The Leo Eclipse has passed. We´ve already seen some key lessons come up, showing us what we need to be focused on. The energy of the Eclipse will continue to be present for the next week. So if you feel you´ve goofed up, never fear! You´ve got time.
Ideally, the eclipse shows us what our hearts´ innermost desires are. What makes it sing. What brings it to life and joy. What allows it to fall in love.
Which sounds great …
But – as it has been since 2012 – the positive potential of this eclipse exists alongside a multitude of other astrological factors which can make navigation of energy a lot trickier.
So whilst you can use this energy to open your hearts, create something wonderful, birth new ideas and joy into the world and get married or fall in love – you´ve got to keep your eyes open.
There are also plenty of opportunities to fall into or commit yourself to patterns that continue codependent, narcissistic, martyr-rescuer, predator-victim patterns (Look up research on ´the drama triangle´ for more info on how each is interwoven into the other).
And the tricky part to all this is that you might not even know it. And we´ll talk about why later.
I strongly advise you to both watch the video and read the article together. Spirit expressed itself in different ways, and both work together well.
Let´s just look at some of the aspects at play first :
Saturn (13 Capricorn) is squared Mars (13 Aries)
Mars (13 Aries) is trined Venus (14 Sagittarius) and Thereus (12 Leo)
Venus (14 Sagittarius) is conjunct Jupiter (15 Sagittarius) and the Great Attractor whilst squaring Neptune (14 Pisces)
The Eclipse (0 Leo-Aquarius) is part of a Grand Cardinal Nodal Cross with North Node (26 Cancer), Mercury (25 Capricorn), South Node (26 Capricorn), Pallas Athena (26 Libra) and Uranus (28 Aries).
Pallas Athena (26 Libra) is in a Yod / Finger of Fate with Juno (23 Taurus) and Chiron (28 Pisces). It is activated further by Uranus (28 Aries) and the other members of the Cardinal Cross.
And now let´s talk about what all that means:
There´s many opportunities for growth, especially through businesses or relationships. Especially when it involves foreign persons, astrology, higher education, travel, philosophy or organized religion.
But that doesn´t mean you run headlong into things, or go with the first thing that seems nice. Discernment is called for, especially as emotions and egoic desires are heightened.
We´re more likely to emotionally attach to our perceptions and opinions of reality, morality and truth. And therefore more likely to ignore information that threatens that perception.
We may find less-than-ideal opportunities more appealing. We may reject the truth because it is less palatable.
This is what happens when Venus squares Neptune, and conjuncts Jupiter and the Great Attractor.
There´s a lot of push-and-pull, a tug of war that tries to get you to commit to a certain way of seeing things, or to certain decisions. Knee-jerk responses are likelier especially as Venus-Jupiter-GA trine Mars in Aries.
Try not to shoot from the hip.
Look before you leap.
Don´t jump the gun.
And words to that effect.
But it´s not just about ´going´ somewhere or committing to something.
Remember that ´growth´ can also come in realizing which of these options are simply not the right one for you.
And it´s wise to sit with our perceptions to know if what we´re thinking is aligned to our inner truth or if we see the truth as too bitter, or boring or unsexy to swallow. (Whatever the reason may be).
Let´s not forget that the Eclipse itself is part of a Grand Cardinal Cross with Pallas Athena in Libra, Uranus in Aries, Mercury and the South Node in Capricorn and the North Node in Cancer.
And frankly, the experience of a Grand Nodal Cardinal Cross isn´t the most pleasant of things (for most people).
Key decisions need to be made:
What´s your vocation? Are you playing into the structures of the old guard, or does your work challenge entrenched hierarchies of power that marginalize others?
Who do you see as your partner? Personally? Professionally?
What idea of your self do you associate with? Are you shedding your old skin or holding onto the past image of yourself for dear life? Are you playing it small or are you stepping up to who you know you are, deep down inside?
Where, who, or what is home? What your ego finds comfortable or your soul feels nurtured by?
That´s a lot of stuff. Even on its own.
The worst thing you can do right now is to give into old scripts or ideas surrounding hierarchies or power plays.
Whilst we´re all different, as beings, we are equally entitled to live a life that does not involve being a slave or a tyrant.
I say worst because that´s the logic of Capricorn. Growth and the continuity of tradition, even if it means trampling on another. And that´s exactly what the South Node asks us to move away from at this time.
With Saturn-Mars squared, it´s very easy to see clashes that come through persons or institutions of power, authority figures, people who are considered privileged or entitled, the toxic masculine, and so on.
Try to avoid situations where you´re likely to be endangered if dealing with very volatile people. Also pay attention to the health of your body and mind and don´t try to push it physically. Rest is what I´d recommend, along with staying away confrontations or clashes.
Now you can´t hide under a blanket (all day) and ignore the world (all of the time). You might see persons who vex or trigger you. They key is to not respond back in kind.
That can stop a toxic cycle in its tracks. You don´t have to heal everyone you come across, but you don´t have to let yourself be used as a punching bag either.
As with all things, balance.
The best thing (that I can think or and have had to do myself) you can do with this energy is to take whatever comes as an indicator of the work you have to do within. Be it on the emotional body, or within family dynamics, or your general relationship with home-space and what anchors you into a larger construct of belonging.
Redirect the energy. Send it back to source, or use it to shine light on which part of yourself is getting triggered – and why. That´s not meant to put the onus on you in a negative way – but often, so much of our strength lays hidden behind layers of vulnerability, fear and/or disassociation.
Be creative with the energy and channel it into your body, or where you feel the body holds spaces that are in need of healing.
It´s a wonderful time to express yourself (come what way) and work with paints, clay, beads, songs, music, or whatever makes you come alive.
Today is also a day where we may find people, patterns or energies from the past a little more alluring – and we may be more open to receiving them back into our lives.
This can be used in a positive way to forgive and accept those who have hurt you – back in.
It can equally be used to forgive and let go of those who have caused harm.
Or to learn to walk away from situations where you are the one draining the other. (And that is TOUGH when you won´t accept the harm you´re doing to others because your choices benefit you)
With Venus and Jupiter and the Great Attractor trine Mars – the temptation to throw yourself head-first into a relationship can easily be manifested. But remember that they also trine Thereus.
And if you´ve been following me, you know what I have to say about that dude.
Here´s the hunter-stalker who predates upon you at a very subtle level. He preys on your fear and pounces when you´re not looking.
If you do have inclinations towards taking that big leap, check for emotional or spiritual back-doors that are hiding other energies or intentions or agendas masked by the emotional highs this alignment can set off.
Sometimes we let the most cruel people and patterns into our lives with the purest of intentions: to love, and be loved.
So take heed.
Not everyone is going to be a wolf in sheep´s clothing, but the chances of meeting one are higher with this Eclipse. As is identifying patterns we don´t want to see.
Because – who really wants to know that they´re being fed off or are feeding off someone you love? It´s a bitter pill.
But it´s still wiser to be willing to see things as they are, rather than what we want them to be. That´s the prerequisite to healing.
It all comes down to the difference between knowing what the ego wants and what the heart yearns for.
Sometimes, we forget that we are not the patterns we were born into – and that the mind is a trickster.
Sometimes what feels like ´belonging´ or ´home´ or ´soulmate love´ or ´destiny´ is just the mind´s way of getting us to repeat a particular cycle. Because we haven´t let ourselves let go of the karma underpinning that urge.
Juno trining Mercury and the South Node bring that lesson up big-time. Soul-mate connections at this time can help you find a sense of security, joy, confidence and power. They can also be very controlling of your energies and ask you to give up that sovereignty in the name of the relationship. But they might not show it too openly at first.
Again, not everyone you meet and connect with is going to be this way. But be mindful. The possibilities are there.
The Yod or Finger of Fate with Pallas, Uranus, Juno and Chiron pushes us back towards the lesson of balance, detachment and not getting swept up with our emotions – especially when they involve soul-mates.
Create a little space if the energy feels like it is too insistent, screaming: YES, NOW GO GO GO, GIVE ME WHAT I WANT, IT´S FOR THE BEST.
It doesn´t need to be that way, you´re not running a marathon.
(Also Venus-Jupiter-Great Attractor oppose Eros at 14 Gemini …. whether it´s psychological, spiritual, sexual, physical or emotional intimacy – just be mindful that the urge to connect with another isn´t necessarily always a good thing. If you feel pressured, don´t do it. Another person´s erotic needs or desire for closeness is not a good justification for you compromising your energetic boundaries or walking back into karmic patterns you want to shed. We are all here to grow and help others, but that does not require self-sacrifice.)
So… how do we know what´s good for us?
It doesn´t matter who we are, or what we´ve learnt, or what work we do – we´ve all had a moment in which we just knew something was ´right´. There was a moment of clarity that went beyond ´feeling´ or ´thinking´ – and straight into being. And you just walked in the flow of the Universe, guided precisely where you need to be.
Whenever this happened, to whatever degree, remember that sensation.
Where was it in your body? What did you feel, hear, smell, sound like?
What was the outcome?
When things come your way, check back and see if it resonates in the same way as it did before. And that in itself will help you be more mindful of some of the tricks of perception we used to befuddle ourselves with.
Learning to make that differentiation (which is an ongoing lesson) has been one of the greatest catalysts for my personal and professional growth.
The difference is subtle, but powerful.
It´s life changing.
And for those of you who already have that differentiation down:
Remember that the Universe does test you: otherwise Saturn would not exist  😉  .
People might throw up their dramas more so at this time to see if you have learnt that lesson, and whether you´re ready to outgrow your old patterns.
So try to keep the larger picture in mind before you react.
Breathe, Ground, Respond as appropriate. Or just go colour.
I did want to write this piece much sooner – and Spirit said nah, it´ll come when it needs to.
So I hope this reaches you in precisely the right way, at the right time.
Have faith and remember the energy of this eclipse will continue to unfold for the next week.

Blessings and Love,

Dr. Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD
The Sky Priestess

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  1. Monica Gaba says:

    Hello Bairavee,
    I recently chanced upon your channel on YouTube. You are a wonderful presence; Thankyou for being such a nice and wise one.
    About the eclipse post, its spot on. Might i share with you that the greatest blessing or a gift that I have received from the universe/my Guru Sadashiva is the ‘gift of discernment’. And I can certainly say that apart from wisdom, love, bliss and other such blessings that one tend to receive on the path of bhakthi and surrender, the ‘blessing of discernment’ surprisingly turns out to be the most precious one. Its something that normally people forget to ask of.. And i feel this can never be asked. It can only be received through His/Source Grace which comes to you at the perfect timing.
    Anyway, I love saturn. It’s one hard taskmaster. But the most gracious and generous one too. I owe my spiritual blossoming to it. It came to me after several years of struggle and suffering under its period. I am always grateful for that period and all the lessons it brought me and most of all for sending me the true Guru/ the Sathguru in my life. I can never be thankful enough for my stars.
    Anyway, I loved reading your article & responding to you here. You have a beautiful name.. It does connect with me to a point where I intuitively have a feeling that Bhairavi mahavidya might be my ishta. I am still exploring that realm though. Loved connecting with you!
    Blessings always!
    With Love,
    Monica Gaba


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