This New Moon has been one that caught me by surprise. I didn´t know what was in store for me, but I find myself in the Himalayas. On ancient tribal territory that worshipped fierce feminine deities for thousands of years – later forgotten through the process of widespread political, cultural and mythological assimilation. Travelling through this sacred ground, I feel the tremors of what was once was, and what can be.

Traditional astrology is deeply dismissive of the Virgoan archetype. When I first started writing about astrology, there was very little material that saw it as anything but the stereotype of the neurotic, prissy, bitch. I – and other astrologers – appear to have been riding the same wave of consciousness in linking it back with its older archetypal energies. I´ve been writing about this for some time, and you can look at some of my older works on

But long story short, the archetype of the Virgin is not one that requires sexual celibacy or a puritanical idea of service. It was the energy of a self-possessed woman of her own means, able to make her own choices and decisions. With the advent of patriarchal religions and cultural norms, this archetype was distorted and turned into a nightmarish-comedic-vision (depending on who was telling the tale).

The fierce, feminine archetype of the Goddess as Custodian and Protector of the Earth is very much a Virgoan energy. But it´s important not to take it at face value as so much of this work is about what we uncover in ourselves, just as much as it is about forgotten traditions.

Often, the name of the Feminine is used to placate, represent and/or sublimate one´s own ego-woundings, anger and hurts, and that is one of the reasons why I chose not to center my work on this. I´ve been to so many sacred places across the planet that have, over time, seen the accumulation of (largely) unconscious human projections – to the point of masking what was once seen as sacred. There has, even in the circles that claim to represent it, been a wide-scale appropriation of the story of the Goddess, the narrative of the Sacred Feminine.

And it´s not just a story of womanhood. The Sacred Feminine is found in all things, manifest and manifest. It´s the story of Everything. Every rock, tree, drop of water, man, woman, child, gender-ambiguous-androgynous being – in Everything.

And to heal our relationship with her is to heal our relationship with All Things.

When we consider the energy that Uranus (the Awakener) at 6 Taurus (The Earth) brings to The Virgo New Moon in an exact trine – we see the potential for shifting our collective level of engagement with the Feminine archetype. It does not require a form, label, practice, ritual: It requires only openness.

Listen to the Earth with your Heart wide Open.

Know that your Story and the Feminine Story is One.

And allow pathways of healing to emerge that unite us all.

Whilst there is a sacred space for the rage that Feminine (rightfully) feels at what has been done to her, there is an equally sacred (and necessary) space for healing.

More than any teacher, nature can do the rest of the talking.


Dr. Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD

The Sky Priestess

* * *

Postscript: Something else I wrote re this Moon. It´s as relevant.

Our egos can be sneaky. On the basis of our own life experience, learned information, etc. etc … We generate sweeping generalizations about others.

This then (over time) turns into belief systems that harbor prejudices.

And all the while, the ego continues to collect data and perceive information in ways that support its make-up. Any information to the contrary becomes a threat to it’s identity.

Biologically, this is shown in the phenomenon of cognitive dissonance. We literally feel pain or discomfort when our beliefs are challenged.

And we are hard-wired to avoid pain, or conquer the cause of it.

For all those who seek a spiritual path, recognition of this as the basic starting point for most (if not all) people is important.

For us to truly evolve past our personal and collective karma, we need to look at the judgements and actions that created (and sustained) those cycles.

We need to resist the psycho-biological lure (or comfort) in ‘rightness’ : the kind that excludes others or invalidates their basic humanity.

Keep stripping back your ego.
Keep looking at the roots of your perception.
Keep your mind and heart open.

See where life takes you.


Whilst the work I channel, intuit and figure out ultimately comes from Spirit, it still comes through me-as-co-creative a-divine-spark. For legal purposes I share these terms – and I hope you can understand the energetic basis of doing so. We all have to be honored for what we do, and what we bring. That way we keep things sustainable and in integrity.

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