to be ´correct´.
Try to use this Mercurian energy to find Truths that allow you to go further in your journey, rather than to tear others apart.
Whilst there are times and spaces in which it is better to agree to disagree, or to simply stay silent – there are times in which silence condones unspeakable evil.
This will be a time in which we are tested to see whether can make those distinctions.
We will be seeing a key point of activation as Mercury conjuncts Jupiter on December 21st at 9 Sagittarius. This will inspire some and inflame others.
December 24-25th sees Mercury squaring Neptune (13 Pisces) and conjuncting the Great Attractor (14 Sagittarius). This will present us with the test between ego-based and spirit-based truth. One will lead us to illusion, and other will lead us to clarity. Look past surface level-truths and preconceptions to find your answers.
As this coincides with Christmas, be very mindful when having family over – especially if they have very divergent spiritual, philosophical or political beliefs. You might have the kind of family that thrives on healthy debate, or one that can´t handle diverse viewpoints.
Remember that we are all people. We all bleed. We all cry. We all have pain.
But most importantly, remember that
Compassion must exist alongside Truth.
At least if you´re on some kind of a spiritual journey.
That doesn´t mean you have to sugar-coat things, or avoid difficult conversations – but it asks you to come from a place of understanding – rather than (purely) righteous fury or judgement.
Sometimes a person needs to work through a belief we may find unsavoury to find their own answer. That´s their path, their journey, their karma.
But be mindful of judgement in the guise of being ´holier than thou´.
You´re on your path, your journey, your karma.
Remember that we are all people. We all bleed. We all cry. We all have pain.
In the first week of January, we are going to see Mercury conjuncting The Galactic Center (27 Sagittarius), squaring Chiron (28 Pisces), trining Uranus (28 Aries). Mercury will then leave Sagittarius, entering Capricorn on January 4th.
On January 8th, Mars (4 Aries) will square Mercury-in-Capricorn. This will already ask us to pick up the momentum, make our grand ideals more concrete and to start to work towards them.
That´s a lot of energy for the start of the New Year.
More points click into place, more paths reveal themselves.
Of course there will be further opportunities for realignment throughout 2019 as Jupiter makes its transit through Sagittarius.
But Mercury-in-Sagittarius is certainly one of the key transits that will help us set the tone of it all.
That about covers the basics of this transit.
This is a FANTASTIC time to think about your plans for the year ahead and the directions you want to move towards. Some of you will want to learn more, teach more, travel more (inwards or outwards) or to emigrate elsewhere.
Keep your eyes on the ball and stay away from the hedonistic lure of living purely in philosophy.
You´ll be asked to act on those words and ideas – and soon.
Stay True. Stay Kind. Stay Authentic.
And if you want to hear me speak more about the Jupiter-in-Sagittarius transit and what it means for us all – tune into my live radio interview with Cindy Magnuson on Twilight Epiphanies Talk Radio on Thursday (13 December) at 7 pm Central Time (USA).
That´s in about 10 hours from now!
Or call in at +1 (929)477-1183 to listen live.
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  1. astaras drolkar says:

    hi Bairavee. i’m wondering if there is a donation button i’m missing? i’ve clicked on links from your last two emails and, unless it’s through Fb, i don’t see how. not that i could donate much right now, i just appreciate your work.

    i find your sharings to be brilliant. i will confess that, now in my 60s, my relationship to astrology is different now than from my youth. astrology kept me alive. i made a sensitive points chart and followed with an ephemeris to see what was happening. constantly following the edict that ‘this too shall pass’ when things got too intense.

    good luck in figuring out the best way to reach out and express what you see happening. i’m guessing there are young people as stressed as i was, and perhaps as broke financially as i was. sigh. it all takes energy. warm regards. xx astaras

    so these days i find it all interesting but

    On Thu, Dec 13, 2018 at 8:37 AM Dr. Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD wrote:

    > Dr. Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD posted: ” > Mercury´s exit from Scorpio has not been uneventful. Even at 0 > Sagittarius, it continues to inconjunct Uranus at 28 Aries, trines Chiron > at 27 Pisces and North Node at 28 Cancer. Basically it continues t” >


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