Over the next two days, Chiron will conjunct Vesta at 2 Aries. Chiron represents our personal and collective relationship to the patterns and karmic dynamics of wounding and healing. Vesta represents the way we adhere to certain contracts of service, servitude, ideation and discard (especially when it comes to matters of faith and karma). Whilst Chiron represents the Wounded-Healer, Vesta represents the Facilitator.

In a not-so-ideal sense (and I say that as I prefer humanity to evolve a course that is a little gentler) … Chiron and Vesta coming together can generate an impulse to throw, or sacrifice the self in playing out abuser-victim type connections. Pain or an attack to a person´s sense of self is induced (and felt), triggering them into a deeper journey of healing.

Their first response, however, may take them away from being able to process and acknowledge who they are and what their role in all of it is. Essentially – this is the punching bag route. (Whether you´re the puncher or punchee depends on other factors)

In a (hopefully) more ideal way, Chiron and Vesta come together to show how we are all our own teachers, facilitators and healers. The answers to what we seek come from within as does the source of healing and re-connection that allows us to come to a state of wholeness.

It means letting go of labels, paths, paradigms, and simply being present to what is. That in itself can hold the space for unfolding in the future, as the past comes up to be witnessed and processed

Again, there is an extreme pole in that point of view and that skirts towards hubris. Irrespective of how far we have come in our spiritual journeys, there is always a time and space where you do need an external hand to get your healing process going. No one is an island.

But what does the Aries signature bring to this alignment?

And at which level of evolution?

For me, a more evolved (or integrated) signature of Aries realizes that it does not (always) require impetuousity or bullishness to push itself through the world. One can simply be who they are.

Sometimes institutional injustices and human cruelty can make the world seem very unsafe for those who do not fit in or comply to some socially sanctioned ideal of self-hood. Even here – Aries is asked to recognize its own unique essence – before moving with that presence into the external world (in whatever way it sees fit).

There is a moment of recognition and embodiment that precedes external action. The Self does not become defined in opposition or resistance to some external force, but emanates from within.

If I had to put a label on it, I would call it the state of being where:

The Self meets Love, 
The Self is dissolved by Love, 
The Self becomes Love.

We are ourselves when we align with the field and consciousness of Love.

Sometimes we find that by ourselves. 
Sometimes with loved ones (human, cat, dog, fish, etc.)
Sometimes when we´re in a certain location. 
Sometimes when we listen to a particular song. 
Sometimes when we eat a certain food. 
Sometimes when we forgive another their trespasses. 
Sometimes when we defend a loved one (that includes ourselves) from harm.

The list goes on.

There is no one prescription for what can bring a person to that state of conscious Being, Un-doing, and Expanding.

In fact, the words fall short of the experience. 
As they tend to in the Spiritual Domain.

There is just no one answer of what can and will bring a person to that state of Presence.

Because we are all Unique.

Find what it is that makes you expand into that Space-and-State-of-Being.

If it involves another, ensure consent is involved. 
Harm none, including the Self.

And just be.

Good enough.

(And you´ll find the healing path of service and embodiment you´re looking for… )


Dr. Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD
The Sky Priestess

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  1. Janine says:

    Another absolutely amazing insightful reading. You constantly explain just exactly what is going on. The depth of your understanding and ability to express it is unmatched. Words can’t convey my gratitude to you. 💚💚💚💚
    Thank you 🙏🏻

  2. angelsandancestors says:

    Thank you so much, again i have gotten so much from this recording, i have come so far in the last two years – leaving labels behind. You help me move forward a little more each time I view your messages. I would like to send you love and light and bright blessings


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