The (Hidden) Gift of Shadow this Scorpio Season: Approaches to Transmutation and Regeneration

Scorpio’s energy is one of transmutation, regeneration, rebirth. It is the alchemical process that transforms our experience of Self-and-Shadow into something completely new.

Too often we project negativity on the shadow. Try to think of it as a different phase or type of experience, rather than something necessarily bad or evil.

Remember that a seed and a foetus need the darkness and restorative silence of the womb or earth to develop. 

Whilst there are negative forces that can be hidden in the shadow, they get hidden in the light too. So there is little point in getting hung up on the difference.

It’s just a phase shift.

The alchemy of Scorpio does requires us to face the shadow, the darkness, the deep psyche before we experience transformation. It digs out all that we have hidden beforehand, our joys, our tears, our strengths, our fears.

It can be a deeply re-traumatizing energy if you’re not careful as the excesses of Scorpio energy can be deeply invasive, controlling and violent.

At the 3-D level, it’s a good time to look at your health, sexuality, finances and how you choose to share or pull back your energy with others. A very fruitful time for setting your house in order and check the plumbing for leaks. (It works as a biological and spiritual metaphor as well).

Whilst we will continue to see bodies moving through Scorpio till early January 2020, here’s a few key dates to remember: 

Scorpio New Moon opposed Uranus (Oct 28 – UT time)

Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio (Oct 31 – Nov 20 )

Sun-Mercury Rx Eclipse (Nov 11)

Full Moon in Scorpio trined Pluto (Nov 12- more on that closer to the date)

Don’t try to force answers and resolution to come immediately. 

Do what you can and stay open to Spirit’s guidance. 

Surrender control of the outcome but put your best foot forwards toward whatever choice brings you in greater alignment with yourself.

Whilst others may be the trigger to some lessons, the person you need to focus on first is yourself. Altruism of any kind is only sustainable when it does not drain it damage the person doing it. 

For those who are severely triggered by this energy / in life-threatening situations avoid volatile situations and people if possible. Space and time for reflection is better medicine right now than charging in.

You don’t need to figure it all out overnight. The Universe is working out a lot of these knots.

Just breathe and allow things to align as you act on what you can.

Whilst I recommend keeping your own counsel and focusing on more inward practices at this time, sometimes you do need some help. 

Seek out facilitators you trust and honor their time and energy. 

Remember that no one is entitled to another’s energy.

But by the same token seek guidance only if it is absolutely required. This is more a time for you to stand on your own terms. I am available for consultations, but ask you to be clear in understanding that a facilitator’s role is not to save you, but to hand you a key or perspective that will help you re-orient yourself.

The power of transformation is within.


Dr. Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD

The Sky Priestess

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