Changes in the direction of my work (with special guest Kitty)

Whilst astrology remains a larger guiding influence in my thoughts, as you would have noticed as of late, fewer of my public posts are going to be about that.

And whilst this is not a new change, it´s certainly been one in the making.

You´ll get a mixture of astrological, spiritual, and political reflections here and on my page and website.

Only because all of them are working with one another at different levels of awareness.

Those of you who want access to my more focused and in depth astrological reports are invited to join the monthly Tier23 program. That´s where it´ll be mostly about the stars and planets.

Why this change of focus you might ask?

Because all of our knowledge about metaphysics, meditation and stars won´t do a damn thing if we can´t be decent, civil people. Willing to look at ourselves and do something useful in the world (however big or small it may be)

And I´ve found that too much astrology itself becomes another tool of justification. I did this / The world is this way because of X, Y, Z – there´s a fatalism in that kind of thinking – and frankly isn´t the best use of the discipline at all.

And I´ve found too much of intellectual focus on the spiritual disconnects us from being people, in the here and now. The language becomes used as a form of bypass, even as the concepts scream out for greater awareness.

Basically, I´m saying that I see these tools being used to promote escapism and a lack of personal responsibility. Despite the fact they hold the keys to greater liberation.

And the spiritual one upmanship – my god. That is so rampant right now. If people can´t have a conversation without needing to prove who´s better or more aware …

What hope do we have?

Lets all pull back a little.

Whilst astrology, spirituality, divination, metaphysics (as human beings understand and practise it) and so on are valuable tools in the journey of life, they´re not the end-all-be-all.


Special Bonus: One, no two … eh three general rules of engagement we can all live by 😀

Dr. Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD
The Sky Priestess


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3 thoughts on “Changes in the direction of my work (with special guest Kitty)

  1. anna berk says:

    Thank you and I totally agree with the way you see, hear think, and want to transform.I always think It is good to know the words but how they speek now is speaking the words without knowing the depth . happy that you this direction love Anna

  2. Mary Morrgwyn says:

    Im so GLAD you ate making these shifts! You are truly an inspiration for Humanity on the whole. If only more people could be as cognizant as !you

  3. Florence says:

    This is my first time viewing you on the net. i am happy and thankful that i found your site. at some point on this journey i would like to make a private session with you.


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