The Lunar Eclipse takes place at 21:38 UTC on July 16th 2019 at 24´4 Capricorn. It is a part of Saros Cycle 139, preceded by the eclipse on July 5th 2001 and is followed by the one on July 27th 2037. The energy of these events (and other eclipses in the series) flow as part of the same stream: they are interconnected. You will also see some elements of this eclipse as a natural unfolding of seeds set during the New Moon in Capricorn on January 5/6, 2019.

We have been prepping for this Eclipse for some time: and so none of its lessons are particularly new. Though it will take about a week for the Eclipse energy to subside … and the debris to settle.

With the North Node, Venus and Sun in Cancer (and previously Mars and Mercury), we´ve been working with the themes of what makes home, family, belonging and connectedness for some time now. With the South Node, Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn, we´ve already been exploring themes of power, institutionalization, structure, authority, hierarchy and legacy.

What makes this Eclipse pack a larger punch is the fact that the Moon (24 Capricorn) is conjunct Pluto (21 Capricorn). Pluto´s addition to this alignment adds a degree of depth, intensity, rawness and mystique that the Eclipse alone would not have (in the same way). We´re being asked to go even further within our most intimate processes, explorations and energetic arrangements. We´re confronted with the shadows of our past, our psyche, our ancestry, our karma, our finances, our sexuality, our inheritances, our cellular health, our bowels, our reproductive capacity (in more ways than one) – and so on.

There´s just so many ways these energies can express themselves – but a report like this is designed to give you a set of possible roadmaps. It is not to tell you how your life, or anyone else´s is set in stone.

On top of that, we also see the Sun, Moon and Pluto form a Grand Cardinal Cross with Eris (24 Aries) and Haumea (24 Libra) in the skies.

Eris´ energy is one that seeks to burn down a world that excludes the Feminine, often without regard to consequence or (from a human perspective) proportionality. For instance, Eris throws down the Golden Apple of Discord after she and her children are excluded from a wedding party. Her actions result in the Trojan War, and the many deaths associated with it.

In astrology, triggers to Eris can indicate the eruption of chaos, upheaval, war, strife: In short – Discord.

Whilst it´s not a bad thing to shake things up especially when the system is broken, the question of HOW we do so is as important as the COLLATERAL that follows.

Whilst this can certainly play out as flared tempers on the geopolitical stage, it can just as easily lead to irrational, damaging, knee-jerk reactions that can wreak havoc on one´s personal, professional and/or familial life. Or even the life of a nation and its people.

(Note: this is intensified by Pluto´s square to Eris, which will continue to play out at an exact degree in 2021! This is not the end of the flare-up phase!)

No matter how righteous or just your cause is – it pays to ask if violence and strife are the only means by which your goal can be attained. And whether your ends justifies the means.

Even if your answer is: Yes – it is worth taking the time to ask and answer that question to see if your righteous rage comes from a place of alignment – or are you acting from a place of triggers, hurt and pain? That doesn´t mean that your response is invalid.

But acting out of pain comes from a very different kind of awareness as coming from a place of love.

And truly …

Is there any real answer except Love?

Which brings me to our next astrological body ..


Haumea´s role is very different, and I´m glad she´s a part of this process. She is a Creatrix, a goddess from Hawaiian mythology who gives birth to many gods and goddesses from different parts of her Body. Pele, the goddess of volcanoes is one of them.

I see her role as both midwife and expectant mother, easing humanity through these birthing pains: as immense, and unbearable as they may seem.

She is what gives me hope that despite the cataclysmic potential of this Grand Cross, the Universal pan is one of continuity, hope, and the chance to birth a new future (humanity included).

This sentiment is certainly reinforced by the fact that Venus (16 Cancer) conjuncts the North Node (17 Cancer) and opposes Saturn (16 Capricorn) and the South Node (17 Capricorn) at the time of the Eclipse.

The Feminine, yet again, shows us the way forwards. And grants us a vision of a world that may be.

But for that to happen,

We really, really, need to think before we act at this time.

Let things unfold as they will at this moment of time and seek to observe, rather than react.

You need to know what larger context you´re choosing to engage (and the cards it holds) before making an effective intervention.

Losing your cool and rushing in headlong is counterproductive.

Aim to play the longer game: The Universe certainly does.

(And Haumea´s role in all this gives me hope that involves humanity´s continued survival: But I may just be being optimistic).

In any case, be mindful that this Eclipse energy will affect us all in different ways.

You can do your best, but you can´t expect others to.

Be aware of your own energetic boundaries and space.

Help others where you can, but not at the cost of your integrity and energy.

Those who are heavily triggered are advised to seek safe space and prioritize self-care.

You´re not really going to be doing much for the collective if you´re not able to manage your own energy. So do that first.

Aim to help when you can. And do so when that arises.

Give back to and support those who support you. That´s important.

It´s how you create a sustainable structure.

And not one riddled with inequalities (that´s how we got in this mess in the first place!)

That´s probably the most practical thing I can share with you right now.

Let things and people that need to leave your life, go.

Let yourselves leave things and people that no longer have a place in the life you´re creating.

If you can do that with grace, and come from a place of compassion as you do …

You´re already creating a better world.


Dr. Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD

The Sky Priestess

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Whilst the work I channel, intuit and figure out ultimately comes from Spirit, it still comes through me-as-co-creative a-divine-spark. For legal purposes I share these terms – and I hope you can understand the energetic basis of doing so. We all have to be honored for what we do, and what we bring. That way we keep things sustainable and in integrity.

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