The Sun entering Capricorn has motivated me to look at the energy of what I am building. Whilst this is a personal reflection, the questions raised will speak to all, though our answers will be different.

I address these questions in different ways in the text and the video – one informs and re-inforces the other.

Whilst the energy is going to be really intense for the first few months of 2020, it will open up to new possibilities. Like seeds germinating, it explores new ways of making meaning and expressing itself free from the conceptual baggage of the past.

What is needed is the securing of space, the creation of boundaries, the willingness to protect what needs that space to grow. To say no and keep out that which seeks to disrupt growth of the seed.

People can plant seeds that enrich and nourish a piece of land to render it fertile and biodiverse for years to come.

They can also plant weeds that colonize the place and cast all others out.

What your moral compass is determines what seed you shall be called to plant, what boundaries you are called to uphold in that critical phase of germination and what you hope the outcome will be.

This applies to your personal boundaries, family dynamics, intimate relationships, professional collaborations and community-building.

Generally speaking:

You do not need to include those who disrespect your boundaries or that of the marginalized and disenfranchised.

You do not need to remain in others´ spaces if that is what you are asked to tolerate.

A friendly challenge is always good for growth, but not something that seeks to colonize your soul, purpose and sense of morality.

Everyone will have a different take on what that means for them.

Not everyone will be kind, polite, or gentle when you say No, thank you – or Please, leave.

Ideally, building a safe space, vessel or container should be a hands-on project that receives the investment all those who benefit from it.

What you fill with that space depends on its purpose.

Just remember to replenish it and yourself.

That takes love, attention, nurture, and kindness.

Beauty, friendship, laughter, art, music, community.

Spaces for meaningful collaboration, rather than competition.

But to keep it safe, it also takes a spine.

For the record:

My space is open and welcome to those who seek to include others and understand what it means for the soul to experience itself – as part of a diverse collective – on this Earth.

This is irrespective of their race, gender, sexuality, religion, nationality, ability and so on.

Because every one of us has to do the work.

Not just for ourselves, but for the generations that come after us.

We are faced with the mammoth task of unpacking the ideological, conceptual, political, emotional, karmic & spiritual baggage that has truly created division and legitimized hatred and inequity.

It will take unpacking of privilege & entitlement, much humility and a safe space to begin.

A lot of that is learning to listen to voices who have not had the room to speak.

My key requirement is that people respect that basic rule, respect each other and the work and effort I put into it. And to know that games of rhetoric and false projection will not be tolerated.

It´s fairly simple.

The clarity of vision required came as I began hosting more discussions on topics of inclusivity and social justice, be it on ableism, racism, sexism, decolonization, cultural appropriation, transphobia, and so on.

I saw how the rhetoric of acceptance, New Age spirituality and political correctness was abused to justify hate speech and how anonymity & lack of accountability online fuels it all.

This is not a vanity project for me or something that I do lightly because it´s also my livelihood.

In short, I cannot afford the privilege of virtue signalling on the Internet.

Do remember that.

Creating a safe space for all who seek to include and protect others comes at a financial cost.

I would appreciate more of you who are materially able to contribute to my work and upkeep to begin doing so.

Because there is so much work to be done.

* * *

If you are also creating safe containers for yourselves, your loved ones, your communities: you are taking on a large responsibility.

Do it anyway if that is what you are called to do and not because others expect it of you.

Let people help you when they can and are in alignment to do so.

And people – do not take those who stand up and create these spaces for granted.

No one is owed the free labour of another.

Let us build a world that is safer and kinder for all without the erasure of history, identity and experience in all facets of our lives.

Let us remember – once again – that we are all souls having a human experience on this generous planet.

Blessings – and let´s meet 2020 with integrity, strength and compassion.

Dr Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD
The Sky Priestess

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  1. Anandi says:

    Namaste and Jaya Bagavan. Thank you for this, and all of your intelligent and compassionate work. It is an honor to see others in the world with such a high level of integrity and discernment pursuing an otherwise treacherous road. My own experience with learning these very lessons you are pointing to has led me to bankruptcy on many levels including financial. So unfortunately I cannot offer any contribution at this time beyond my sincere appreciation and blessings for the journey ahead.

    It is my conviction at this time (so I appreciate your insights greatly!) there needs to be those who can hold the fierce grace of God’s will on this planet in the face of the dissonance that has resulted from ignorance, complacency and general lack of self-accountability, responsibility, and faith.

    My guru once said before she left her physical body that it was unclear if humanity would evolve until we passed through some significant phases over the next 50 years. I had some mixed emotions about that – but am starting to understand more now in her absence, seeing through her eyes. Our material world is a battlefield these days, and TRUE love the only weapon capable of saving her through all the faces of Shiva.

    108 pranams and Thankyou, again. Happy Solstice and many blessings through the holidays and new year ahead!

    With Love,


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