Typically, the New Moon is a time of new beginnings.

In Pisces, it presents an excellent opportunity to set the kind of seeds for spiritual growth, cleansing and experience that you want to see unfold for you.

This time around, the New Moon is part of a Cradle Alignment with mutiple bodies – giving it a specific meaning. It also occurs alongside key alignments (such as a Yod / Finger of Fate with Thereus, Neptune, Hylonome, Jupiter) that bring up difficult, potentially traumatic memories – so tread carefully .

By that I don’t mean tread with fear, I mean tread with compassion.

Lots of people are sitting in various alignments of brokenness aright now.

By compassion, I don’t mean the kind that makes you a doormat, but the kind that allows you to not hate, fear or be consumed with guilt even when you need to draw a boundary.

Pema Chodron (and other teachers) have spoken about ‘ idiot compassion ‘ as what happens when we take that idea too far.

Look that up for further clarity.

Thankfully, this New Moon is about healing and re-connection.

So at least we have that going for us.

The New Moon goes exact at 15:31 UTC, February 23rd, 4’28 Pisces.

Continue reading once you have taken a little time to ground yourself.

This can be a difficult read for people, given the alignments at play.

CW: sexual violence, abuse, trauma, miscarriage (memories of) etc.


The New Moon (4 Pisces) sextiles the South Node (5-6 Capricorn), Mars (4 Capricorn), Uranus (3 Taurus) and trines the North Node (5-6 Cancer).

The Nodes have a little range as I’m looking at both the True and the Mean calculations.

Put together, this alignment creates what is known as ‘ The Cradle ‘ .

It signifies a profound accumulation of energies through the trines (South Node/Mars trines Uranus, New Moon trines North Node / / Capricorn – Taurus, Pisces – Cancer).

The South Node-Mars & Uranus trine asks us to have faith and let go of some of the more entrenched beliefs we have about inheritance, lineage, ancestry, structure and power. It asks us align our actions and explorations surrounding the Masculine Archetype with the messages and transformation of Consciousness coming through the Earth.

This is a good time to let go of control dynamics that see abundance, progress and success measured in the rigid ways.

This is a good time to listen to the wisdom and Heart of the planet and to ask not what out planet can do for us, but what we can do for our planet.

Be generous with your time and energy in so far as sustainably possible.

Some of you may also be seeing career and finance related transformations coming up – but it’s hard to say whether they are losses or gains because that has more to do with the way you deal with the karmic accumulation of the South Node over time.

Look back to 2001, 1982, 1964 and/or 1945 to see what you were doing with the South Node in Capricorn and how it has manifested over time.

The New Moon in Pisces & North Node trine brings a very different experience. It asks you to face whatever it is that is trying to push through your conscious defenses, especially through dreams, fears, repressed memories and feelings of ‘ knowing’.

Be bold and use the tools that you have to emotionally navigate through the psychic impressions and spiritual experiences that you may be having at this time. It could be related to past-life influences, old karma, supernatural influences and/or issues surrounding family of origin, location and/or the question of belonging.

I’ve certainly seen a lot of this come up with clients as of late, almost from out of no where.

Again, look back to 2001, 1982, 1964 and/or 1945 to see what the North Node in Cancer brought you. It may been a change or challenge to your emotional experience, familial relationships, location, etc. And see how you are being asked to navigate as a consequence of those key decision points.


Those who have had abusive sexual experiences may be particularly triggered right now (especially if they were hidden / repressed) as Thereus Rx (18 Leo) trines Venus (18 Leo) and inconjunct Jupiter (18 Capricorn).

Thereus actually acts as the apex of a Yod (Finger of Fate) between Jupiter and Neptune (17 Pisces). Pay attention to your dreams, your kids and the messages sent by both.

Remember that Thereus targets the vulnerable, the sanctity of childhood, innocence, joy, what makes life worth living (especially in Leo). But that it also teaches us the virtue of safeguards and being realistic about finding safe spaces and ways to express that joy.

You can find my interview with Amelia Fortes on the significance of Thereus in 2020 (where it plays a key role during nearly half of the Full and New Moons) – and what to do about it:

Thereus in this context (especially with its trine to Venus in Aries) can bring up issues of abuse in relationships, sexual violence, child abuse, difficult pregnancies and the trauma of miscarriage.

How triggered you are depends on how fresh that trauma is and what kind of work you’ve done around it. (No judgement, just watch what comes up)

What sensitized me to the importance of this message is a child’s game that appeared during my sessions today. They were trying to make a kite out of a red plastic bag tied with a red string. Instead of flying, it just hovered by my window. It didn’t take too long to recognize the message.

This is actually pretty huge if you think about it. Don’t be afraid to seek out for trusted guidance and help if you’re getting hit hard. Remember – you dont’ get brownie points for going at this alone.

The Ego wins no prizes by denying help.

Just remember to honor your supporters and facilitators in the way that works for them (and you).

Venus squared Jupiter generally points to relationships and lessons they teach us about ourselves and our larger role or existence within the structure of society.

There can be some productive lessons to be learnt if one manages to sit with the ego to dissolve the commands of the super-ego.

Clashes with authority figures may also be possible, especially in matters of relationships, business, finance and career opportunities.

Be mindful of the role of Thereus and any hidden patterns of predation or parasitism that can be draining you / anyone else you’re trying to work things through with.

As Jupiter is conjunct Hylonome (16 Capricorn), know that the deep work you are asked to do may trigger challenges and crises of self-worth. Do not let the self-doubt convince you that you are not worthy of love, or worthy only of the kind of love that drains you.

People dealing with codependent dynamics – seek out strong structures of support if circumstances push you in this way. A useful mantra to work with when you’re looking at womb healing / clearing and protection / the need for self/assertion is the Prathyangira Devi Mala Mantra.

She is the Lion Goddess (different in vibration from others), deeply benevolent, protective, kind and kicks ass.


It is also important to note that the Nodes are squaring the Super-Galactic-Center (1 Libra), Black Moon Lilith (1 Aries) and Chiron (3 Aries).

It is imperative for you to watch over your mental health and your relationship with ego and projection at this time.

It is all too easy to try and use another person as a projection canvas for your own insecurities, or to see another attempting to do the same with you.

Do not ignore the physical body and whatever signals it gives you for rest, perspective, taking a breather and so on. Many karmic contracts can be un-made or re-inforced depending upon the direction you take at this time.

Personally I would say self-care and emotional receptivity are likely to show you the answers.

Those who feel insecure, vulnerable or dis-empowered in some critical way may want to seek gentle healing modalities, be it reiki or sound baths.

My advice would not to try and do deep spiritual digging if you are already feeling ungrounded.

You will always have other opportunities to learn, experience and grow and do not let your feelings of fear or desperation lead you to unsafe experiences.

I do have a recommendation for a crystal bowl (432 Hz) recording and I find it to be very soothing at this time:


Please also note that Mercury is in Retrograde at 9 Pisces.

Be doubly sure to check, breathe, check again before making any kind of judgments around spiritual experiences.

If called to do deep work at this time, ensure your facilitators are able to hold space for you and empower you with tools and perspectives.

Remember that something helpful does not always have to feel good.

Facing the shadow and facing yourself can be downright scary.

Remember to use psychic protection, especially when you sleep.

If working with gemstones, try to source them from ethical dealers (and suppliers working with local communities).

Labradorite, smoky quartz , lepidolite, amethyst, blue lace agate, aqua aura quartz are some of the suggested stones – and which works for you depends on your personal relationship with energy.

Lepidolite is a safe bet for most people who have difficulty with anxiety, mental loops and insomnia.

Aqua aura quartz can also help you better navigate the emotional body.

Carnelian is recommended for those who need courage, especially little children and those dealing with memories from childhood.

The issue with the Cradle alignment is that it tends to lack focus.

It also bring up issues with childhood or bring a person to a child-like state of consciousness.

For those who need a little direction, try engaging in healing, organizing or administrative activities to get your mind on task.

Work with the health of your gut and body.

Sharpen up your assessment of your resources, relationships, finances and boundaries.

Give yourself a point of focus or task to do (however small) if you feel overwhelmed by the energy.

Sometimes the accomplishment of something relatively small can give you the pick me up you need to have more faith in yourself to come through this.

These suggestions come from the knowledge that points in early Virgo and Scorpio complete the Cradle into a Grand Sextile / Star of David.

It depends on what you points you have here.

Ultimately the New Moon is an opportunity for you to connect deeply with Spirit and commune with the numinous energy of Source.

Remember this through whatever you experience.

Remember that Faith in the Sacred is your greatest ally through the toughest times.

Especially if that Yod is bringing up painful memories.

This is where your faith counts the most.

Do things that bring you back to your faith in Source and allow that experience to hold you through this New Moon.

Don’t be afraid to focus on something ‘ mundane ‘ if it gets too heavy for you.

This can also be a deeply triggering time for those with substance abuse issues, dis-associative tendencies, suicidal ideation, repressed memories and so on.

Seek out groups or services or people who can help you hold space and be safe – ideally without strings attached.

Look to the Pisces Full Moon six months from now to see what you end up manifesting.


Dr. B. Bairavee

The Sky Priestess


Tier-23: (Which speak to these alignments and what they mean)

* * *


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