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Yesterday, the Saturn-South Node conjunction (20 Capricorn) trined the Sun (20 Taurus). This energy is still present in the skies, especially as the Sun goes on to trine nearby Pluto (23 Capricorn) in two days time (that´s 14th May for those of you in Asia, 13th for the Americas).

Because it´s a South Node alignment, it´s hard to generalize the specific outcomes for each person. Some will find rewards and connections they weren´t even looking for, and others will have to give up or dissolved structures, agreements and contracts that no longer align. For those in the latter category, this is the path to detachment and liberation that ultimately (and ideally) allows us to transcend paths of karma.

But renunciation isn´t the only way forwards – it´s dependent upon your journey. For some, breaking an old cycle can be found in the willingness to accept strength, connections and resources that actually support them.

Because Saturn is involved, the decisions made (consolidation, dissolution, some strange mixture of both) will absolutely have to do with more deeply entrenched power dynamics expressed through the ancestral line. It can also have to do with very old ideas of what power is, how do you use it, what is the responsibility and privilege that power carries, and so on.

Sometimes the lesson is to let go of what you think power is or should do. And to just be what you are.

Sometimes the lesson is to embrace a power you never knew you had.

Sometimes the lesson is to stop giving your power away. If a person is doing something and is constantly reliant on someone else´s power to do it – they shouldn´t be doing it. You do not need to be a battery for others goals!

And sometimes the lesson is to lend a helping hand. Because no one is perfect.

Really comes down to context. So be mindful.

Generally speaking:

It is a powerful time to reach out to Taurus – and its promise of security, sustenance and deeper embodiment.

Ask yourself whether the choices you make now settle for the illusion or promise of security.

Or whether they truly bring you to a richer, more grounded, more fulfilled place within the self.

And sometimes that will involve shattering beautiful illusions or 
lies that you have utterly invested your identity into. Those can be the hardest to drop.

But when you drop the illusion, you realize just how rich the truth can be. It´s hell till you make that choice.

Whatever comes up your way now, know that it can (if you let it) lead you to a healthier relationship with security, abundance and connection with embodiment. Sometimes having that goal in mind can help you focus your consciousness in the face of such decisions.

There is a greater force at work (and there always is) – but we are better able to see its workings at this time because of alignments to the Galactic Center (27 Sagittarius).

Mars at 27 Gemini opposes the GC, whilst Venus at 26 Aries trines it. Actions and decisions surrounding relationships, finances, questions of sexuality, balance, self-awareness, freedom, communications, ideas, early childhood processing and Truth – are going to be a lot easier to find if we remember to align ourselves first.

Take the time to get centered, grounded and call in benevolent guides and spiritual helpers (without engendering further karmic contracts). Ask them to clear the space within and around you so you can see the larger picture.

We will be seeing significant alignments to the Galactic Center coming up. For instance, the June Full Moon is conjunct the Galactic Center and the last week of November sees Jupiter and Venus conjunct at the same point.

What you´re weaving into existence now has ripples that carry forwards across space and time.

Reach for the guidance from Spirit (which will ultimately be what you´ve known deep down inside anyway) – and take the decision that leads you to the greatest Truth, Clarity and Purpose.

And listen to what it has to say . It may just surprise you.

Blessings and Love

Dr. Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD
The Sky Priestess


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