The Sun Is Now in Libra: Happy Equinox

** Jupiter-Neptune went exact on the 21st, Sun entered Libra / exited Virgo on the 23rd, Sun conjuncts the Super-Galactic Center on the 24th, New Moon in Libra goes exact on the 28th (Universal Time)

This is the official end of Virgo season as measured by the Sun´s movement through the signs. We welcome the next 30 days of opportunity to create bridges, draw appropriate boundaries and find the adequate framework required for mutually rewarding, just and harmonious forms of co-existence.

In cases where that is simply not possible, this energy is equally open to dissolving existing relationships with power differentials that thrive on harm or hurt or dis-proportionally burdening/elevating one over the other.

Relationships are going to be the focus of our work over the next month and we can certainly see it as a ´karmic pivot point´as shown in key alignments over the next two weeks.

The key lessons are to remember to look at the larger picture.

To remember that any partnership that requires your erasure and/or the erasure of another is not worth having.

To remember that relationships do not just refer to your personal or professional life, but equally what you do, are and experience in the spiritual realm.

To remember that bridges can be mended, made, or dissolved as needed.

Don´t forget that the Sun conjuncts the Super-Galactic Center on the 24th of September and a New Moon in Libra is coming up on the 28th (in terms of Universal Time).

These are potent times to re-think what being in connection with Others means for all of us – and what we can do about it.

Rituals, affirmations and/or energy practices that release and dissolve karma will be extremely potent in this period (especially as the Jupiter-Neptune square of September 21st remains potently present in the skies, as is Saturn conjunct the South Node in Capricorn).

Remember to ensure that these patterns are not to be transferred, replicated or given over to others: they need to be sent back to Source and/or dissolved if safe transmutation is not possible.

Be very mindful of honoring free will choices especially when working on relationship dynamics involving multiple people.

If unsure, work with facilitators who specialise in this work. Sometimes an outside eye is more effective, especially when the situation is too close to you.

Blessings and Love

Dr. Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD
The Sky Priestess

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