Lessons from the Depths: A Yod (Finger of Fate), Grand Water Trine / Kite with the Scorpio Moon (June 13-14, 2019)

The Scorpio Moon gives us many opportunities to look in the mirror and understand the Truth of the Self.

Our emotional prompts give us the necessary triggers to informed and embodied action in a world in need of the sacred medicine of authenticity.

This is not the time to be hiding behind platitudes or feel-good expressions of spirituality. Especially when we consider the Full Moon in Sagittarius coming up, conjuncting the Galactic Center and Ixion (the Tyrant).

Use the energetic opportunities of these days well – there´s far more to come in June!

June 13th :

We see a Yod or Finger of Fate in the Skies between the Scorpio Moon, Venus (5 Gemini) and Chiron (5 Aries). This pushes us to a point of emotional catharsis or realization in our relationships and the contracts of wounding-healing we allow to play through them.

Look at the way you / other people communicate in your relationships, how that relates to your own sense of self – and ultimately, whether this resonates with the depths of your own soul and essence.

This can be a very sobering experience for some as they may find themselves on either side of the victim-abuser spectrum, or both.

Sometimes the line is very, very blurry.

Take care not to use others as emotional punching bags, or to seek them out as energetic batteries (does not matter how cutely it is phrased).

Stay true to the expression of who you are deep within – as best you can.

Acknowledge that there may parts of your energy and presence that you are unaware of and be open to looking into those.

When we pedestalize anyone (including ourselves) as being entirely one way or another, we instantly create a shadow dynamic.

At the time of writing, the Scorpio Moon is also trined Black Moon Lilith (4 Pisces).

Be wary of plays at victimhood, martyrdom, covert narcissism, and so on which mask predatory intents in the guide of the disempowered and wounded.

Abusers are not always bullies.

Sometimes they drain you in other ways.

Whilst there is much healing needed in the way the collective processes and acknowledges the Shadow Feminine, it does not mean that stop using our discernment.

Look at the ´poor me´ dynamic that may be coming through in your connections with the spiritual realm, the departed, past-life work, and so on.

June 14th:

We see a powerful Grand Water Trine & Kite alignment form between the Scorpio Moon, Mars (18 Cancer), Mercury (15 Cancer), North Node (17-18 Cancer), Neptune (18 Pisces), South Node (17-18 Capricorn) and Saturn (18 Capricorn)

Another extraordinary alignment which asks us to look deeply into our own emotions, psychic perceptions, dreams, instincts, ancestral connections, and so on.

We are asked to look at invisible structures of power and energetic architecture that hold our energies in certain ways – and to allow it to release once and for all. (As best we can).

This is a powerful day to be working on emotional and familial dynamics, especially in terms of the way we act, communicate and navigate our way through our deeper instincts.

You can bet your bottom dollar that this will trigger the heck out of a lot of people. The Scorpio Moon and Neptune in Pisces lend a quality of projection, or of glamouring dynamics, which make it harder for people to see what is truly there – as opposed to what they want to / have been conditioned to see.

As Mars, Mercury and the North Node are conjunct in Cancer, it is wise to let our emotions lead the way forwards. There is absolutely no shame in being triggered to action – and anyone who tells you otherwise has a lot to learn about being spiritual and embodied.

Work through the Emotional Trigger: And Act

Working through a trigger is part and parcel of the way we are being asked to grow right now. All it means is that we have to take the time to go inwards and choose our response to a situation from a place of centeredness, rather than traumatized reflex actions.

Other people may not know your process and so may feel like they have a say in it – they don´t. Whatever they say is their story, not yours.

Stick to the truth of you. Just be sure that what you do does not come from pure reactivity. Only you can truly tell the two apart.

We are here to make a change in the world, not to avoid it in the name of transcendental delusions of ´being enlightened´. Look at the stories of the Old Teachers, and you will see that many of them did not ignore the world. The acted when it was time.

That time is now.

If you have anything near 15-21 Virgo and Taurus, you will experience this as a Grand Sextile or Star of David Alignment. If so, be very conscious with your focus and intent – and manifest from a place of inner alignment.


In short, June 13-14 are days which can bring us to new paths in our journeys. We need to come back to the realization that our emotional, intuitive and shadow (i.e. hidden) selves have much to teach us.

This is more of an internal process, but one that ultimately inspires external action. Whilst many will be triggered, stay out of the line of fire unless it is a cause you are truly moved by. Whilst we cannot all do everything, choose something and stick with it. As long as it is true to the core of your soul´s expression, go for it. It will serve you well, especially during the upcoming Full Moon in Sagittarius.


Dr. Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD
The Sky Priestess

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  1. Joyce Mcfarlane says:

    Thanking you Bairavee great insight , much needed st this time 🙏 I would love a reading from you ,could you send me details and cost 🙏

  2. Aimee Chiofalo says:

    Thank you so very much for your work in this world and making it a better place. You help so many understand. Certainly you are a major blessing in this time. Love you and always remember you in my prayers. That you always have a hedge of protection around you so you can do this work with the higher power that guides you. <3


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