(JAN 1 – FEB 15, 2020): BULLSEYE 2020 15-MINUTE READINGS

Blessings. I am having an extra special round of 15-minute readings in honor of 2020 and what it promises to bring us all.

These sessions are for those who have a clear query and target / bullseye in focus. It is not a substitute in any way for sessions that require further discourse and exploration.

The 15-minute sessions are highly condensed and have been known to take a year to fully unfold for clients. They can give you targeted, concise guidance for a 1-2 year period.

The more specific you are, the more we can cover.

These sessions go fast. I suggest you get on the ball and secure your place ASAP.

Much Love 

The Sky Priestess

Booking Link: www.theskypriestess.as.me

All sessions are subject to the T&Cs as stated in the invoice. All clients must have read and understood the document ´Why What I Do Is Not For Everyone´.

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