LIGHTING THE WAY FORWARDS: Sun conjunct Uranus in Taurus (22-23 April 2019)

Let there Be Light. Let there Be the Awakening of Collective Consciousness. Let there Be Truth. Let there Be Love.

That´s the theme of the Now. That´s the energy coming through, straight from Source – and the Earth-Mother Herself.

This is an energy that allows our Higher Mind to access new codes, signatures and frequencies that help us dissolve more entrenched energetic blueprints. This applies to our bodies, our breath, our bloodlines, and the way we have collectively manifest a certain type of relationship with the planet.

For the world to change, the energetic permissions and collective contracts that have made it so need to be completely dissolved. This is the Uranian promise, if you allow yourself to work with the changes it asks of us.

And that requires grounding, openness, receptivity – and the dissolution of the Ego-Self that insists that it KNOWS!

Much if not all of the resistance, density, and the horrors we see happening around us comes from that part of the collective psyche that refuses to let change happen. It holds on too strongly to the values and ideals of the past, and the financial arrangements that make that profitable to keep in place.

All of us are aware this change needs to happen – especially in virtual communities that keep sharing this information – over and over – and over again. But it gets to the head, and the head enters its own loop.

Your answers have always been in your body. And in its sacred connection with space, time and the Earth. Listen to what it has to say and allow it to absorb the energy coming in. It´s been doing that for a while, but now – more so than ever – is the time to trust it.

If you need a gemstone tip, I´d say go with amber.

Each of us are, in our own ways, Light-Bearers – and the challenge is to realize our sacred work is Everywhere. It´s not when it´s convenient, or easy to do so. It´s staring that pain and collective disconnection in the eye – with the presence and awareness of the Divine Spark that you are, we are, I am, all of us …. already are.

To be very clear …

There´s a Light in ´Dark´ spaces. There is pure beauty, poetry and connection in the Blackness of the Cosmic … and certainly in the dark waters of the ancestral womb. An invitation to embody the Light is not an invitation to turn a blind eye to what scares us, or makes us feel uncomfortable. Sometimes that´s where our greatest teachers and gifts and joys are.

I would highly recommend watching the movie Shazam to see the kinds of work within we each need to do to prepare ourselves. There´s a lot there to unpack – and it fits the Uranian theme (lightning).

Blessings and Joy to All of You, especially in these times.

Dr. Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD
The Sky Priestess




Whilst the work I channel, intuitive and figure out ultimately comes from Spirit, it still comes through me-as-co-creative a-divine-spark. For legal purposes I share these terms – and I hope you can understand the energetic basis of doing so. We all have to be honored for what we do, and what we bring. That way we keep things sustainable and in integrity.

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