Transmuting and/or Triggering the Shadow of the Feminine : Sun, Eris, Mercury Black Moon Lilith (October 17, 2019)

Oct 17: Today we see Sun (23 Libra) opposed Eris (23 Aries) and Mercury (18 Scorpio) trined Black Moon Lilith (18 Pisces)

Today is a day where we can look at aspects of the (especially) Feminine in our personal, familial and collective psyche that have been repressed, subjugated and/or projected upon.

Remember that the Feminine is an attribute of all things. It’s not as simple as man/woman, black/white, etc. It is present in all Creation-and-Beyond.

Whilst there is absolutely the scope and need to reclaim that which has been denied, it is equally important not to abuse this energy and create narratives of (fresh) victimization.

On the plus side, this is excellent energy to work through what holds you back from being present, authentic and able to manifest sacred rage / self-righteous anger to an appropriate degree. Too much or too little of anything becomes a problem.

Take the time to look at your own responses to whatever presents itself to you today before making it about someone else.

It is a really really good time to remember the Four Agreements. Especially the bit about Not Making Assumptions.

You don’t know another person’s story just as they don’t know yours. And sometimes wanting to share with someone intent on mishearing doesn’t help anyway. But it can if both parties are open and willing …

Remember that the only way to truly change a dynamic is to change your role in it. And if it is built into a larger structure of control, then to change that structure – one decision at a time.

In short, this is an excellent energy for transforming old patterns of self-erasure and recovering the parts of yourself that have been gaslight, projected, disassociated through the actions of others. It can equally be an energy used to continue those same vicious cycles (sometimes even by switching up the victim/abuser/rescuer role).

Be mindful of the drama triangle and choose not to play into it.

Trigger and/or Transmute ? That’s the choice given to you now.

Choose wisely.


Dr. Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD
The Sky Priestess

FYI – Not available for sessions for the next few days. Tier23 – Should be writing to you soon.


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