There´s just been so many bizarre happenings in the past few days. We´re all feeling it and seeing it in different ways. Some breakthroughs of compassion, light and forward movement. And a lot of old muck and debris coming to the surface. (Just look at the intense weather and planetary activations we´ve had in the past few weeks!)

Now this alignment isn´t going away anytime soon … Taking both calculations of the Node into account (Mean & True), this Neptune-North Node trine leaves a 2 degree orb only in September! The most intense activation phase, however, is May & June 2019. This last week of May 2019 is particularly intense as Juno conjuncts the North Node, trining Neptune. That adds a whole other dimension to this alignment.

So we have a few more weeks before the crazy intensity from this specific alignment begins to diminish.

Neptune is a mixed blessing, at best. It can either lead us to transcendental heights and depths of sublime realization – the state that we call ´Enlightenment´. It can equally lead us into the murky waters of unresolved karmic contracts and patterns from the past that rise up unbidden in the blind-spots of our own awareness. Sometimes it makes it look shiny, so you think you´re headed towards the more illuminated path. Doubly so in its home sign of Pisces.

Juno´s presence as part of this trine in the last week of May 2019 brings about a greater potential for soul-mate karma and dynamics to come to the surface. Know that every connection you have that is powerful and karmic is not necessarily your Twin Flame. Many of these dynamics will come to light. Read up on the concept of the False Flame and the wound-mate as these are powerful phenomena that can so easily projected upon as ´The One True Love´. Listen to your emotions and deeper instincts and don´t ignore any red flags that come up (if any) because you´d rather fall for the beautiful illusion.

That being said, relationships and connections that exist on a more solid support and foundation of truth and integrity will be able to deepen that connection in this time. Be open to what your partner or partners have to say and what emotional experiences they wish to explore. See if it aligns with you and the way you are wanting to walk on your journey.

The North Node opens up powerful possibilities for emotional transformation and change. It gives us the permission to navigate our karmic paths in new ways – so that we move towards a sense of community, family and belonging that actually aligns with true spiritual values.

For those who are unable or unwilling to see themselves and their needed awareness, it can be a very confronting or triggering alignment. Or it can simply be overwhelming and absolutely exhausting.

The South Node at 18 Capricorn sextiles Neptune. This creates an opportunity to allow Spirit to lead the way in realigning the way we think about power, structures and authority on this planet. As we let go of old structures and forms of conditioning and expectations of what success looks like, we actually allow new frequencies to enter.

Neptune opens psychic doorways to ancient times in our Soul´s story wherein old patterns of dominance and subjugation were set into motion. Deep spiritual facilitations that allow these permissions and agreements to be released will be well worth your time.

But you have to absolutely make sure you are grounded enough to do the work safely – and if working with someone – that they have the skills and perspective needed to handle the job. Do your legwork before committing to any intense work right now. And remember that intensity alone is not a good indicator of whether a modality is right for you or what you need at that specific moment of time.

I´ve been coming across quite a few cases where clients opted for very very intense initiations or ceremonies, only to find that their facilitators were not prepared to face what came up. It´s no one´s fault. It´s just that Neptune is throwing us curve-balls in ways that no one can truly predict.

Now – and this is something I had to see for myself and in others – not everything that is coming up is a reflection of anything you are doing. Trying to find a human narrative to explain such events and make sense of them is part of an intellectual control dynamic.

And with Neptune … that just leads you into more confusion and less clarity.

Sometimes the lesson will be about you or something you have to change. And sometimes the lesson lies in realizing that all you have to do is side-step and dodge. There´s a lot of karmic debris coming up and you standing in the crossfire doesn´t help.

Own what is yours, release the rest.

What you can do when something collective comes your way is to redirect that energy to a more positive source for transmutation and healing (for all).

Getting to that point of clarity may be the challenge right now – and the only way is through. Allow yourself to feel into the experience and let it rise up to the surface as part of your process.

There will be many well-intentioned individuals (and some not so well-intentioned) who will project their own understanding onto that process. (Because it will look different of them as they are part of their process)

Ignore them. It´s an inside job. Listen to what your inner intuition has to say.

If you do feel you need a facilitator, find one who has the skills and compassion to understand what you´re doing and why from a space of non-judgement.

Someone who isn´t going to impose their narrative on your story.

Someone who can, if needed, help you move out more more limiting narratives to find a space of greater wholeness and aligned awareness.

Recommended gemstones: Aquamarine, Aqua Aura Quartz, Larimar, Blue Lace Agate.

Essential Oils / Herbs / Resins (check for contraindications and for use around children, pets & people in certain states of health): Peppermint, Tea Tree, Spearmint, Clary Sage, Frankincense, Yarrow

Practices: Grounding, Breath-work, Creative Expression, Water-Based Rituals and Modalities (if it feels aligned to you)

Songs: “Sucker” by the Jonas Brothers … “Rainbow In The Dark” by Dio …

Blessings to All,

Dr. Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD
The Sky Priestess

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Whilst the work I channel, intuit and figure out ultimately comes from Spirit, it still comes through me-as-co-creative a-divine-spark. For legal purposes I share these terms – and I hope you can understand the energetic basis of doing so. We all have to be honored for what we do, and what we bring. That way we keep things sustainable and in integrity.

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