PISCES NEW MOON: Navigation, Transcendence, Maya (March 2019)

Piscean energy is limitless. It is formless. It has no beginning and end. It comes as a wave (or many waves) that ripples across time, space, realm, and dimension. It is associated with spiritual experiences, metaphysical events, psychic gifts – to name a few things. It is also associated with transcendental states of enlightenment or illumination experienced by the Ascended Masters such as Jesus, Buddha, The Magdalene, Avalokiteswara, Mahaavatar Babaji and so on.

In essence:

Piscean energy expresses itself through humanity´s longing to rediscover a spiritual essence or experience of One-Ness with Source.

In practice:

Due to the ways in which we have been conditioned through life-times, we tend to have a more muddled experience – or at least, clarity in parts. Some of us detach from spirituality entirely, forsaking it through escapist, addictive or obsessive attachments and behaviors in the material realm. We forget that Spirit moves through all things, both manifest and unmanifest.

In extreme cases, a person can manifest intense feelings of despair, apathy and/or suicidal ideation because of spiritual disconnection.

Others conflate psychic experiences with spiritual states of attainment. Here is where most facilitators and seekers are. We interpret the gifts and experiences of past lives and alternate realms as markers of spiritual attainment. This is not the case. A person can have no memory of past lives and/or access to psychic powers and still be deeply spiritual.

And of course there are moments where we experience that frequency of enlightenment and – for a brief moment – touch the fingertips of Creation Energy. That´s more of the beauty in Pisces. It is that same impulse that moves through artists, dreamers, musicians and children.

Truthfully, these are all immense discussions – but this is a solid starting point for exploration.

This extraordinary Pisces New Moon at 15 degrees conjuncts Neptune and Vesta at 16 degrees, squares Asbolus at 16 Gemini, and sextiles Saturn at 18 Capricorn and Mars at 13 Taurus. My honest response to this Moon is WOW.

For those of you who are soaring with this energy and are in-sync with it all – just refer to yesterday´s video as it brings through the codes and alignments generally needed. This piece is more so for those who – like me – have struggled with different aspects of this Moon.

Link To Yesterday´s Video (The Cheerleader Version): https://youtu.be/itTYrP9gk5s

This New Moon brings out the full range of these experiences (and then some) especially as it conjuncts the ruler of Pisces : Neptune. Neptune rules multiple systems of the body in addition to our psychic, karmic and spiritual experiences. It controls the function of the Master Gland, i.e. the pituitary gland which controls the function of all others.

Pay attention to hormonal and emotional shifts. Clary sage (oil) can be very useful in helping you ´see´ when you feel blurry, and as can black obsidian (gemstone).

Not everything you feel right now is right, appropriate or real. Sometimes the test comes through discernment, rather than sensation. Humanity has a tendency to ascribe moral virtues to spiritual experiences – but not everything that claims to be good and energetic is.

Take care of your physical body and its needs of nutrition, hydration and rest. Energizing water with elite noble shungite can go a long way in supporting metaphysical processes through the physical medium.

The New Moon is also conjunct Vesta: The Facilitator. As discussed yesterday, this is a time to really look at the contracts of service, servitude, enslavement or self-erasure. You may also want to look up a previous article of mine discussing the ´cycles of Vesta´.

Basically it´s a very intense cycle of valuation, discard, escapism, commitment to some path or focal point of service. The video has a more thorough discussion of priestess / facilitator karma and why we don´t really need that in its old form anymore.

Previous Article: https://theskypriestess.com/…/juno-the-awakener-of…/

The New Moon is also sextiled Mars and Saturn. So those of you with bodies between 13-18 Leo and/or Libra will experience Yods or Fingers of Fate. This accelerates your karmic journey and brings it to a point of climax. You get to choose what you manifest more directly than others without this alignment. (Hang on to your hats though!)

But long story short – we´re being asked to let go of old karmic contracts and ways of relating with structures and institutions of power, toxic aggression, the ways in which we understand authority.

Asbolus´ role in the whole alignment allows us to discover great truths – provided we are willing to let go of the language, conceptual frameworks and articulations that we have constructed to understand Spirit.

Revelation emerges the moment you are willing to empty the cup.

To be humble, to be teachable, to be willing to experience Spirit sans our ideational baggage.

The full scope of this Moon is just … like I said before … WOW.

The video talks about some of the tools that you can use especially if experiencing extreme symptoms. Here´s a recap of some key principles and ideas:

Keep your spaces, inner and outer, clear.

Align your intentions with the highest and deepest expression of Source in it’s purest form.

Remember that you cannot will or logic your way into this Moon, it is one to be deeply felt and intuitively navigated.

Expressing the energy you feel through art, music or meditation is great – if you feel comfortable and grounded enough to do so!

Wear labradorite, black tourmaline, black obsidian and/or black onyx if you’re feeling like you need protection.

Essential oils such as tea tree and Frankincense will be absolutely useful now, especially if you feel your space needs a little clearing.

Remember to check for contraindications and honor the plant material.

What patterns come up, face them with compassion and courage. Be mindful of old patterns that seek to guilt trip you into servitude or self-erasure.

Protect yourself, especially if engaging with volatile people. Compassion is powerful, but it must start with the self.

Feel free to work with this protective space cleansing mantra if in need : https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=rD9DCqVbMy0

Remember to ground out if you feel overly activated. Avoid stimulants, alcohol, etc. and if all else seems too hard – rest.


Dr. Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD
The Sky Priestess

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