At 23:14 UTC on 7-7-19, Mercury stationed retrograde at 4´27 Leo.

The Mercury retrograde provides us with ample opportunities to revisit thoughts, communications, decisions and ideas we´ve had in the weeks building up to it.

Mercury entered the shadow phase on June 20th at 23´56 Cancer. Effectively this means that we will be reviewing key decisions and events that took place from then till July 7th.

Whip out your calendars, journals and diaries and see what´s happened in your lives in the past few weeks.

Personally, I feel that the decisions we have made since then have a certain solidity to them. And that this Mercury retrograde period will be less about changing those choices and more about just taking the time to let their significance settle into different layers of consciousness. It may also be about tackling unfinished business or securing some of the choices we have already committed ourselves to.

I attribute this sense of solidity to the recent Solar Eclipse in Cancer and the Saturn-South Node conjunction in Capricorn. The larger trajectory of what we choose to experience and manifest has been set into motion – it´s a case of watching it all unfold now.

The usual guidelines surrounding Mercury retrograde apply:

Back up your electronic files

Avoid signing important documents till the retrograde ends and (ideally) Mercury is out of its shadow phase

(If you have to sign something : check and double-check the fine print)

Check your wiring and the safety of other electronic products

Be more mindful in communication and avoid speaking in haste

And so on …

This particular Mercury Retrograde asks us to revisit the lessons of both Leo and Cancer.

In the first phase of the retrograde, we are asked to revisit our thoughts, choices and ideas surrounding creativity, children, marriage, love, leadership – and what allows us to be spontaneous and authentic in our lives. Harnessed wisely, this energy can help us engage ourselves at the core of our being. It brings the challenge and the gift of living more fully from the Heart – and all that it entails.

Avoiding these lessons can lead to a lot of mixed signals on the relationship front and in relationship with children, creative collaborators, lovers and political leadership. Instead of going deep within to find the transformative essence of Joy and Love, one can easily react instead from the imbalanced ego and its drive to secure power and recognition.

There´s a great deal to learn in dropping the mask and the false pedestals upon which we present versions of ourselves to the world. Sometimes we do so because we are hurting, insecure, or believe ourselves to be superior/inferior to others. Some performances make us look stronger than we are to elicit compliance , others make us look weaker to elicit sympathy – both seek to control narrative in a particular way.

On July 19th, Mercury will re-enter Cancer, leaving Leo. Note that Mercury first left Cancer and entered Leo on June 27th – look at some old themes returning from then.

In the Cancerian phase of this Retrograde, Mercury asks us to consider where we truly belong, how, why and with whom?

How do we find our true family?

How do we live from the truth of our emotions – and their deeper intuitive insight?

How do we dissolve false or negative projections and control dynamics that come from the Mother / people representing that archetype in your life?

What is the ancestral / familial clearing that is needed at this time, if so?

Where do you exert emotional control over others, and in what way?

What is our true home, and what makes it so?

How do you forge emotional bonds of love, nurture and community?

These are the kinds of questions that arise through this phase of the retrograde.

As always, it brings rewards to those who are willing and able to seek for answers within. That´s not always a walk in the park. It takes real work and courage to be willing to look at the truth of one´s emotions.

Working with facilitators who specialize in trauma release and identifying the outcome of trauma-bonding patterns would be especially useful in this phase. Or those who perform ancestral, karmic or land-based clearings.

There will be many who will be ungrounded at this time and acting in an erratic fashion. Try not to judge, and get out of the way. Focus on your own work at this time and direct others who need help to service providers who spend time and energy refining their skills to be able to do just that.

Don´t be afraid to protect your energy and say no to draining situations. But remember to honor another person´s time and energy if you seek their expertise or counsel.

(None of us get out of this life unscathed – the least we can do is not take each other for granted and respect personal and professional boundaries)

This intense introspection and emotional work comes to point of culmination when Mercury stations direct at 23´56 Cancer on August 1st (3:57 UT).

Here´s where we begin to move outwards with the pearls of wisdom we have acquired through our deep emotional introspection and searching from the weeks prior. It´ll still be another two weeks before Mercury picks up full steam: it´s a little groggy in the meantime.

Mercury re-enters Leo for the 2nd time on August 11th. We return to the expression of authentic, creative energy and seek to shine our Light.

Mercury finally leaves the shadow phase at 4´27 Leo on August 15th (6:52 UT) – on the same day as the Full Moon in Aquarius!!!

This bodes well for all of us who seek to find the truest evolutionary possibilities for ourselves and the collective. The kinds of ideas and communications we engage in and the creative output we generate should be quite revelatory..

Truthfully, given the intensity of the upcoming Grand Cardinal Cross & Lunar Eclipse on July 16th, I´m not as worried about the Mercury Retrograde. It pales in comparison to the magnitude of this cosmic event: The Sun (24 Cancer) opposes the Moon (24 Capricorn, w. Pluto at 21 Capricorn), squares Eris (24 Aries) and Haumea (24 Libra).

Mercury Retrograde can certainly blur the space of communication at the personal, geopolitical and professional level. It pays to remember to check and double-check the content of communications or signals received and to remember that what we think the other person (or state) is saying may not be what is actually being said.

The best thing we can do is to remember to view things from the Heart, rather than our wounds, fears, triggers and traumas. And that´s tough enough for a lot of people to manage, let alone leaders of governments.

If there´s one take home message you need from this piece: that would be it.

* * *

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