Full Moon in Aries trined Jupiter and Thereus & squared Pluto

The Full Moon in Aries will go exact in under an hour´s time at 21:07 UT October 13th 2019.

Aries is about the essence of the Self. That´s not something that logic or emotion can adequately explain. It´s an experience.

Do stuff that makes you feel like yourself, especially if you´ve been giving away too much of yourself – or if you have felt lost for some time.

It doesn´t matter what it is.

Just do you.

And ideally, remember the golden rule: Don´t hurt yourself or others in doing so. (That also includes taking others for granted or abusing another´s space to assert your self-hood)

It´s also important to remember that sometimes we associate our traumas and narratives with the essence of Being. They´re really not the same thing. If you get stuck in a loop, take a step backwards to regroup and to remember: who you are.

This Full Moon (20 Aries) is also trined Jupiter (20 Sagittarius) and Thereus (The Hunter Stalker at 21 Leo). It´s a good time to be willing to look at the fears that hold us back from creativity, leadership, authenticity, and living a more joyful life. These fears can also emerge in romance, marriage, creativity and/or child-related issues.

Thankfully Jupiter is on-hand to help reorient you to a different path of experience and growth. It´s a good time to assess whether your beliefs allow you to transcend those fears and live in the present. Or do they reinforce them?

The Full Moon (20 Aries) and the Sun (20 Libra) are also squared Pluto (20 Capricorn). Be it in our sense of self, relationships, career, finances, intimate commitments, governmental contracts, relationships with elders and authority figures etc … this is when a lot of shadow and hidden power dynamics and games of control come to the surface.

You don´t have to solve all that you find at once, but start taking proactive steps to bring things back into balance. With Mercury (13 Scorpio) trined the North Node (12 Cancer), don´t underestimate the power of your thoughts, intentions and expressions. Whilst your emotions are not the sum total of you, they can help you navigate if you are willing to let them flow without being consumed by them.

And remember, Venus (6 Scorpio) is opposed Uranus (5 Taurus). Many have already seen significant shakeups in relationships, resources and the choices we need to make to further our evolutionary growth. As Uranus is a wildcard, it may have also brought an unexpected windfall or a new perspective for many in terms of relationships and the way they require a balanced management of physical and emotional resources.

But as you can tell, there is just a lot going on.

I hope this helps.

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