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Mercury is going to enter the shadow phase within a few hours from now. (22:50 UT October 11th 11´35 Scorpio) Over the next week, it will trine the Mean Node, sextile the South Node, sextile Saturn, trine Neptune and sextile Pluto. Venus is going through a similar transit, but timings are different.

This is a really powerful time for all of us. It´s vital that we pay attention and take ownership for our thoughts, expressions, what we put into the world, and what we choose to receive from it.

Whilst we can´t and shouldn´t take ownership for others´actions, we can take ownership for how we choose to respond, engage or walk away.

There´s a lot of projection and triggering in the air as people are being forced to look at their own shadow. And a lot of people don´t like that sight.

The Four Agreements comes to come mind as a good guideline (always, but especially now).

Be Impeccable with your Word
Don´t take things Personally
Don´t Make Assumptions
Always Do Your Best

(Source :The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz)

It´s a good idea to withdraw from situations you can´t change (for now) and to regroup your energies and focus . Sometimes the solution arises on its own with a little bit of time, distance and perspective. Remember that we do have a Mercury Retrograde coming up on Halloween! You´ll get the chance to address whatever is going on – yet again.

Given the multiple sextiles to bodies in Capricorn (South Node, Saturn, Pluto), your energies and ideas can lead to the transformation of larger structures and relationships with institutions and people in authority. If you have bodies between 12-20 Gemini, you´ll experience a Yod (Finger of Fate). If so, watch your breath, watch your words. Have quiet time to process and you´re more likely to be insightful in ways that help you transform old patterns in a constructive way. Otherwise, it can be a somewhat of a train wreck and you may feel too overwhelmed to process constructively.

With the trine to Neptune, our Mercurial energies have the potential to access a purer frequency. We have the ability to transcend karmic patterns and look into the past for answers that liberate, rather than fixate. But this will take a fair bit of grounding, discernment and commitment to spiritual practice. The same alignment can easily trigger individuals into old patterns of disassociation, victim-abuser patterns, martyrdom, codependency and/or escapism.

So over the next few days – more so than usual –

Watch your words
Watch your breath
Watch your focus

Allow things to unfold
And act when opportunity aligns

This is really good practice and preparation for the upcoming Full Moon in Aries (13 October) which trines Jupiter, Thereus and squares Pluto. (More on that soon!)


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