Quick Reminder: Sun conjunct Mercury Rx in Pisces

Stay safe, stay hydrated, stay grounded. And keep discerning.

There’s a lot of stuff coming up with the Sun – Mercury Rx conjunction. And it’s a wildcard (hello Pisces). The exact conjunction has passed (Sun is at 24 degrees , Mercury just now at 23)

It can be a powerful day to do some truly life-changing soul-searching and spirit-remembering : if you / your facilitator / ideally both are able to work through this alignment. It’s also very good for those contacting loved ones who have passed or past selves who are not integrated. It’s wonderful for looking past three illusions we tell ourselves and the narratives that hold trauma in place .

That being said …

It can be utterly painful, disassociative, triggering or flat out dangerous for others. Energy is moving through from deep spaces : look at what it is and what it claims to be before engaging deeply . There is plenty of scope for illusion and/or losing the self.

Labradorite and Lepidolite would be my gemstones of choice for this one. Smoky quartz if you need a hand grounding.

Listen to your innermost instincts and follow their guidance. If you can’t feel it (or aren’t sure of what you’re feeling), rest, sleep, listen to some music and/or ground out instead.

If you’re feeling extra vulnerable, practice self-care and find organizations and individuals who are able and willing to support you. Remember to honor their time and energy as well.


Dr. Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD

The Sky Priestess

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