Pisces Full Moon (2019) : A Personal Reflection & Lesson in Allowing and Aligning

Right now I’m at a space which I didn’t think I would return to: the Faculty of Literature at University Malaya, Kuala Lumpur.

Nineteen years ago, I was a student mentor and facilitator, working with large crowds and beginning the public phase of my social work with the Malaysian-Indian community. Literally thousands attended.

I’m here today for a completely different purpose, and one which makes me feel like I’ve come full circle.

I’m here to support my brother Mr. Mahawin as it’s his first convention. It’s rather prestigious and many different organizations have come representing different parts of world.

He spoke about his Reiki practice and the importance in understanding emotion in diagnosing a person’s causes for illness.

And I’m so proud of him: he did well. My mother and father were in the audience and they were beaming with pride as well.

I am proud of my father Mr. Thannambikkai Balasubramaniam who was the first person to think that Malaysian-Indians (not just from the elite classes) had a place in public universities.

His groundbreaking programs and social reform efforts paved the way for this and countless other programs to occur for this community. And I was a part of it.

So there’s smiles all around. And certainly a feeling of closure.

But you may be wondering what that has to do with the Pisces Full Moon. 

I guess it emerged as the right backdrop for my work today and got me thinking on all the paths I left behind to take this one: and make my own way with Spirit.

This Full Moon has just gone exact at 21 Pisces. It’s happening on the same day as Mars (17 Virgo) opposes Neptune (17 Pisces) and Mercury and Venus are both at 29 Virgo, just about to enter Libra.

(Mercury would have entered Libra by the time this is uploaded)

So I can understand why I would be called, one way or another to attend a program on wellness today. And whilst sitting here, to rethink how my ideas of service have changed over time and the methods used.
Ultimately, one hopes the work they do have meaning and value.

(It was sweet when someone recognized me from back then and another recognized me in the crowd as what I am today).

My academic path was always a very public one – and then it shifted in nature.

You’d laugh if you knew how many people get triggered by the fact I use the word ‘Doctor’ (though not an eyelash is batted if the person saying it is white and/or male).
They don’t know the story behind it or why it meant so much (at one point of time) to so many.

Because it was never about me to begin with. It was about a society and the limits it was told it needed to obey. And once I’d reached a point of saturation with that, it became about something larger.

I’m sure my community would have preferred me to stay in Academia and speak at conventions like this to represent the people. But I allowed Spirit in my life and it took me a different path.

In fact I’m celebrating the 6th anniversary of the website.  (Hooray!)

I still don’t know where that (and my general path) will go, or for how long. Only that it feels like the most meaningful thing I can be doing, despite extreme difficulties.
You just keep learning and growing. And keep moving on really.

That’s really the only message I’ve been getting for some time with this Moon.

Just allow Spirit to do it’s thing. Get out of the way with your ideas of what needs to happen, when, and how.

Connect to and align with a field of unconditional cosmic love

And let things unfold.

You’ll be seeing more of this with the 3rd Jupiter-Neptune (exact) square on the 21st of September.

Does the talk match the walk, and vice versa?
Do our grander ideas of purpose and philosophy support our spiritual experience, or do they pigeonhole it?
What are being asked to surrender at this time to expand more fully in love?

These are the questions that have been coming up for me.

Now given these alignments, you can imagine how triggered some will be.
Find safety, grounding, a quiet space in nature, support systems. That will be healing. 

Reach out for counsel or volunteer organizations if you feel at your wit’s end and may even seek to self harm.

There are just too many possibilities for what can come up from your past, karma, dreams, other spiritual influences and so on.

In most cases: the gentlest approach would be the best right now. Use that Virgoan energy to do what you can with the tools you have or facilitators you trust and know – and know when to pull back and let the Love of Spirit do it’s thing.

Recommended gemstones (remember to honor their journey from the earth) : selenite and rose quartz.


Dr. Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD

The Sky Priestess

3 thoughts on “Pisces Full Moon (2019) : A Personal Reflection & Lesson in Allowing and Aligning

  1. Vivien says:

    Congratulations to you and your brother and also your parents. I have always thought it must be difficult to be part of the generations deep Tamil diaspora in both Malaysia and Singapore as I know it is also in Fiji (from a Fiji Indian friend of Tamil descent) To be truely multi cultural nations and respect every person’s right to education and an effective contribution is a challenge just about everywhere. The importance of emotions in healing is a great thing to talk about in a big conference!

  2. Holly says:

    Thank you, I love reading your work and thoughts.
    If you’re ever in Canada, I would love to have a cup of tea with you.
    I was born and live in the middle of Canada, Winnipeg, Manitoba.
    I do not recommend visiting in the winter, here.
    It gets so cold, it hurts.
    Blessings to you.



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