Blessings to Everyone. Today holds great promise as the Sun (27 Pisces) squares the Galactic Center (27 Sagittarius). We are shown the way back to the Primordial Truth of our Souls.

We are being asked to move away from teachers or teachings that no longer align with our spiritual compass.

Feel free to do so with compassion, forgiveness (if relevant) – and keep on moving.

Others will discover teachers who will point you precisely in the direction you need to be headed: Straight back to yourself.

And as always, be mindful of their time and honor their energetic boundaries.

(And of course sometime its has less to do with the teacher and more to do with the readiness to receive their teaching … also has to be said)

Take notes and be very mindful of the dreams, impressions and emotions that come up for you right now. They are clues to the unfolding chapters of your journey.

This will come big time during the last week of November 2019 when both Jupiter and Venus will conjunct the Galactic Center itself. That´s when we´ll be seeing an incredible influx of energy and collective alignment and movement.

If you are feeling very ungrounded, reach out to those who are able and willing to hold a safe, clean, (agenda-free) space for you. Or find a tree and sit under it.

And remember – Hug a tree and you´ll get one in turn ..

Eat well and stay hydrated. Vitamin B complex and a good probiotic can go a long way (if your system is strong enough to handle it – check with your health practitioner if in doubt).

Watch your breathing and try to find that space of stillness within, even if everything is whirling about on the surface.

This will go a long way.

Right now – your primary focus needs to be on your relationship with your guides and teachers. The rest will fall into place 🙂

Being overly resistant to guidance from a trusted source – and being overly dependent on the same are both problematic in different ways.

Find that balance. Go with truths that resonate with you. And be willing to see your own blind spots in uncovering what that means for you.

Sometimes that will also require you to overturn your long-held beliefs and views on teachings or paths that have given you comfort in the past.

Nothing stays static in the Universe. Nor should it. 
(Sometimes it takes a really long time to move, but it does)

All this comes as we head towards an immensely powerful Equinox and Full Moon at 0 Libra which will conjunct the Super-Galactic Center (1 Libra).

This will be a powerful time to renegotiate contracts that no longer Serve and to reaffirm relationships and contracts that still align with your Soul´s chosen journey.

This occurs in 3 days from now (20-21 March in America/Asia).

As always,

Many Blessings and Much Love !

Dr. Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD
The Sky Priestess

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