Jupiter-Eclipse novile Mars and quintile Neptune! & Activations on Dec 27, 2019

This eclipse has been an interesting one. I´ve been thinking about what to write and truthfully I´ve already been consistently covering the kind of approach or attitude that is best for setting seeds at this time.

I think that has been especially hammered out in Tier-23 videos – but also in my public writings and videos. Especially Solstice Message 2019 : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d48O4MCcnYQ

I´m going to go a little more in-depth for the Eclipse itself and look at alignments that are still occurring and shaping the energetic impact of its aftermath. In some sense, the full impact of the Eclipse gets activated today with The Sun-Jupiter and Mercury-Galactic Center conjunctions!

For reference – The astrological conjunction of the Sun and Moon / Solar Eclipse occurred at (4´6 Capricorn, 5:13 am UT, December 26th 2019). We´re still very much in the aftermath of its energies and still have the opportunity to make the most of the energy.

This Eclipse was especially powerful because it trined Uranus Rx (2 Taurus). A deeper analysis of the Eclipse showed that it also made a novile aspect to Mars and a quintile aspect to Neptune.

This means that the actions we took and ways we connected to the Masculine Archetype (in all forms and beings) set metaphysical seeds in ways that we cannot consciously fathom. So whatever you were drawn to do and act upon creates profound ripples in the way you navigate karma.

Don´t second guess your instincts, especially when they ask you to look deeper into the shadow and find paths of navigation with/away from/through it.

The quintile aspect to Neptune is a highly creative one which allows us to step more fully into our co-create relationship with Source energy. Again, because it´s Neptune, it´s a deeply spiritual experience in which the sky is not the limit: there is no limit to metaphysical experience and the growth that can come from it if harnessed in clarity and groundedness. It´s still a fertile time to create, intuit and open yourself up to spiritual experiences as long as you have done the due diligence.

This still applies strongly today – especially as Jupiter also noviles Mars and quintiles Neptune and is activated by the Sun!

Remember that seeds you set feed into 18-year cycles when it comes to eclipses. This Solar Eclipse is lined with others as part of Saros series 12: November 12 1947, November 23 1965, December 4 1983, December 14 2001 – in the past and – January 5 2038, January 16 2056 and so on in the future.

Generally Eclipses have a +/- 1 week of influence in the build-up and build-down to them. Especially if other alignments continue to amplify their energy, e.g. Jupiter-Sun-conjunction and -Mercury – Galactic Center – conjunction later today.

The Jupiter-Sun conjunction (5´14 Capricorn) reinforces the energy of the Eclipse at 18:25 UT, December 27th 2019. Really pay attention to the opportunities of growth that present themselves to you right now and the teachers who come your way.

Remember that growth sometimes requires saying No, and sometimes Yes. It´s not a one-dimensional process.

I want all of you to be especially aware of those seeking to re-assert older power structures, be it to your face, through subtle actions, or through spiritual or energetic methods. No one is here to be harnessed as a battery for others, no matter how convincing their claim to power, authority or ´the greater good´ is.

Before that, we also see Mercury conjunct The Galactic Center (8:32 UT, same day @ 27´7 Sagittarius). This alignment asks us to stay in-tune with our guides and the paths we have chosen and committed ourselves to, especially on November 19, November 23 and December 19. These dates tally with other major alignments to the GC.

Stick with your spiritual practices and whatever has helped you navigate through those dates and be clear in the Path of Truth you wish to walk on.

Keep setting seeds that help you sustain yourself as you contribute to a meaningful sense of legacy in the world.

That doesn´t have to feel overly dramatic, especially if you´ve been working towards it for a while now. It can feel like an anchoring or settling into a particular path you were already on. So no big fireworks for some of you.

That´s not always about being in the public eye (because each chart, and path is different) – it can be about committing to a more focused path of self-care or completing a task before having some well-deserved rest.

It´s tough to generalize this one , and I wont´fall into the trap of equating Cappyness with extremes of work. That´s how we got into this collective mess in the first place (and I cover some of that in the video link above).

Remember that Capricorn is The Sea-Goat.

It´s not just about reaching for the highest summit, it´s about coming at it from a place of deep emotional intensity and focus.

What the ´summit´ is for each person is different.

And of course you can get additional guidance through a session with me if so inclined.

Or you can work it out on your own, up to you.

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