Taurean Lessons Throughout May 2019 : Building True Worth, Value and Abundance

This Taurus New Moon (May 4th, 2019) just past had me thinking about bodies and how we value them. I´ve been looking at videos that celebrate body positivity, and thinking about Thor in Endgame (I won´t say more for those who haven´t seen it). And there´s really something very wholesome of just being able to accept a person for who they are, and how they embody themselves at this moment in time.

People who look different tend to be judged – most of the times in a negative way. Walking around without receiving a dirty glare or hurtful comment is a privilege that those who appear to ´fit in´ a little more take for granted. And those who fit society´s expectations of beauty have their own crosses to bear – let´s not judge here or pit anyone against anyone else.

But there is a larger shift underway and people are opening their hearts to the realization that our bodies are not the sum of our being. This has deeper ramifications for the way we think about gender inequality, trans identities, public health, body ideals, our desires in relationship, and so on.

That´s a really good thing. And it´s something I´m happy to see parts of humanity stepping up to – even if others choose to stick to very strict, often patriarchal rules, about how people should look and what they should feel about it.

Yay humanity!

The other aspects of the Taurus New Moon bring us to a deeper realization of the bounty and beauty of the planet. And truly it is under-appreciated. It is a good sign to see the UK Government declare that we are in a state of environmental emergency – because things aren´t going to change unless we accept that there´s a problem first off.

With Uranus moving through Taurus, we can expect to see a greater conscious engagement with environmental issues, and how we treat our land, our forests, our resources and abundance – and our bodies. This is a very fruitful time to support that awareness.

There´s of course more that can be said with Taurus: our relationship with food, the 5 senses, the financial system, inherited and fixed ideas of wealth, value and abundance. All of this is likely to have come up in some way or another with the New Moon just passed.

Having said that, this vibration of possibility hovers in the air with other alignments threading their way into being. We see Mercury at 29 Aries, just about to enter Taurus. It´s a good idea to really look at what makes us feel impulsive, irritable or reckless – and to sit with it before committing to major decisions or doing irreversible things.

Mercury will be in Taurus in just under 3 hours from now – and leaves on May 21st, in just over 2 weeks. It´s a good window of time to write down, communicate, strategize and really continue the thread of energy and intention emanating from the Taurus New Moon. What´s interesting is that the Sun and Mercury will be at 29 Taurus at the same time, moving into Gemini together (May 20).

Venus will join the fray and enter Taurus on May 15 – till June 8. There´s lot of constructive energy that can be put towards whatever intentions and ideas you´re working on in terms of your abundance, joy and general material groundedness on this planet.

Pay attention to the following dates:

Sun conjunct Uranus (2 Taurus) : April 22

Moon conjunct Uranus (3 Taurus): May 3

New Moon / Sun and Moon conjunct (14 Taurus): May 4

Mercury conjunct Uranus (3 Taurus): May 8

Venus conjunct Uranus (3 Taurus): May 18

Watch how you evolve your relationship with this Taurean vibration of abundance for all.

Remember to add a day for those in Asia/Australia (owing to time zone differences).

I´m excited to see what we will all collectively manifest in these incredible times!

Now … whilst all that is fine and dandy, we´ve got other alignments at play.

The old world isn´t going to go without a fight – unless we can collectively raise the vibe to the point where the collective realizes the fight is not necessary. And for some people, in their journey with healing from trauma, being seen as the avenger or rescuer may be a critical part of their process.

If I have learnt anything at all through this journey, it is not to judge.

Everyone is where they need to be, all you can do is to walk your path and shine your light.

With Mars (23 Gemini) opposed Jupiter (23 Sagittarius) right now, it´s so tempting to jump on that moral high horse and discuss why X is right and Y is wrong. Whilst knowledge is a sacred thing, use that energy wisely. Have regard for how your words carry and where you choose to use them.

Whilst you cannot control how another chooses to take your words, you can be conscious about what you´re wanting to do with that energy.

Personally, I have found this energy to be best handled from a state of no-mind. Be the observer. Watch your thoughts play out. Follow the interesting ones. And avoid investing your energy into things unless you truly feel for the outcome.

In this sense, just as we are asked to envision a sustainable planet, we are also asked to have the same care and concern for our own energy.

We are no longer in that paradigm (unless we really hang on tight to its predecessor) where the sacrifice or unwarranted expenditure of personal energy to the point of depletion – does not really help anyone.

If anything it adds to the problem.

That doesn´t mean we turn a blind eye to the suffering of others. It just means we know when we draw the line.

As I have said for some time now (as have many others), you can´t give anything from an empty cup.

Conserve your energy and watch what new ideas and teachings come through when you get out of the way. Let them inspire you for the next steps in your journey.

Looking back at my own journey, I´ve found that a lot of my questions were answered the day I surrendered to Spirit. Life throws its challenges (intense ones too), but there´s just a lot more clarity and focus on what matters and how much I want to invest in it. There is a sense of clarity, detachment, and a greater capacity for Love.

It´s a work in progress.

I want you to pay a little more attention on May 11th, when Mars (27 Gemini) will oppose the Galactic Center (27 Sagittarius). Try and prepare yourself to be in a state of greater receptivity at this time. There´s some very powerful GC activations this year. So take the time to clear the space and heed the cues that come your way.

I remember talking about (and nothing other astrologers doing the same) the end of astrology as we know it – at about the time of Saturn conjuncting the Galactic Center in 2017. As I see in my own life and in those who seek me out for counsel, there has definitely been a shift in the way we relate to the heavens.

And this is absolutely a good thing. It´s hard to put into words – the best I could come up with was a new wave-form spreading across the planet.

As all of these opportunities for greater alignment, abundance and guidance come through – we do see Saturn (still) conjunct the South Node in Capricorn. In fact, Venus is going to be squaring this alignment (especially on May 7th).

It´s wise to see what you´re being asked to simplify, consolidate, commit to – and what you´re being asked to let dissolve. Things that may seem dense, especially in terms of finances, personal or professional relationships, may move with a shift of perspective. Some may receive news that speaks to a change in income, position, or familial arrangement.

Remember that the times aspects go exact show the highest point of the energy – each alignment has a build-up and wind-down period. So stay flexible and open to whatever comes over the next few days.

When in doubt, focus on what brings you the greatest inner alignment – in resonance with your authenticity and core personal values. It may mean making difficult choices in career/family questions – it may mean digging deep to uncover truths hidden in the soul that still anchor outdated or outmoded energies and arrangements.

For some – you might even get some happy news, bringing in resources or ties that you have accumulated through merits in prior lives or as the fruitful harvest of intentions and actions seeded at opportune times.

If so, celebrate your good fortune.

And help where you can, if it feels right for you.

I find the focus on Venus, squaring the Nodes and Saturn to be a powerful precursor for the shifting of collectively, personally, ancestrally held beliefs surrounding abundance and connection.

I´ve been seeing a lot written about ancestors – and I have to say that some of it is a little rose-tinted. Sometimes the issue lies with an ancestor whose influence is strong enough to shape the present day, especially if they´re unwilling to move into a new paradigm and develop a different relationship with the past.

If this is the case, seek out facilitators who can help, are able to navigate these energies, and who resonate with the new frequencies of consciousness streaming in now. This is not something which most people can handle on their own so to speak – as we tend to have the biggest blind spots with the things we´re most familiar with.

Generally speaking:

Give yourself and others room to navigate.

The Universe is applying a lot of pressure on our evolutionary journeys right now.

And there´s no need to pile more on.

Take the time and space you need to regenerate and find your focus.

When the time´s right, go out there and do good. 🙂


Dr. Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD

The Sky Priestess


**The 15-minute specials are ongoing till end of May 2019. Please note that I will not be available for session work for most of June 2019. These are very suited for focused queries.



Whilst the work I channel, intuit and figure out ultimately comes from Spirit, it still comes through me-as-co-creative a-divine-spark. For legal purposes I share these terms – and I hope you can understand the energetic basis of doing so. We all have to be honored for what we do, and what we bring. That way we keep things sustainable and in integrity.

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