Quick note: Mars leaves Leo

I’ve been mostly keeping quiet whilst healing up – have been a little unwell (just need some time and space). In the meantime, I’ve been paying close attention to people and world events.

But some stuff you just can’t bottle up.

There’s an insane level of entitlement and a lack of connection in so many right now. Good people are getting very very triggered by sheer insensitivity and callousness.

Politically, states show little to no sign of (similarly) acknowledging the sentiments of their populace. Recent events in Kashmir, Hong Kong, Zimbabwe show such trends.

Yes – there’s of course some light and some people who are moving through this Leo-energy with grace, but a lot aren’t.

The ugliness of ‘my view is more important than your view’, ‘my opinions are more important than your loved experience’, ‘my right to rule is more important than your freedom’ comes through again and again.

And it’s going to continue to do so till the end of August.

I’ve been doing my best to not fall into those patterns by pulling back a little and speaking only when I felt it absolutely needed.

I came across this comment to one of my videos that finally made me go ‘ah, fuck it: this needs saying’.

Long story short, an African-American mother was sharing her pain, grief, and fear at just sending her child to school each day. She was scared. The gun violence she’s witnessing made her scared.

And that is completely alright. That’s a very understandable, human, experience. And I did my best to share space with her.

And then … This delightful comment appears about how she’s not tapping into her magic, identity is her choice, fear is her choice, etc. etc.

I finally decided to open my mouth and explained how those comments, in context, were deeply insensitive to a person’s pain. Got an even more callous, disconnected reply.

Pretty words about manifestation and such, but no real humanity. No understanding of the grief this mother felt.

Just the need to say ‘I am more spirituality aware than you’.

And sadly that’s the kind of spirituality without compassion that arises when we erase an understanding of privilege and how that influences the individual worlds we inhabit.

It’s also a pretty shitty use of the Leo energy, which is at a peak right now as Mars is at 29 Leo. It will shift into Virgo within the next 5 hours.

Other planets will follow suit as the month progresses.

Hopefully we can all remember to be human. And to actually speak to each other rather than at each other.

We’re all entitled to our opinions, but truly:

Think before you speak.

This isn’t a contest between right and wrong, better or worse.

You don’t ‘win’ by ‘proving’ another person wrong.

We win when someone is willing to expand their awareness (perhaps your own) – and sometimes that means speaking up for those who are being cast in the shadow of another’s hubris

Dr. Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD
The Sky Priestess

6 thoughts on “Quick note: Mars leaves Leo

  1. Johanna Fernandez says:

    ”and sometimes that means speaking up for those who are being cast in the shadow of another’s hubris.”

    Dr. B, This astro-politics commentary thing is certainly at least one of your many callings. You do it elegantly and succinctly and with such profound “knowing.”

    Yes, I too have encountered unbridled callousness among the “enlightened” in this period. And what makes sense to me these days is to say god bless to those who delight in destructive behavior/communication and break bread with those who try to lead with empathy and love.

    Blessings, love, abundance and healing to you.

  2. Anna Sweetheart says:

    Thank you, it’s such a divisive force entitlement and when we feel it, it robs us of connection with our heart and the hearts of those around us.

  3. Christine says:

    Right On Sister of ours.. big love for your honesty and light.

  4. Kitsy Stratton says:

    Spot on and very timely as this next week I start grad school (at age 64) in rhetoric at a traditionally conservative university which is going through an awkward shift toward inclusivity. It promises to be a bumpy ride and I was looking to gather wise words to clip into my notebook. My clipped notes start with “Speak only when absolutely needed…” This will be my mantra until I get a clearer understanding of my fellow classmates and professors. Regardless, I am stoked and excited about my new chapter in life and am grateful to have you with me.

  5. Vivien says:

    I was travelling yesterday and saw the cover of the newest Time Magazine. It says ENOUGH and has a blackboard graffiti cover design of all the places in the US that have experienced massacres this year . If I were that mother who you write of, I’d be terrified too . And I’d be terrified of Modi’s rewriting of the Indian constitution in Kashmir whether I were a Hindu or Muslim Kashmiri, and I’d be terrified in HongKong as well, and in Rwanda and, and, and.As I see it at some level the world is in PTSD mode and “reactive positivity “ I see just as some peoples’ attempts, albeit insensitive ones, to cope with the appalling things that are occurring. Personally I try to send out blessing and prayer for all world leaders every day , all the time,every time I check a post. It’s the only way I cope with the news. I try to take it in, pray, mull over what touches me, act if it is within my power to do so, then, again, ask for light to prevail. But I know I do so from a place of relative security and privilege. The privilege of street violence (not DV) being rare enough in my city to hit the headlines is itself a privilege. Love your posts and may all the healing you need be yours.


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