Grand Fire Trine : Follow That Heart-Fire (14-15 April 2019)

A reactivation of the Pluto-Node-Eris T-square through a Grand Fire trine with Sun, Eris, Jupiter, The Galactic Center, Leo Moon & Osiris.

Resurrect your innermost creative expression, coming from the Heart. It is wise to remember that language tends to conflate the vibration of Heart-centered expression with more egoic, transactional understandings of Love – so really feel into this one.

It’s not about what you expect or desire – it’s about how your inner light shines – and keeps shining irrespective of what others may think of it.

That’s not always a comfortable process, but stepping into the Truth of the Self isn’t exactly a joyride …

Getting to the Truth and Core of your being isn’t an intellectual exercise … It’s an experiential one. I can dissect each aspect till the cows come home and you still wouldn’t be close to actually getting it with the mind.

Follow your Heart-Fire

Let the Heart lead the way forwards.

And we’ll see a new way emerge…

One that we cannot even begin to comprehend.

More of this to come as the Sun trines the Galactic Center in three days’ time ! (Just before the Libra Full Moon)

Dr. Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD
The Sky Priestess

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4 thoughts on “Grand Fire Trine : Follow That Heart-Fire (14-15 April 2019)

  1. Jo says:

    Love how you’ve expressed your heart fire Bairavee xx

  2. Joan Unger says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE your new look!!!!
    🌠 💖 💫 💖 🌟

    Great info too!

  3. Bara says:

    You were right about electrical Bairavee. My car shorted out in the middle of nowhere after dark on a busy country road this evening. Lights went out and power steering froze up. Then it started up again when I turned the key in the ignition. Haven’t felt what I felt at that time since I was last on a bolting horse 🦄


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