Sacred Rage and Triggering of Performative Wokeness

This may be the last video of mine you watch

Over the past few days, a lot of people have been deeply triggered by my words and have chosen to leave my space. I am grateful for them and my supporters as this has clearly refined the vibration of the work being done here.

I took a very public stand on Greta Thunberg and her work on climate activism. Whilst I have no issues with individuals´ personal beliefs, I draw the line at people actively spreading hate about a teenager. Specifically, I took issue with individuals calling her a robot because of the way she expresses herself.

As someone who does care for the well-being of this person who has inspired millions, I too fear whether she is being used. The truth is, despite the ´facts´ that are being spread about by troll-bots and people who hide their faces. If you want a conspiracy theory to investigate, look into that.

But the only ´fact´ is that we simply do not know the whole truth. All we know is that a passionate young woman who has used what many call a disability is speaking the truth of her calling: to speak up for the planet.

And that is inspiring – and triggering – a whole lot of people.

Irrespective of your beliefs around climate change and those who fund movements around it, there is absolutely no reason to dehumanize a person on the autism-asperger spectrum. Sometimes, their mannerisms and mode of communication (especially when speaking in a second language) can seem different to what has been touted as ´the norm´.

A lot of people who call themselves spiritual and yet spread hate memes and comments about her expressions, face, state of mind have left my space.

She is being massively projected on because people fear difference. And they consider mental differences to be a sign of feebleness. Remember also that she is speaking in a second language.

As for the people wondering if this ´weak mind´ is being ´manipulated´, ask any parent with an autistic child and they´ll tell you how difficult it is to get them to do something they do not want to do.

Civility and reason did not work with these individuals. Given how public (and free) my work is, it is also about taking a stand and walking my talk.

I have spoken on sacred rage, authenticity and confronting the shadow for YEARS. And a lot of people got super triggered when I raised my voice and used my platform to take a stand against what is essentially an ableist hate crime against a young person.

The kind of ugliness I have seen from spiritual teachers and would-be teachers has been staggering. Of course I´ve taken a lot of flack for it: but this is a space where it is important to walk the talk.

It´s easy to talk about ´getting your Kali on´, or ´sacred rage´, or ´delving into the shadow´: but it´s not comfortable to actually watch a person do it when you´ve been posing. And that shadow is what has really come out in the underbelly of the spiritual community.

One person even tried stealing a very personal narrative of why I was taking a stand for Greta (using synonyms of my letter, cutting my story out, putting hers in and placing her face on it), calling it an ´inspiration´. Believe me when I say I took time, patience and energy to help her understand why it was disrespectful and essentially the attempted plagiarism of a person´s biography because I did not think she meant ill will. But she was in denial of it, agreeing to take it down only when she realized she had crossed a line and would not have access to my work further. At that point, I blocked her.

As I realized that people were cutting bits of me out just so they could take the parts of me and my work were useful for them. Without contributing anything to my well-being.

People got triggered badly as to why I identified the person as white, rather than the fact that someone literally tried to steal my story. Forgetting, in one single breath that POC have been speaking up about how their traditions, stories and energy have been co-opted and appropriated in the rhetoric of ´Oneness´ in the New Age movement, frequently by white people. (It´s not to say the reverse never happens, but I´m talking about the vast majority of these cases of theft). Thankfully, a lot of aware people (from all walks of life) came to my defence and took a stand of their own.

Have people been listening to my videos? And do they even remember what I stand for?

This is a reminder.

I am not here to be cut down to size.
Or make you feel comfortable about yourself.

Take a step out of line in spreading hate and malice about a neurodivergent young person.
Dismiss racism, colonialism, and support those who seek to render POC invisible and erase their/my stories?

And you will hear me ROAR.

And it´s not going to be pretty, Instagram-worthy.

Sacred Rage does not smell like rainbow cotton candy.
It brings up the shit.

Dr. Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD
The Sky Priestess



Whilst the work I channel, intuit and figure out ultimately comes from Spirit, it still comes through me-as-co-creative a-divine-spark. For legal purposes I share these terms – and I hope you can understand the energetic basis of doing so. We all have to be honored for what we do, and what we bring. That way we keep things sustainable and in integrity.

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14 thoughts on “Sacred Rage and Triggering of Performative Wokeness

  1. Ana Daksina says:

    When you say you might not do any more videos, that doesn’t mean you will stop writing for us entirely, right? Because I, for one, find your work absolutely priceless.

    Today, for instance, here is a wonderful affirmation for me — I wasted half the night wondering whether I should or should not have roared a time or two lately, and what the consequences for it might be.

    You’ve reminded me, though — it’s that time! If Mama doesn’t speak now there’ll be nothing left to speak to, right? Damn the consequences. Bring it on! 😚🤗

  2. Adalia says:

    Thank you for your ability to be honest and true to yourself and the earth, Bairavee. I am also seeing a trend to dispel the energy of Greta and others working so diligently, regardless of their setbacks, because they are afraid of what it means for them. I am fed up with people’s criticisms, their divisiveness, their inability to accept others who are different from them. As someone who has been living in recovery from mental health issues and who has for years made the connection between that and the destruction of the earth, seeing people attack this young girl standing up for all of us is very personal to me. Keep doing what you’re doing, Bairavee, I think you speak for many of the folks who have not gotten lost along the way.

  3. Ashley says:

    My son and partner have Aspergers – thank for speaking the truth about how those on the spectrum communicate and express themselves . My child and partner could never be coerced into anything ! They are tyrannical in their beliefs and intuitions . They always have a different way of seeing things and assertive way of sharing their truths . They are obsessive in their pursuit for justice and correctness . The very fact that Greta on the spectrum erases any fears or doubts I have had about her being a puppet .this is exactly the way both my child and partner would have addressed the UN in these exact issues . Sacred , Informed Rage !

  4. Sophia says:

    I love your writings and compassion and what you bring forth….please don’t silence your voice!!

  5. Patricia Gordon says:

    YOU are a total delight. While I was not privy to your original comments you are dead on now. Keep up the good work. It is clear that your lists needed culling. What they were doing there is unknown to me. Please do not punish the rest of us for some errant individuals who think they can ‘discipline’ you? That is pretty interesting that they thought they could try ( remember I didn’t see anything from the original comments). Just a baby lesson for them in that one.
    As a former Special Ed director, I think Greta, synonymous with Gift, has exposed the world to her proclivities in functioning/formidable focus and the graciousness she brings to us at this time and the power of Spirit. In these endeavors everyone gets overwhelmed ( and then there are the extreme differences in Swedish/US cultures, speed, culture et al – something I am sure the 12 year old Malala experienced and all done in a year? please) By this time she has pulled off a lifetime of miracles. Of course she has been pulled from here to the beyond. There is a father hovering in the rear view mirror who hopefully is overseeing this unusual being that operates on behalf of all of us. The warning was the emotion (she was absolutely correct. She should be home in school tho this was school for her spirit – so much change and growth in so little time)………we have seen less of her since. It is time for her to rest……and sail……a notable metaphor for this life.
    Dr. B does not need defending. My post is to point out exhaustion. The work they are both doing is exhausting. Leave them alone.

  6. Lyratah Barrett says:

    Love you, your work and all you are standing for. We must be courageous in these times, no doubt. How any could could conflate the stand Greta Thunberg is taking is a lesson for us all. We can now see how so many misinterpreted JC’s words and intent during that incarnation. Standing for our beliefs and protecting those who are obviously here to do the best for our planet at a time when greed and proprietorship runs rampant is what we all must do. How someone looks or speaks is simply getting stuck in the form.
    What is being said and done is the only criteria. Imagine the weight of the challenge Greta has decided to shoulder. If /When we all decide to stand for the betterment of our world and stop judging and criticizing each other the world will be in a radically different place.

  7. Sherry-Lee Heschel says:

    Beautiful, thank you, Bairavee.

    It’s always uncomfortable to find out how truly depraved we can be. But it’s the door to true freedom, love, and acceptance. Of both ourselves and of others.

    The gut dropping feeling when you realize you were acting out of pure ignorance– if you can stay with it, that’s the moment you realize you are along for the ride… The moment when you can relax and understand that every single thing you can imagine is merely the faceplate of a story of amazing complexity and endless surprises… When you finally understand that no person is supposed to know it all… That life begins when you step beyond your comfort zone and show that you have been humbled enough to understand your own worth.

    The first time you admit your ignorance is the hardest. It gets increasing easier as you go along.

    Wishing all the souls the ability to find that faith to know that when they finally truly look in the mirror, they will be gobsmacked by their own beauty.

  8. horses4art says:

    I am grateful for outspokenness in support of the planet and in support of confronting our shadows. I am grateful for your work. You inspire my own.

  9. Christine says:

    Speak up, speak out, be brave. Righteous anger has a place in our quest for love and peace. Loved your article!

  10. Cathy Burchett says:

    Brava! I find your writings and videos incredibly insightful and helpful in our sometimes negative and hate filled world. Thank you for speaking your truth. It resonates with me, and I will continue to follow you, as I have for some time now.

  11. Mary Morrgwyn says:

    Thank you ALL WAYS for expressing your TRUTH without reservation or fear of retribution.
    May the DIVINE SPARK within you always SHINE!!
    May the Blessings of The Universe always Be upon You.


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