The Nature Of My Work Has Changed. (Official Announcement for those who needed it)

Summary: The world does not need people who know how to interpret their charts. It needs people who care enough for those who will stand for others who cannot or are systemically prevented from doing so. Honestly, I could stand to make a fortune by targeting my readings and work to white-only audiences and completely ignoring these issues. But I did not do this to make a business. I did this as a sacred calling. Hopefully that is understood. I realize that’s saying goodbye to a lot of people, but it was coming.


Dear (person I was replying to),

In the past, my work was useful to you and made you comfortable. Now it will not make you comfortable.

As I stated a few months back, the nature of the work and space will be changing. I stated the same during the solstice.

And I am not a person to idly make statements of this nature.

I will not turn a blind eye to what ails this planet to make others comfortable.

I am not the lady you found a few years ago because I was trying to please everyone.

And I have found that my silence on such matters actually hurt or gave less room for those who are truly marginalized and targeted.

Moreover, the nature of the work has also changed as it is far more practice oriented.

There is little point in me speaking about the stars that call for revolution and radical compassion if I do not practice it in my own space.

Radical compassion asks you sit with the cringe that you feel. That sense of jadedness or negativity that you project onto one who does not feel that way at all. This is now the work. And it is spreading everywhere. And it will trigger and disengage those who do not want to see it.

As someone who has followed me for years, you also know that the last thing I would tell you to do is to ignore the negativity.

Unfortunately, if you consider my statements on white supremacy and calling out the harm that privilege has done as ‘ white-bashing’, then unfortunately you are also part of the problem.

What I am looking for are allies that support my work. If you do not wish to book a reading with me at this point, that is understandable.

But I will not change or ignore the real need to combine what the skies say and what I do for the sake of anyone’s comfort.

This is still me. Either accept or adapt, or look elsewhere. This is the healing. This is the work that asks you to face that discomfort.


** So people are leaving my page more because of me speaking up, including people who wanted to book readings. I am a human being with material needs.

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With Love as Always,

Dr. Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD
The Sky Priestess

9 thoughts on “The Nature Of My Work Has Changed. (Official Announcement for those who needed it)

  1. Virginia Cooper says:

    Thank you, this calls for bravery from all our souls. I welcome it and am here and present as a white person who is no longer remaining silent or complicit. I am not frail or fragile but certainly guilty in ways I cannot see. We have much to discuss! Much to learn.

  2. boozilla says:

    I have always enjoyed and benefitted from reading your work, and now I respect you even more. WELL DONE. and thank you.

  3. Kyla says:

    Dear Bairavee, I love and honor your work so very much. I am moved to say this though I know many others no doubt will give you similar responses. I am white, and financially … okay, really, but unable to afford your services or I would take advantage of the skill and sensitivity to the world plight that you offer. I just want to say, thank you for being out there and for touching base via your blog in a way I can access. I especially appreciated the recent writing about Black Moon Lilith. When I was young I knew big change was coming but I think few of us had any inkling of how much toxic material would have to be cleared nor of how deeply inlaid it has been. So it has been beyond challenging to keep recovering balance. The support of knowing others perceive and experience similarly is truly a godsend. Thank you.

  4. she111958 says:

    Keep telling it like it is. I keep referring people to your blog. Keep on speaking truth. We need this love and this work in the world!

  5. Mary M Morrgwyn says:

    Bravo! I am so pleased to be on the journey with you in walk and talk! My focus has shifted too. United We Stand, Together We Are Stronger. Ho!


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