Jupiter-Neptune square (13-14 Jan 2019) w. Great Attractor & Thereus: The Path of the Fierce, Compassionate Heart – Beyond Binaries

Jupiter will square Neptune at 14 Sagittarius-Pisces on 13th Jan 2019, 18:57 UTC. Jupiter also conjuncts the Great Attractor at 14 Sagittarius and trines Thereus at 13 Leo. These alignments amplify the J-N square and offer specific windows of opportunity and challenge.

All of this energy is currently being amplified by the (ongoing) Sun-Pluto conjunction at 20 Capricorn, exact today. It forces us to look at the Truth of whatever presents itself to us, and not settling for surface-level answers. The upcoming Lunar Eclipse in Leo also adds greater context. But let´s get back to J-N

Jupiter is in its home sign of Sagittarius, lighting the way towards potential paths, truths, paradigms and understandings. It favours travel, immigration, academia, religious institutions, rhetoric, philosophy, astrology – anything that can ´expand your horizons´ physically or mentally. It corresponds to the archetype of the Hierophant in the Tarot as the One Who Shows You The Way.

All this sounds great, but Jupiter is famous for its issues with excess. It fans the flames of passion and righteous conviction about whatever truth one explores and can exacerbate polarization and division. Rather than a collective chorus that sings the Songs of Many Truths, we hear a cacophony of each singing their own version of My Truth Is Best, I Have The Best Truths, Let Me Tell You Why My Truths Are The Truest…

So really, Jupiterian energy in its abundance and expansiveness can be a mixed blessing. Teachers do appear to show us the way, but we then need to ask ourselves to check whether their feet is made of clay. Possibilities emerge, but we then need to check in and see if this resonates with our innermost Spirit, or what our Ego-Mind thinks it needs, wants, and desires.

All of this is taken up ten notches in intensity as Jupiter conjuncts The Great Attractor.
The Great Attractor is a massive gravitational anomaly at 14 Sagittarius. Whilst scientists are beginning to discover that such fields are not that uncommon in the Universe, the Great Attractor still packs a punch. For comparison: The Galactic Center (of the Milky Way, near Sagittarius A*) has the mass of 4.3 million Suns / solar masses. However, The Great Attractor has the mass of 10 Million Billion Suns … (That´s 10 to the power of 16 or 17). It´s immensely huge.

Translating the influence of the Great Attractor into astrological terms has not been an easy task, though Philip Sedgwick´s work on the subject is probably the best known. My take on his writings is that it opens us up to structured paths of Truth that take us to certain decision points in life. Sometimes it can be a unifying, at other times, a polarizing experience – and it comes down to which reflection of Truth crystallizes each person´s experience of Reality.

I have placements near the GA and know this is as lived experience: The GA brings an invisible, yet powerful flow of push-and-pull. You are drawn towards, or become the beacon for others to be drawn towards, different paths of Truth and possibility. Living with a strong GA placement requires you to (as much as possible) remember that what you represent is not about you, and what others see and do in response to the information you present is also not about you. At best, your role in that capacity is a signpost. Others will be drawn to the Truth that streams through you – and at the end of the day, what they do with it – is also not about you, one way or another.

So when you take it all together, this is a going to be a Massive Search For Truth.

Which sounds great, but you can also see how this can be used in other ways.

Especially when we pop Neptune-in-Pisces into the Mix.

When Neptune searches for Truth, it gets lost in the Waters of Illusion. Because it´s not meant to Search for anything. It simply IS.

Neptune flows through whatever there is without judgement, requirement, or expectation. Its energy is unconditional. Its compassion is infinite as are its metaphysical abilities and gifts. It is lofty, inspired, and aims to bring us all to a state of perfect One-Ness. It is fragile, impermanent, ethereal and unable to exist (for long) in the manifest realm without changing its nature.

In practice, what tends to happen is that we get caught up in the bright lights, the mystic smoke, the Maya (Illusion itself). We confuse the Sun´s rays reflected on the Cosmic Waters to be The Sun itself, and plunge in on account of our own beliefs and perceptions.
Several lifetimes later, we may end up looking up in that AHA moment.
Whilst Jupiter-and-Neptune-squared can be a very creative, dynamic invitation to explore Pathways Of Truth That Lead Us To Spirit Within … it can just as easily ensnare us into false beliefs that take us further away from our True Selves.
Because are conditioned to see spiritual teachings and blessings as coming through particular symbols, colors, names and frequencies – sometimes we get caught up in the appearance of what we think is Sacred, rather than the vibration that is present in and of itself.

I´ve written about this before as the False Light Phenomenon and would urge you to revisit this article for a more in-depth treatment on the subject. Link: https://wp.me/p4OUNS-2A2

This also means that any Truth-Bearers, or ones who Show The Way may get negatively projected on, gaslight or somehow ´pushed away´ from the seeker they can otherwise help. Sometimes knowing who is in alignment is a task in and of itself.

The moment we let go of the expectation that awakening and truth must look and feel a certain way, we can actually allow ourselves to go into the hidden, dark corners of self and light a lamp within. It is here – in the Shadow of our Selves that are greatest strengths, fears, allies and (perceived) weaknesses lie. And we can access this once the Conscious Mind and Ego has finally Surrendered to the Knowing that It Does Not Know, Own, or Control Truth.

At best, in the human realm, we can lay claim to expressions or vessels of such in which we have invested our time and energy – but the energy of Truth itself is the birthright of all.

In practice, the Jupiter-and-Neptune square asks us to sit with all of the impulses that arise now and to go within. Pause, detach, breathe and observe.

No matter how tempted you are to take the huge leap forwards, give yourself time to see if what you are thinking and doing is truly aligned within.

Many realms will connect with ours at this time, and not all contact or communication we get is necessarily of the Highest and Deepest order. It takes experience and patience to discern through it all.

Plus, you´re going to get the chance to revisit the Jupiter and Neptune square two more times in this year.   Take the time to wait, and watch – before leaping.

The final component I´d like to talk about today is the Jupiter-Thereus (13 Leo) trine. For those of you familiar with my writings, you know that Thereus is the hunter-stalker. The one who lies in wait and watches. The stalker who derives power from the knowledge that somehow you know he´s there, but you just can´t put your finger on who and why. The predator´s energy comes from the fact his victims are not fully aware of the danger – and yet there is a part of the subconscious that stays in the vibration of fear and extreme caution.

In practice, this alignment brings up our personal and collective stories of sexual abuse, or any kind of energetic parasitism that has kept others unable to truly express themselves. Childhood terrors and fears may come up for processing at this time as well.

Stay away from judgements if possible as we all tend to go through the predator-victim cycle in the long journey of the Soul, across different lifetimes. Healing and the breaking of the cycle of shame and abuse comes when we can deal with a situation with that recognition within. Boundaries still need to be made clear, those in healing still need to be kept safe or empowered to face what drains them – but we need not feed the negative Ego in doing so.

As we allow these energies to come to the surface, or to process them in whatever way we need to, we allow for collective healing.

Finding a creative outlet such as dancing, playing, painting, singing will work very well to release this energy. Gentle movements to stabilize the hips, coccyx, SI joint and that general area of the body will also help us process what comes up.

The body at the end of the day is the vessel that helps us assimilate and manifest this energy. Do not underestimate its power.

In summation, the next few days are going to see the intensification of these themes. The energy can feel frighteningly clear at times, or confusingly waffly at others. It´s a mixed bag. Remember that the Lunar Eclipse in Leo is just around corner as well.

For those of you just reading the text, remember to watch the video as well as it gives more subjective context.

Be Blessed.

Dr. Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD
The Sky Priestess

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