Within the next 12 hours, Mercury will enter Aries, pushing it out of its shadow phase. The drums are beating and the pulse is stirring.

You may want to give things just a little more time before committing to new paths of action and re-action.

In the video, I focus more on the energy and experience of all of this – using popular re-action to the burning of Notre Dame as a focal point. There´s a lot to unpack there, and many lessons to be learnt, such as:

which sites we value, and which we choose to ignore
how the symbol of the Divine Feminine, especially in the form of Kali, gets co-opted as a channel for rage, rather than compassion
why compassion (a.k.a. the life-force of The Divine Feminine frequency) is key in the breaking and re-making of the world
and so on …

In this article, I focus more on the planetary alignments and shifts as they occur.

We have a Libra Full Moon coming up on April 18th (+1 day if in Asia/Australia)

That calls for some amount of temperance, balance and maintaining composure in an effort to find greater justice.

We see Mercury conjunct Chiron at 3 Aries on April 19, asking us to be mindful of our role in patterns of healing and/or wounding.

Try not to jump the gun in the way we react to situations that come our way – and to avoid the temptation of defining the self primarily in terms of resistance / opposition to another.

The Self is more than anger or righteous indignation. But that´s not always easy to remember when you´ve been told to hold it in or deny that it exists….

That being said, people do tend to get hooked into narratives of completion, rescue or redemption – and that just ends up eating at your sense of being over time. It´s a lot to think about.

On April 20th, we see the Sun exiting Aries and entering Taurus. Venus exits Pisces and enters Aries shortly thereafter. Juno follows suit, leaving Gemini and entering Cancer.

That´s a lot right there. The Sun begins its journey help you find greater solidity, self-worth, abundance and comfort (in a balanced way). Venus asks you to shine your fierce Spirit even brighter than ever before. Mercury asks you to take that big leap into the Unknown, charting new territory. Juno asks you to begin a journey to find home, family and land that supports you and your spiritual growth. (Ideally in ways that do not cause

On April 22nd, the Sun and Uranus are conjunct at 2 Taurus. This is powerful time to re-ignite your focus on what brings you joy, stability and groundedness.

That´s all about breaking away from old, unhealthy patterns and discovering healthier ones. Perhaps even communities that can support you (or the recognition that the ones you´re in can´t or won´t).

It´s just a big time. Give things about a week to settle down before finalizing any big moves. Or at the very least the next three days.

No one ever said that birthing a New World was going to be a fun process for everyone. Honor the work you have done so far and allow the Universe to show you the next step forwards.


Dr. Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD
The Sky Priestess


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  1. Frances laneyrie says:

    thank you once again… Today I attended a meeting about the nature feminism in my region, where it would have been so easy to go into adversarial.. I stopped and thought about your words today… I hope was felt… Your work stretches into unseen places, thank you, 💕💕


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