The Moon in Libra opposes Vesta at 19 Aries and both square the North & South Nodes (19-20 Cancer / Capricorn), along with Saturn & Pluto (20, 23 Capricorn). This creates what we call a Grand Cardinal Cross.

GCC-alignments make us stand at the crossroads to choose the path ahead.

The North Node asks us to choose the path that helps us align better with the truth of our emotions and intuition. It asks us to find what is true home, family and a sense of belonging.

The South Node asks us to release attachments to old obligations or internalized constructs of the way things need to be done. It also has a strong ancestral or intergenerational influence in Capricorn, especially with Saturn and Pluto nearby.

Libra Moon asks us to weigh all arguments and perspectives before jumping into judgment. It asks us to see the beauty in honoring and balancing yourself and others in the cycle of give and take.

And Vesta in Aries …

Well …

She brings it all home.

Vesta is an astrological body that I have researched and written about for years. The ´Cycles of Vesta´ piece I think sums it up nicely for those who need a little background intel:

Essentially, Vesta is the Priestess-Facilitator. She asks us to choose our path of devotion and service. And often she goes into overdrive. Sometimes she ends up making vows that force her to discard all other parts of her life, or to discard the one thing she wanted to serve in the first place. She has strong connections to vows or karmic arrangements undertaken in previous lifetimes and can strongly signify elements of the karmic contract that need to be reconfigured.

In Aries, Vesta asks us whether we are willing to serve by honoring ourselves

or whether we feel the need to sacrifice the self in other to serve

Personally, I feel that the whole sacrifice-martyr-victim-paradigm is no longer resonant with the Age we are currently in.

In practice what I see is that facilitators who choose their health, groundedness, and well-being are better facilitators to others – and the planet as the whole.

All we need to do is look to the way we have abused the giving nature of the planet to understand just why that old model of ´facilitators must give and expect nothing´ is simply out of sync.

Step up and claim what is yours.

And that´s the right to be who you are.

And to practice self care to make sure your primary needs are met.

Whilst service is powerful,

Sustainable service is even more powerful.

It´s the gift that keeps giving.

So if you are a facilitator – or indeed – anyone who has a strong dynamic of service with others – think about where you need to pull back so your primary needs are met.

Think about whether you want to work with others who do not see you as a person. And perhaps it is time to stop carrying their burdens for them.

If you are someone seeking the services of a facilitator, remember that they have a sacred obligation to themselves as vessels of Spirit. That takes maintenance, care and nurture.

Whilst Spirit provides us all with the vibration of love and abundance, one of the sacred tasks that all of us have come to learn in the here and now is how to manifest those possibilities in reality.

That´s the only real way forwards.


Dr. Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD

The Sky Priestess

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