[Video] Chiron at 29 Pisces : A Time to Dissolve Old Patterns and Find a Space for Grief

Chiron at 29 Pisces is bringing up personal, ancestral and collective patterns that have woven the way we navigate our relationship with karma and spirituality. It’s shift into Aries marks a new chapter in our collective evolutionary journey – and in our deeper acknowledgement of the spiritual transformation sparked by the Age of Aquarius.

It asks us to embrace new ideas and ways of embracing spirit and honoring the self in ways that do not valorize sacrifice and self-destructive cycles. That is not the same as ego-dissolution.

It can bring up a lot of old cycles and energies, especially for those clearing their ancestral lines, doing spiritual work, recovering from narcissistic or substance abuse (or as the partner of someone who is), and so on.

So please take better care of yourselves. Especially now.

Whilst this is a time for Dissolving old patterns returning them to Source, remember to make space for your grief. Honor your process as you undergo rebirth.

We will be seeing a new wave of energy come in as Chiron enters Aries between February 17-18, 2019.

For more details and practical self-care tips, see yesterday´s article : https://theskypriestess.com/…/chiron-at-29-pisces-…/


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