December 19th, 2019 can become one of the most powerful days of our existence. In addition to the annual conjunction of the Sun and Galactic Center (27 Sagittarius), we see this alignment activate multiple bodies in the skies in tightly interwoven Yods (Fingers of Fate).

Generally speaking, the Galactic Center allows us to more directly reach our guides and the pathways of experience that lead us to a given Spiritual Truth. It is a morally neutral opportunity because it operates on the principle of Free Will. You cannot take the benevolence of this alignment for granted as it has had mixed results. I know many (but not everyone) found the Pluto-Galactic Center conjunction in 2006-2007 utterly heartbreaking.

I´m going to spend a little time talking about how this alignment has actually led to greater division – simply as there is too much mis-information on it being spread.

The last time that Pluto conjuncted the Galactic Center in recent history was between 1758 (near miss) and 1759 (3 exact alignments at 23 Sagittarius).

1759 saw powerful earthquakes in the Levant region (Syria, Lebanon, Turkey, Israel) in October-November of that year that killed thousands (note that the final conjunction was on November 2nd).

1759 was also declared as ´Annus Mirabilis´- a year of miraculous victories for British Troops against French armies in India and North America, thus altering the balance of global power for centuries to come.

Where there were many medical and scientific innovations that came through at the same time, they took place in the context of a global re-structuring of power.

In 2006, ironically, Pluto was downgraded from a planet to a dwarf planet (but I hear it´s been reversed now) and it was the first year a probe (´New Horizons´) was sent to Pluto.

Also in 2006: Saddam Hussein was executed, Google purchased Youtube & Disney bought Pixar (talk about a global restructuring of ´soft´ power), Evo Morales came to power in Bolivia (he lost the support of the police and the military in 2019 – as Jupiter conjuncted the Galactic Center) – and so on.

Similar events occurred in 2007 with the surge of US troops to Iraq, Ukrainian president dissolving Parliament, Pakistan´s president declaring a state of emergency, Bulgaria and Romania joining the EU (raising fears of increased migration in the UK – which without doubt had a factor to play in Brexit and recent results of the general election), the Scottish National Party gaining dominance of the Scottish Parliament and Tony Blair resigning as Prime Minister of the UK.

– – – –

So you can see, it´s not all jellybeans and cream-puffs with the Galactic Center.

I say this because I see a lot of mis-information out there that makes such a claim and can only ask you to arm yourself with knowledge that prevents the romanticization of an open-ended opportunity.

By all means, aim for the best outcome possible: but go in with your eyes and heart WIDE open… and your feet solidly on the GROUND.

The 27-degree mark has already been activated today with Venus and Hermes at 27 Capricorn, inconjunct Sedna (27 Taurus) and opposed Cyllarus (27 Cancer). (There are a lot more bodies that get activated – this is a brief summary).

Pay attention to questions surrounding your value systems, finances, long-term achievement goals, relationships with elders and authority figures: What is coming up for you now?

We also see the Sun at 26 Sagittarius trining Narcissus at 26 Leo today, shining the spotlight on narcissistic behavior in the public eye, politics and leadership. Remember that you can work with this alignment to find a more aligned path of truth – or fall further into self-delusion.

Your guides will help you whichever way you choose to go because … Free Will.

On the 19th , amongst many other activations, we see The Sun and Galactic Center sextiling Psyche (27 Aquarius) exactly. This in itself is an incredible opportunity to look at the way we have collectively agreed to certain types of trials, duality, repression, victimization and so on as part of our journey of ascendance. Because – really – it does not have to be this way. Our collective experience of reality is based on collective agreements on what we experience – at a level that goes well beyond what our conscious minds generally realize is going on. Psyche-Sun-GC actually form a Yod (Finger of Fate – and one of many in the skies on Dec 19th) with Cyllarus and Arachne at 27 Cancer.

The message there is to look before you leap in bursts of emotion and to remember that your emotional navigation can help you weave a reality of your own. Don´t let ego sidetrack you.

A lot of that is also going to (ideally) overturn ideologies that (no matter what their surface polish looks like) end up using the energy of the Feminine as a means to an end. Be it as a sacrifice, facilitator, victim, it´s time to stop allowing energetic patterns that see this archetype in a Functional way. We see it play through various global mythologies and religions.

It helps that asteroid Karma is at 27 Pisces, squaring the Galactic Center – the Moon will be about at 27 Virgo – and so many other alignments that just bring up very tricky and very old karmic agreements. Ixion – The Tyrant – is at 28 Sagittarius – making the theme of political, religious or ideological tyranny deeply salient at this time. Haumea at 27 Libra brings the energy back to the literal Earth and Sedna at 27 Taurus asks us to recognize the body of the dismembered, fragmented Feminine.

Remember that is not exclusively limited to women, as the Feminine is an archetype that cuts across and through and is deeply interwoven with all things and beings!

The 19th is a day where, if we all try

– as a collective filled with the unique light and energy of all individual members consciously directing their intent and free will –

we can hit the cosmic ´reset´ button – or at least set a wave into motion that will!

Be mindful with your thoughts, intentions and actions.

Don´t jump the gun, however triggered you may feel.

Take as much time as you need / can to speak to Spirit and your Guides.

Do not allow others and their agendas of control to distract you.

Do not allow despair or the limitations of conditioning to determine the limits of possibility

Because this alignment goes well beyond what we imagine and experience on a daily basis.

If working as part of the collective sounds like too much, just focus on your personal journey and its evolution.

Plug yourself out of the matrix of collective conditioning. That in itself is a powerful change and creates larger ripples in context.

Look back to precursors of this energy on November 19th (with Jupiter conjunct the Galactic Center) and November 23rd (with Venus on the GC).

Without exaggeration, I see December 19th as the single-most important point of 2019 simply because of its staggering scope for karmic dissolution and energetic reorganization at the Galactic level.

Remember that it comes down to Free Will and choice. Nothing is set in stone. Use your time, your breath, your energy wisely – and when in doubt – just sit with your Heart and let it align with Deeper Spirit.

Blessings and Abundance to All,

Dr. Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD

The Sky Priestess

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