There are some incredibly intense alignments happening together right now. The veils are pretty thin right now and the level of intensity is off the charts.

I’m not going to romanticize these aspects nor am I going to vilify them. It is what it is.

This article gives you a summary of the energy in terms of astrology. The video gives you the feel of the energy. Work with both.

Start of Jupiter Retrograde
Jupiter trined Eris
Sun squared Saturn 
Venus conjunct Neptune
Mercury trined Node
Pluto square Eris
Pluto conjunct South Node

It’s hard to summarize how that plays out.

Simply because so much comes down to one’s karmic contracts and their prior choices.

(and no … That’s not a victim shaming thing. – this is more about being mindful of energetic cause and effect)

The start of Jupiter Retrograde asks us to revisit and consolidate our lessons, growth and experiences since Jan 2019. We will be in this process of review till mid-August 2019. Go back to the lessons, look at what was missed in haste – and fill in the missing gaps. Honor your Teachers and seek out new perspectives as appropriate.

Jupiter Retrograde trined Eris throws a spanner in the works. Situations of discord and seeming chaos can come along : not to punish us, but to ask us to acknowledge all aspects of what our energy brings to a situation. It can be highly triggering.

The Sun – Saturn square tests our resolve and clarity of will. It’s not about prolonging burden, but having the courage to break through it. And to be responsible as to how it’s done.

Venus conjunct Neptune is about being able to align your material experience with your spiritual one. (And vice versa). It’s a mixed bag as it can either bring you to spiritual heights and depths – or provide you with a damn good illusion of the same.

Mercury trined the Node challenges you to delve into the language and experience of Spirit, especially as you deal with emotional, familial, residential and/or ancestral issues.

Pluto on the South Node squared Eris is a massive energy itself (now fired up further because Jupiter Retrograde trines Eris). This is all about the energy and (seeming) fixity of ancestral karma and the power of old, controlling institutions or persons. As the control matrix is challenged, it intensifies the illusions that keep fear based consciousness in check. Some of these illusions are held in place because of our insecurities, ancestral contracts, or because we have played our own role in control dramas. (Who, truly is exempt here?)

Whilst Eris’ role in all this can be written as the avenging feminine, be mindful of the use of this archetype to justify installing new systems of control and power to find Dominion over others. It doesn’t matter if it uses the cover/rhetoric/image of the Feminine as it’s face or not – not everything that claims to be aligned to Her necessarily is.

There is a place for deep, sacred rage at what has been done to the Feminine, but it is not a justification to create new cycles of abuse and hierarchy – or to lash out at those who process differently.

In practical terms , self-care is key. Seek out teachers and facilitators you trust if facing difficult situations. You may want to amp up psychic protection with flint, black obsidian and selenite. Smudging the home will also help to keep the energy moving.

Take it a day at a time. Watch what comes. Be mindful that it’s a triggering contest out there. You do not need to become a puppet in someone else’s drama. Stick to the truth of your being and your path.


Dr. Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD
The Sky Priestess

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