We live in very significant times. The astrology of the present speaks to personal, intergenerational, ancestral and collective transits on an immense scale. It can truly feel overwhelming. But such is the nature of the time.

It presents us with the opportunity to grow, develop and evolve our psychic sensitivities in ways that allow us to remain open, yet able to hold a functional boundary. 

I do not subscribe to the interpretation of the doctrine of One-ness in ways that damage the Self. Part of the beauty and Paradox of Spirit is to realize that state of Unity – through a recognition of our Diversity.

In today´s video I discuss the end of Mercury Retrograde conjunct Pisces, and briefly introduce the Pluto/South Node conjunction-squared Eris. What´s presented here is a highly condensed summary. 

I would like all of you to read the associated article about the Pluto-Eris square as it has tremendous significance for all of us:

The energies of both alignments weave their way through the first half of April – their impact will last for a long time afterwards. 

Take heed. Be very mindful of what you do, say and emobdy at this time. It matters.


The end of Mercury Retrograde signals the end of a phase of inward evolution. The arrow has been drawn back to its maximal point. And it begins its release (as part of its direct motion out of Shadow). 

We will be seeing Mercury move through the rest of Pisces up until April 16. (+ 1 day for those in Asia/Australia)

As Mercury moves through Pisces, revisit what we have been learning over the past few weeks. Look all the way back to Feb 10, when Mercury first entered Pisces. Chart your journey from then. Look at all you have experienced and learnt in that time. There´s bound to be a lot to process. 

Create a structured plan _and_ daily routine of psychic, emotional and physical detoxification for yourself and those who are near and dear to you.

Use gemstones such as selenite, black tourmaline and lepidolite to create crystal grids for space clearing and re-instilling a sense of safety and security. 

Smudge your space using the plants native, local or traditional to your land and culture. That goes a long way in maintaining your daily space and place. 

Take salt baths or salt soaks for the feet as that will also help. 
I want to highlight blue kyanite as the gemstone of choice at this time as it helps us integrate lessons from different levels and dimensions of consciousness. My suggestion would be to not use the stone to find greater intensity – but rather gentle integration.

Venus in Pisces brings back some of these lessons we have learnt and transposes it onto matters of finance, beauty, wealth, relationships and professional connections. Be mindful of projection dynamics. Aim to ground out regularly and stay discerning. We´re not out of the Piscean bath just yet. We see a little lifting of those energies around the end of April.

Refer to my previous article and video on the Pisces-Capricorn stellium and its possibilities of manifestation in April for further information:


Now the Pluto-Eris square is a big deal. And it´s an even bigger deal because the North Node opposes Pluto, the South Node conjuncts Pluto and both Nodes square Eris. At this time, Pallas Athena completes it all in a Grand Cardinal Cross. Again- look to the 1st link for the extended article. 

Long story short: Pluto is the gateway to the psychic underworld. It forces us to confront the Shadow within and without. It deals with magic, sex, death, the occult, taxes, power abuses, energetic interfaces, shamanism, ancestors – and so on. 

Collectively speaking, it (especially in Capricorn) deals with the institutions, structures and people in whom we invest our power. And all of it – that which is out of balance and alignment – is coming down.

On the flip-side of Pluto, the same process of breakdown harbours within it the seeds of new life. Much as the rebirth that follows a phase of death. Or the metamorphosis the caterpillar must undergo to emerge out of its cocoon as a butterfly. 

That´s the kind of magic and alchemy we are all manifesting collectively – as part of the superstructure (government, economy, politics), in our interpersonal, intimate spaces – and within the epigenetics of trauma and other characteristics transmitted through the ancestral line.

As above, so below.
As within, so without.

This energy of breakdown/rebirth is being catalysed by Pluto´s square to Eris. 

Eris represents the capacity of the marginalized to break and re-make a system already corrupt and complacent in its elitism. But questions of proportionality, justice and collateral often get overlooked in the process.

The Nodes as part of the whole thing connect the darkness and shadow in need of transmutation to other decisions, structures and energetic choices made by the polity and family as the source of the distorted reality we see at present. If you´re looking for the why to your situation, look back.

Deep into the ancestral line.
You may need to acknowledge something, 
release something, 
heal something, 
dissolve something 
(or all of the above). 

It is wisest to do this with a practitioner of sufficient experience, grounding and clarity whom you trust. But what do you do with all this? How do you cope?

Look to the lessons of Pallas Athena in Libra and the North Node in Cancer.

It´s about finding that balance between openness and self-preservation. 

It´s about being willing to be a part of this world, and for times, apart from it.

It´s about integrating that knowledge with your Heart Center and allowing it to be present. 

To Love, to truly and deeply feel what is happening in your world – internally and externally

Knowing that it is okay to disconnect for a little while. 

Your martyrdom (or anyone else´s) isn´t going to be the thing that changes the game. That age has come and gone. 

Our willingness to heal and to love will. It´s not the easiest solution – but it´s subtle – and deeply, deeply powerful. 

Send a prayer each day from your heart for a solution to manifest itself, in a way that honors all and is filled with grace and ease.

Don´t give into the cynicism and pessimism – or the armchair commentary that comes from people who say they do things, but don´t. 

Truly set aside a space and time for yourself where you allow yourself to Love. 

That´s it. Simply, truly, and deeply love.

And watch what happens.

It´s going to take all of us to manifest this shift in a way that is less damaging than our current trajectory.

So let´s get it done.


Dr. Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD
The Sky Priestess

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