sea-3929980_960_720There are plenty of powerful alignments in the sky right now. It’s all building up towards Chiron’s shift out of Pisces (and into Aries) on Feb 17-18, 2019.

Chiron at 29 Pisces is bringing up everyone’s personal, ancestral, karmic and collective energetic patterns to the surface. It aspects many other bodies in the sky that are also at late degrees of their respective signs – e.g. Uranus at 29 Aries, Icarus at 29 Capricorn, Persephone at 29 Sagittarius, Juno at 29 Taurus, Pallas Athena at 29 Libra – and so on.

There´s a lot to juggle here – and everyone is going to feel this differently – so I´m going to boil it down to the basics:

Allow old karmic patterns to be dissolved – set the intention that they do not transfer or reproduce themselves in your bloodline and/or associated relationships.

Give thanks for what you have learnt from them and send them back to Source . Allow Source energy to heal and re-calibrate your energy field afterwards.

Practise Ho’oponopono. Chant the Heart Sutra.

Do what it takes to help you find a space within that can release the past and be compassionate in the present.

Who knows what future you might be able to create ?

If you do not know how, seek out facilitators you trust.

They’re not there to do the work for you, but possibly to show you how and help you understand what obstacles may still require your attention.

If that doesn’t appeal, just sit and speak to Source. Take the time to rest, breathe, nourish yourself and listen to the guidance that you have within.

If your head is playing mental loops on repeat, get into nature, draw something, or get creative in some way that is meaningful to you .

Many may feel unsettled, scared or want to escape. In cases like this, feeling safe and grounded is essential. You do not want to be doing major energy work if you are not ´in your own body´ or are spaced out.

Be very aware of old habits, addiction patterns, fears, dreams, codependent dynamics, martyr-rescuer-victim drama triangles and escapist behaviors that may come up now.

Breathe, look at them, and know that you can choose to respond differently than you may have done before.

That’s the core of all this work. That’s what it comes down to.

It’s also a good idea to be purifying your body with salt baths, smudging your spaces with sage (or equivalent purification tools) and wearing smoky quartz / shungite / black tourmaline for an added layer of psychic protection.

Don’t push yourself too hard if you’re feeling like you’re right on the razor’s edge. If you can, dive into what needs compassionate release – and remember to resurface into the present moment.

Also – Make sure you get enough water and sleep and try to be mindful when dealing with whatever arises.

That’s generally good advice for any time, but especially at the present.

Chiron at 29 Pisces is really dredging up different aspects of our karmic journeys – and putting us to the test.

Sometimes it´s a test of will, discipline, compassion, patience – or simply having the ability to breathe and take a moment of discern before responding.

Sometimes it´s the lesson of acceptance. That doesn´t mean you take abuse, it means giving up the illusion of control over other people´s actions. And it also means accepting that your life and choices … are in your hands. It works both ways.

* * *

Great healing is available to us now.

But we have to dissolve the doors of perception that tell us that it isn’t possible to change.

And it´s go time!

The next 10-11 days is going to be about putting all that we have learnt into embodied spiritual practice.

And to accept that different people are at different places with that in their lives.

And that is totally okay.

Whilst we are all experiencing all this together, each one of us has to come to term with this energy in our own way.

As noble as our intentions may be, we cannot do this work for others. Nor can we dictate how, when, where, why they should.

People grow at their own pace. And with their own efforts.

We can help get the process going, but the journey is theirs.

Hold a compassionate space for others – after you do the same for yourself. And keep going.


Dr. Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD
The Sky Priestess

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