A quick note on current alignments (31 January 2019)

Sun (11 Aquarius) and Mercury (12 Aquarius) oppose Thereus (11 Leo)

Venus (25 Sagittarius) conjunct Persephone (26 Sagittarius) and Galactic Center (27 Sagittarius)

* * *

These alignments ask us to look analytically at our deepest fears and inhibitions, especially as they pertain to our creative self-expressions and outlets. There´s a lot of self-doubt and internalized fears coming up for processing now. Acknowledge them, honor them for their lessons – and allow yourself to release your relationship with them, if appropriate.

Venus is doing something particularly interesting right now. It is wise to look at the ways in which we navigate our personal and professional relationships. What larger truth informs the way we connect with others? What sacrifices do we make in the name of truth or expectation of comfort? And are these truly necessary?

Ask your guides and teachers if in doubt – they can help you reconnect with the inner teacher that will show you the way forwards. It is a good time to seek counsel, especially on relationship matters. Choose your facilitators wisely.

Generally speaking …

As always, take the time to sit with what arises. We have some profound shifts in consciousness on the radar with Chiron´s entry into Aries in February, and Uranus´ entry into Taurus in March.

Much is changing, allow it to happen.

Stick to a simpler routine of self-care.

And give yourself time and space – to simply Be.

Best medicine there is right now 



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