Pluto stations direct in Capricorn, Mercury enters Scorpio and Mars enters Libra (October 2-4, 2019)

These are profound energetic changes that definitively mark the end of a chapter, and the beginning of a new one.

Pluto stationed direct on October 3rd at 6:39 UT, 20´38 Capricorn. (UT – Universal Time – that´s the day prior for those of you in the Americas)

Mercury entered Scorpio on October 3rd at 8:14 UT and has a retrograde in this sign beginning October 31st (more on this soon!)

Mars entered Libra on October 4th at 4:21 UT and leaves the sign at 7:40 UT on the 19th of November.

All of this activity is a build up to something even bigger in November with the Sun-Mercury Rx in Scorpio Eclipse on November 11th, the Taurus Full Moon on November 12th and the conjunction of Jupiter and Venus on the Galactic Center (19-24th November) … clearly there is more to come.

(And that´s not even counting what´s coming up in October …)

What´s happening now is an invitation to look at the shadow that has been thrown up for us to see. It could be your own, someone else´s, the family´s, past lives, or a whole bunch of other factors.

Look at what lessons have presented themselves to you in the past few days:

Where have you taken energy that was not yours to take?

Where have others taken your energy?

What energy have you given away that should have been for yourself?

Where were boundaries enforced and where were they too lax?

When did fear replace courage?

When did you rise up instead?

When did ego mask itself as authenticity?

Where did truth stand in the face of falsehood?

This is a also a time to be doing deep energetic work and karmic clearing.

It is not something I would advise people to do for themselves in entirety as … ya can´t really see your own back. Find facilitators who can help shift, transmute, integrate and/or dissolve energy as appropriate. Make sure they´re on the level.

Whilst getting a pair of eyes you trust is a good idea, make sure you don´t give your power over to someone else. Surrender is wonderful, but that´s to the purest essence of Spirit.

Journal, make notes, transcribe your dreams, emotions and thoughts as they well up from the depths right now. Even if you can´t make sense of it just yet, let it just settle and someday those notes may help.

With Mars in Libra it´s also going to be time to act on those decisions and values that align with truth, balance, harmony, connection and Justice. In the name of connection, do not compromise your core values, your essence.

Nothing is worth that.

Remember that you are processing on multiple levels. Writing things down, making notes, just taking time out from the emotional and spiritual intensity may help you connect the dots and/or see the larger picture.

Time to sift through the debris and see what can be salvaged, and what shouldn´t.


Dr. Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD
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2 thoughts on “Pluto stations direct in Capricorn, Mercury enters Scorpio and Mars enters Libra (October 2-4, 2019)

  1. Alecs3000 says:

    Thank you, Dr. Bairavee for your video and your work in general. I’ve followed the FB episode about people’s response to your supporting of Greta Thunberg and I was honestly shocked by how some of the people behaved; I guess young Greta’s dedication to the environmental cause works as a mirror for those who, like you say in the video above, will not “put their money where their mouth is” and would rather attack those who do then recognise the hypocrisy in themselves. I plan to schedule a session with you to work on what’s been holding me back from expressing my potential…a lot of shadow work, I imagine, so I will get in touch as soon as I feel ready to hear it as it is. Meanwhile, please keep up the good work, don’t change a thing about what you’re doing and how you’re communicating and coming across because it’s all very powerful and good. The one, very useful thing I’ve learnt throughout my life (and I’m an Aries Sun with Mars in Leo in the 7th), is that silence, often speaks louder than any word. Blessings and love, Alecs xox


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