Full Moon in Cancer / 1st Lunar Eclipse of 2020: Dissolve the Contract, Unearth the Soul

This Full Moon has felt very different from what astrology said it would feel like – and after talking to other facilitators on the same frequency – I´m sufficiently convinced that my interpretation has some general value. It is honestly getting harder for me to speak or write on astrology because of the way energy is changing: And that is a GOOD thing. The more a Soul comes to its own, original spark of consciousness – the less easily it slides and fits into the boxes and patterns that astrology predicts for it. And thankfully, I see that happening more and more with people.

Whilst the sign of Cancer addresses the home, the family, the Feminine (archetype in all matter and being), emotions and a sense of belonging – that´s not the dominant energy signature that I (and others on the same vibe) are picking up. Astrologically speaking, this is supported by a more in-depth analysis of the energy.

Between January 12-13 (UTC time), we will be experiencing the Major Capricorn Conjunction of the Sun, Mercury, Ceres, Pluto and Saturn (22-23 Capricorn). I will address this in a different article / video. Essentially what this conjunction asks of us is an uncompromising realization and action to determine what is true for us. What is the root that anchors us and the tribe that holds us as part of the collective.

Whilst we automatically (would like to) assume that´s family of origin, it´s not a guarantee.

Some people have families who love, nurture and support them in ways that help them blossom. That´s wonderful and if you have that, cherish it. Spend quality time with your loved ones and have a meal with them.

But that´s really not the experience for a lot of others. For some people, family is an abusive, narcissistic vampire pit they spend decades learning how to crawl out of (if at all) – and often by attracting partners who perpetuate that abuse till they´re ready to open their eyes to the root causes of it.

It´s wonderful to idealize family and pretend that the latter is not the norm – but truly, illusions are dissolving.

As we step up as co-creative, autonomous beings exercising their Free Will with Spirit, we also dissolve our relationship with dysfunctional roles and patterns we were forced to squeeze ourselves into. It´s best not to romanticize it as karma, purpose, whatever – we´re headed to the age of Aquarius. We have to learn to do things and speak truth to spirit differently.

Too much of what ails our world gets inculcated into young minds from the family unit. And we truly need to look there and begin the change there to see it ripple outwards. People are not born into racist, misogynistic, transphobic, xenophobic or sociopathic attitudes. They learn it from somewhere.

Astrologically speaking, this revelation is supported by The Sun and Mercury´s conjunction to Kassandra (the oracle who was ignored) at 19 Capricorn and inconjunct to Asbolus (19 Gemini), the seer of truths through signs in the skies.

Look back to your early childhood. Look at the missing pieces or strange gaps in memory. That´s very common for those who endure traumatic abuses in childhood or live through situations of incredible stress. Speak to a sibling or someone who was witnessing those events. It might spark a memory. (And a lot of emotion which can be deeply cathartic). Make sure you have the right support network if you feel vulnerable about this.

Now when you´re looking at this Eclipse (or any Eclipse) give it a build-up/wind-down period of +/- 7 days. Look at what´s happening in your life and world around you to understand the movement of energy. For astrological context, look to the other eclipses connected to this one (Saros Lunar Eclipse Cycle 144), namely: November 17, 1929 – November 28, 1947 – December 8, 1965 – December 20, 1983 – December 30, 2001 (in recent years).

At a collective level, the event that best captures the energy of this eclipse is the sudden (revelation of) decision by Princess Markle and Prince Harry to step back from ´senior roles´ in the British Royal Family and seek to become financially independent and live (at least partially) in the USA. That´s a big shock as this is unprecedented. In interviews, they have stated that they felt criticism when raising the possibiliy of change and that (Ms. Markle especially) felt like she was becoming voiceless by being forced into certain roles.

Whilst their decision in itself is not going to change family dynamics for the planet, it´s a good example of what this Lunar Eclipse supports.

Remember that the major Capricorn Conjunction and current Lunar Eclipse (19 Cancer) / Full Moon (20 Cancer) also aspect Eris (23 Aries). There´s certainly going to be an energy of urgency and the need to detach from situations of exclusion and erasure in the name of tradition, culture and power dynamics.

What´s also interesting about the need to erase roles is just how many Feminine astrological bodies are also aspecting the Galactic Center (27 Sagittarius) at the same time: Venus (26 Aquarius), Haumea (27 Libra), Okyrhoe (27 Aquarius), Pallas Athena (26 Sagittarius), Circe (27 Aquarius), Minerva (26 Gemini), Nemesis (26 Virgo) and Aphrodite (26 Aries).

It´s truly a time to renegotiate the role the Feminine is expected to play in the collective.

Appeal to your higher guides and council. Ask for the dissolution of these collective roles and the dysfunctional societal and familial units that hold them in place. Allow for the renewal of True Divine Feminine energy to re-emerge in a way that is true, grounded and aligned with Love. Specify that the karma dissolved is not transferred, replicated, hidden to given to others and that there is no backlash at the energy or other levels. This also helps.

It is also important to note that there are many energies using the name of the Feminine / Goddess right now that really have nothing to do with it. You need to use your discernment and not fall into the trap of blinding yourself and your perception to make reality fit into your idea of the world.

The more these patterns and structures dissolve, the more your soul comes back to whatever its original ´feeling´ (if that word can be used) was.

Remember that home and family must support and anchor your energy.
And that you can and should no longer carry the karma others as we all move into higher dimensional consciousness. Each individual has already been receiving years´ worth of prompts, support and Divine cues.

What people are right now is what they have chosen to be.
Stop trying to save them from their choices and live your own life.

The more you let the mind and its boxes and labels get out of the way, the more you begin to truly feel. And that is what the Lunar Eclipse in Cancer can truly bring for us all.


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