This video is directed towards facilitators, practitioners and spiritualists who work at the 5D level. Others are welcome to view this video, but they will perceive this energy in different terms. Am focusing here on the key challenge and opportunity I feel is most critical at this time.

This New Moon (15 Aquarius) sits at the midpoint of a sextile between Saturn and Atlantis at 15 Capricorn and Neptune at 15 Pisces.

It is the moment we’ve been waiting for. This is the time to clear and recalibrate the etheric blueprint / template. But it is equally a time where old signatures and forces seek to re-assert themselves.

It is wise to keep our hearts and minds open, with our roots firmly anchored to the ground. Many are likely to see energy boosts, drains or shifts that are sudden or unexpected. Some of these will be blessings – others will be karmic entrapments.

Saturn and Atlantis in Capricorn give us the opportunity to recreate old power structures and magical connections from long ago. And you really have to ask yourself if that is truly in alignment with the new wave of consciousness on the planet now. Your answers are yours to find. Just remember that power in itself , devoid of compassion, is a dangerous thing.

It’s not about what you can do – in these cases – but it’s about whether you should be doing it. Aquarius tends to get a little too excited about its technological abilities to the point that it creates a self-justifying rhetoric.

Neptune’s role in the mix just makes it more likely to get caught up in the glittering lights of karmic illusions.

(And if you’re able to see through it and keep going – great! Go do something wonderful!)

However – this alignment can get a lot more intense.

Anyone with placements near 15 Leo will experience an extraordinary alignment called a Yod or Finger of Fate.

Great energy is waiting to be birthed with this alignment. But it’s going to take our deepest discernment to make the most of it in a way that benefits all. Karmic cycles can be powerfully shed, or re-inforced. It depends on what you do with it.

The most simplified version of ´what to do´ looks like this (and it should be familiar to you):

Follow your heart and create what it leads you to. But be mindful not to confuse the Ego with your Authentic Self.

Be mindful of groupthink patterns or false lights. Not everything is as it seems.

Find a creative outlet to help you express what is coming through.

If you’re looking for practical suggestions for this alignment – it would be to ground, stay mindful, and ask yourself the tough questions. Ask yourself if what you are trying to create reflects your deepest values and the kind of world you wish to create. Imagine what it would look like in manifest form. And if that is something you want to create as part of the legacy you leave behind (you can thank Venus-in-Capricorn for her grounding influence at this time).

Some of you may have varying physical symptoms: burnout, a headache, unnaturally high energy, nervous tics, anxiety or great clarity. It all depends on where you are with this information in your journey – and what your body has to say about it.

Take the necessary steps towards self-nurture. Do what you do to align with Source, and your own Heart. Pray in the way that feels most true for you as a human being. Sometimes that´s just sitting and speaking with Creation.

Don’t overdo it though  And remember – Find a creative outlet to express what’s coming through .


Dr Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD
The Sky Priestess

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