At present, Mars (17 Gemini) squares Neptune (17 Pisces). This is bringing up a lot of stuff for a lot of people. Mars is giving us the opportunity to consider how we re-act and respond to life. It asks us to question the knee-jerk responses we have and the kinds of conditioning that underpin them. It allows us to take a moment to observe our thoughts and understand the magic of breath and conscious intention. Should we choose to heed it.

We are asked to re-script our narratives (if not toss them out completely), in ways that align both mind and spirit. Too often do we disconnect from our spiritual nature and truth by holding onto mental constructs that do not serve.

I am sharing some writings that have emerged in the past few days surrounding this theme. Followed by their current astrological relevance – in view of the upcoming Jupiter-Neptune square.


The Mind can be a powerful Ally on the spiritual path – however – it tends to become an obstacle instead.

Because it is easier for a person to identify with the mind and it’s frames of reference and engagement. It is easier, and in some sense, more comfortable to sit in self-talk or to replay old narratives. The mind finds even more comfort when it finds a receptive audience.

And badges of identity and little communities form around that shared experience and a cap is placed on collective growth.

And that’s where we are at right now.

The mind likes to feel that it knows, that it’s right, that what it has to say and feel is Truth – with a capital T.

But that’s not how the Soul works.

It comes to us in our deepest moments of silence.
Reflection, awareness – and the innermost awakening of self-realization.

These are moments where the mind dissolves.
And there is only presence.

I am reminded of Ramana Maharishi of Thiruvannamalai in South India who said ‘Summa Iru’ – and that just means – Just Be / Do Nothing / Be Quiet

I can’t tell how you often I remember that teaching.

An evergreen teaching.

The moment you stop trying to control, shape, mold, make, break, debate, deny, affirm Truth within yourself – you actually open the way to finding it. You allow the Soul’s truth to unfold without getting in the way.

It’s a lot older and has seen far more than we can imagine.

Give it room to speak. Let it be heard.

You’ll find the answers you’re looking for.

They may come from the quieter, older, even child-self parts of you that you haven´t spoken to in a long .. long … time. Voices that were locked up or muffled by the weight of societal expectation and restrictive conditioning.

Hear what it has to say. That is an act of liberation in and of itself.

And it can provoke a lot of denser, older energies or forms of awareness to come up. Which is part of the process- especially with Pluto, Saturn and the South Node conjunct in Capricorn as they are now. This is basically where a lot of the collective pressure and density many of us are feeling is coming from.

Whatever comes, meet it with your Truth, stay aligned in your Love-Center.

It’s old advice, but it’s powerful.

The more you allow new codes, frequencies and ways of being to enter your life – the more space you give for the density to shift.

In other words, make room for the flow.

Pay attention to Spirit and the way it presents itself to you. Pay attention to your breath, your words, and that which is directed at you.

You’ll find a lot of clarity if you simply observe.

You may not be able to see the end of the tunnel just yet, but with each step in the right direction – you get a little closer.

In other words:

Baby steps.
And deep, deep breaths.

And if you are one of those people who are soaring through this alignment, use it to breathe life into new forms of manifestation that will allow not only you, but the planet to thrive together! Work with the gift you have been given and see what it brings …


It´s so, so important for you to do this work of mind-body-spirit alignment now. Because May and June will see many, many activations to the Galactic Center (another point in astrology that aligns us to Truth) – and of course we will see the 2nd exact square of Jupiter and Neptune in mid-June!

That´s going to bring a lot of ego-ideological clashes on the world´s stage. And it´s easy to get lost in that chaos if we don´t know, for ourselves, what we believe in and whether that is true for us as individuals. That´s what Mars is highlighting now.

It´s more important for us to figure out that personal narrative and sense of self (and its relevance, or not to our greater alignment with Spirit). Figuring this piece of the puzzle out will smoother the way for whatever unfolds in June 2019 (and when Jupiter-Neptune square exactly again in September 2019).

As I see it, May is the month of re-calibration and course-correction. If needed.

June will already test the path you have chosen and your ability to walk with Spirit as you move through the world.

You don´t have to walk it alone. You´re allowed to seek out help.

Whilst this is prime time for navigation, you don´t need someone else to write your path for you. At best, you may need a little nudge from a facilitator if you feel you´ve strayed from your path.

A little goes a long way at this time. Don´t fall into the compulsion towards over-facilitation. Make sure you have room to hear your own voice!


To this effect, I have been guided to reintroduce the 15-minute special session from now till the end of May 2019.

I only offer these sessions when I get direct guidance to do so, and for limited windows of time. As they take a lot of energy and focus to do. (More so than a normal-length session in some ways)

People have found these 15-minute sessions useful guidance for a 6-18 month period afterwards. They´re short, but potent.

Please note that this is not a substitute for a longer session. If you´re called to that, go for that.

It´s a good fit if you have some things to fine-tune or clarify – or if you really don’t know which road to take and just want something to start you off with.

You can book the 15-minute special directly at this link :

(For longer sessions – just go to )

Please note: I will be off doing my own thing in June 2019. If you´re going to work with me (for any duration of time) – it´s going to have to be late April / May 2019.

Whatever you choose to do, remember to tune in and see if you are coming at it from a place of Ego or Spirit.

Baby steps.
And deep, deep breaths.

Blessings and Love,

Dr. Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD
The Sky Priestess


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